northern desert

Uluru - Northern Territory, Australia 

Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is Australia’s most famous natural landmark. Created over 600 million years ago, it once sat at the bottom of the sea, but now rises 348m above ground. The monolith is considered a sacred site to the native people of Australia.


Miles from any classroom, in the middle of Northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert, Dana Albany, a “book sculptor,” creates a massive sculpture of the human body. It is composed of out-of-date textbooks and discarded library books. She names this giant figure: Body of Knowledge. It is burned to the ground. No one objects.

BODY of KNOWLEDGE by Dana Albany

BURNING MAN 2000, Black Rock Desert, northern NEVADA, USA

photo credit: “Scott Beale / Laughing Squid”

Life in the desert is no joke—the days are scorching, while the nights dip into freezing temperatures. But the 3-pound nocturnal fennec fox—the smallest fox in the world—has a few adaptations that help it survive in its tough environment in the deserts of northern Africa. One important physical feature? Its massive ears, which disperse heat and help this mammal hear its prey moving under the sand. This species also has soft hairs that protect the soles of its feet from the hot desert sands.
Photo: Kitty Terwolbeck


Planet Earth.
The above images may look like art, but they are indeed places on Earth. Most of them are part of NASA’s Earth as Art. Click each image to see where they are.

Fun facts about the Earth:
• Earth is the only planet with only one moon.
• The Earth is not a perfectly round sphere, it bows outward at the equater as if it was stepped on (like an oval). The actual shape is “oblate spheroid”
• Earth is the only planet that has liquid water that can freely flow on the surface - Mars occassionally has liquid water but it quickly evaporates
• This planet is the only one that has an atmosphere that consists primarily of oxygen

Part of Celestial Reconnaissance Bodies of the Solar System series. :)
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BLM collaborates with two non-profits for conservation of the Northern Red Desert

Story by Tony Brown & Emmet Pruss, Public Affairs Specialists; Photos courtesy of Shaleas Harrison, BLM Wild Lands Community Organizer, Wyoming Wilderness Association.

During a 10-day project in July 2017, the Bureau of Land Management, the Wyoming Conservation Corps, and the Wyoming Wilderness Association collaborated to support the conservation of the Northern Red Desert. Workers from the organizations placed 113 signs indicating the boundary of five Wilderness Study Areas, helping to preserve the area’s unique features and landscape.

Such partnerships are vital to managing sustainable, working public lands for both current and future generations. “This project has set a wonderful precedent for collaboration between the BLM and non-profits in reaching shared stewardship goals,” said Shaleas Harrison, WWA Wild Lands Community Organizer. “It has helped to ensure that the magic of the Red Desert will be there for future generations.”

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The Veiled Arrow (Part 2)

Nestaq - Mulan au - Part 1

I do not suggest reading this unless you have read Tower of Dawn

This fic is in the tog universe but it is different from Aelin’s plot line. Nesryn grew up in Balruhn, her mother is a descendant of the rukhin, and the valg started in an eastern continent instead of the northern or Wendlyn. Also, shapeshifters can talk when they are in animal form. 

Also, guess who you get to meet in this chapter….. 

At this point, Nesryn would probably do anything for a glass of fresh, cool water, or one of the meat pies her father makes every Tuesday for dinner. With the midday sun shining directly overhead and the heavy men’s clothing clinging to her sweat soaked body, she would probably also do anything for a nice bath. Although perhaps it is best that she not have access to such luxuries, as men ought not to have clean scraped legs or smell of the lavender soap she favors.

Nevertheless, Nesryn is miserable. She has been riding along on her issued horse for three days, feeling like she has made little to no progress along the Scholars’ Road (or is it finally Sisters’-Road now?) as she attempts to make her way to Eridun. Others on their way to the Northern Desert or Antica pass her everyday, and very few times she meets a person heading to the Aerie as well. Still, the couple of times she has met a traveler of the same destination keeps her from disrobing to the much lighter and airy tank top underneath the tunic. She cannot take the chance of someone recognizing her at Eridun and blowing her cover as a woman.

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