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Photos by my brother, a volunteer firefighter in Northern California, currently assisting with the Tubbs Fire as it assaults areas of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County.

I was born in Santa Rosa and raised in Sonoma County, it’s surreal to see my home city go up in flames. Since last night, the Tubbs Fire has grown from 200 acres to 20,000 and has destroyed over 1500 structures. Many of our firefighters in San Diego have already left to fight the fires in NorCal, while fires now break out in areas of SoCal. It’s a mess, let me tell you.

If you can afford to donate to relief efforts, please do so. A simple Google Search of the Tubbs Fire will bring-up a donation option. If you can’t donate, please reblog and signal boost, the effort is much appreciated.

I don’t know why the wildfires in Sonoma and Napa counties are not trending more, or why this news is not more widespread, but the devastation in the North Bay is phenomenal. 16 are dead (this death toll continues to rise), 2,000 homes- ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOODS- HAVE BEEN DESTROYED, 115,000 acres so far have been burned, and 183 people re unaccounted for.

We are all living out our worst nightmares as this beautiful place we call our homes is being desecrated by wildfires that continue to burn. THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ARE HOMELESS. TENS OF THOUSANDS HAVE EVACUATED.

Please spread the word. Please find a way to help out. Please don’t let Eminem or Donald Trump or Harvey Weinstein be what everyone is talking about.

Help us.


Craig Dunain Mental Hospital - Inverness, Scotland

Formerly known as Inverness District Asylum and Northern Counties District Lunatic Asylum. Opened 1864. Closed 1999.


Public Lands/ Exploration/ Night Sky/ 

Searching for a meteor burst last night in the Bald Hills above Redwood creek in Redwood National Park.  

I had visions of a Meteor burst behind this fire tower, if you zoom in a few images have a faint line or two, but overall every time I would place and focus the lens the meteors would then show up in a different part of the sky.

*note on editing:
I find it difficult to edit night photos. It’s a tough call between taking all of the amazing colors the long exposure captures, and trying to portray the scene more closely to the way I experienced it. I always find that to my eyes it looks more silvery blue, but the camera often finds many colors. Last nights photos out of camera had amazing greens, purple and blue which to people viewing the photos might be more interesting. But that’s not how it felt to be there alone in the dark walking in starlight.  Maybe I’ll share an alternate edit at another time.

Where in the World 2.0

Having just passed 200,000 followers really has my mind blown. That is FIVE TIMES the population of the Northern California county I grew up in. 

If you all don’t mind me repeating a question from a long time a go, it would be humbling to know where all you great folks hail from. 

I’ll get the ball rolling. Hello from Portland, OR USA :3

Where are you from?

Please pray for Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino County, CA. There are several serious fires, high-speed winds, and over 1,500 houses and buildings have already been destroyed. Everyone in my city also had to be evacuated starting at midnight, October 9th.

*Update* Over 73,000 acres have been destroyed. Ash and smoke are clouding the sky as far as the eye can see. This is one of the worst fires in California history.

*Update* Over 115,000 acres and 2,000 buildings have been destroyed, and 16 people have been killed.

*Update* 23 have died, 170,000 acres have been burned, and there are also fires in Mendocino, Solano, and Yuba county. In addition, the Marin fire has been contained and put out.