northern calfornia

There are highways and there are back roads. There is beauty on both and even a practicality to both of them. But after over a year of exploring california, my advice is to take the back road. There will be a moment like the one captured above. A moment of complete stillness with the only sound be the snow falling from the air to blanket the ground. Your life is put on pause on these back roads. A car may pass by every five minutes. Back roads are where beauty is hidden. You have to work to get there but there will always be a story waiting to be captured and a memory waiting to be made. Camino is filled with stories. So much of gold country is still made up of back roads which hold the history of this part of California. Winter is one of nature’s most beautiful moments and winter in Camino is constantly changing with snow a special occurrence every year. A beautiful special occurrence that truly can best be seen on the back roads.