rules: using only song names from one band/artist, cleverly answer these questions and pass it on to people. try not to repeat a song title.
Thank u ieropocalypse (ps ur new icon is so rad i love it)
pick your band/artist: panic! at the disco

are you male or female? girls/girls/girls

how do you feel? Ready to go (Get me outta my mind)

describe where you live: Behind the Sea

if you could go anywhere,where would you go? Build god then we’ll talk

favourite form of transportation? That Green Gentleman (Things have changed)

your best friend is: shes a handsome woman

what’s the weather like? northerm downpour *cries*

favourite time of day? nine in the afternoon

if your life was a show, what would it be called? Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off

your relationship? we’re so starving

your fear? the calendar

I tag fawnessroyalty dalllon-weeekeesveganiero