northern calloway


There are a lot of reasons I love this video with my whole heart. There’s lots of David/Maria adorableness, Maria’s a princess plumber, and Kermit makes an appearance.

But the ending, man, the ending is hilarious. It’s just Jim, Frank, Richard, Sonia, and Northern just improving and arguing. Frank, as always, is the best part. “Get this cow out of here!”

“I’ll call you at 6 o'clock tonight!”

Maria goes home to Puerto Rico for her “ALMOST 21st birthday!” with Olivia, but little does she know most of the gang is following her… 

I wonder, did they ever, like, explain that Maria and David broke up? If not, that was a missed opportunity.

“We just decided we were going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. And we did that just by holding hands and kissing whenever possible. Until finally the writers picked upon it and we became an item on Sesame Street.” - Sonia, commentary for Old School Sesame Street Vol 3


One of my all time fave Christmas songs, from the original Merry Christmas from Sesame Street album. Northern Calloway as David was the bomb.


Grover reads “The Cursed Prince”.

I really liked David and Maria together. Or sort of together. :)


Maria and David talk about the words “here” and “there” with Grover.

Fun fact: Maria and David were implied to be romantically involved until Northern left Sesame Street. Then later Maria married Luis.


Bob, Olivia, and David sing a song in the rain.