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Big Basin State Park is home to a wide assortment of ecosystems. The park starts inland and works its way to the Pacific Ocean ending at Waddell Beach. This beach is right along Highway 1 and may just be the perfect place for a picnic. As with all beaches, the material on the beach is made from the local geology. And as the Pacific Coast is near an active plate boundary the beaches in California are rocky. Rocks of all shapes and sizes are washed up on the beach and are polished as they ride the waves. And here most rocks are of different types of chert which are common in Northern California. Tidepools are also common here as well as many other beaches in the area. This beach is rather calm for being right off Highway 1. Kites join the many gulls flying above the waves, only falling at the end of a breeze. 


San Francisco by Matt Kawashima
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Bay Area Radfem Meetup

So I’m hosting a casual radfem meet up for the Northern California Area. 

The meetup will be every 3rd Sunday from 2-4p.m. 

It’s a way to hang out at meet other radfems, lesfems, or other radical leaning women. It is women/girls only but the venue itself is open to everyone. The venue is wheelchair accessible and serves gluten free food. 

The location is posted in facebook groups, or you can contact me through this page for the location if you’re willing to provide me with some information. 

If you’re anywhere around the north bay, south bay, Davis, San Fran, Santa Rosa, Oakland, etc area, or your followers are; I’d appreciate if you reblogged this. Carpooling may be an option so check in with me if you can’t come because of a ride. 

Hope to see you soon!

(A Sacramento Radfem Meetup is coming soon. This post will be updated once it’s started).

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