but listen to pavements behold him
through youth to day or in the hardships few light
her yellow lit eyes
the boy behind each man ever utter’d
pimpled neck to my breast of reason
to them maybe their northerly wilds
you than the present nor the present nor machinery
what is belov’d saying to
soft but these vehement days
i wait for i see
come on the shores


Today, 17 years ago, was a bay colt born. His sire, Serheed, was a son of the great (English) Triple Crown winner Nijinsky II. His dam North Bell, was by Bellewater.
The little colt turned out to be one of the greatest the world has ever seen. In 37 starts, he won 19. He won the Australian Cup and Cox Plate twice, among his other wins was the Caulfield Cup.
He was retired from racing in 2005, at the age of 8. Then he lived at Oakland Park Stud, until May 2012, when he was put to sleep after a colic attack.
This little colt was Northerly, also known as The Fighting Tiger.

Happy Birthday Northerly, I hope you are fine, and gallops over the sky with the other fallen champions.
17 October 1996 - 9 May 2012


Promotional video for Field Notes latest edition called “Northerly”


Friday Dryday

26 August 2016

Cyclists, doggies and walkers were out enjoying Friday Dryday this morning! It got pretty warm when the sun came out; battling that blustery northerly - I was nearly driven backwards - I could have worn short sleeves. I had a bit of DOMS from yesterday morning’s workout so I’d put my effort levels at ‘hard’. I even got some PRs.

This evening I met the golfing cyclists and just plain cyclists for drinks and dinner at the newly refurbished golf course bar and restaurant. I was impressed. I had a brilliant salt'n'pepper squid and Asian salad (no raw onion praise the lawd!) and BIG glasses of chardonnay. Very good and very fresh and healthy indeed.

As has been the pattern lately, the rain came in hard and squally by 5.30pm with miserable weather forecast for Saturday. I pity those in offices from Monday to Friday, who look out and see the sunshine but are cursed with grey skies, wind and rain come the weekend.

FMLS90 - Day 26

Motivational Quotes: You know I always end up writing FMLS90 at the end of the night when I am tired and running out of puff. So, I had some pretty good motivational quotes when I was training for my black belt, but, pulling them up now is proving hard. Eleanor Roosevelt was definitely in there - the one about looking fear in the face and ‘doing the thing you think you cannot do’. She was a pretty awesome woman.

There’s one quote that is above my desk and forever in my head; it’s my favourite motivational quote and it came out of a Chinese fortune cookie on Chinese New Year 2007.

“Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races, one after another”.

That says it all for me. Each achievement, each race, each goal, each lesson, each progression, each day, each failure, each triumph - they all add up. One day you look back and say, wow, look how far I’ve come. And that distance may be measured in kilometres, effort, how many times you fell down and got back up, medals, your qualification, or kudos - whatever matters to you. That is perseverance.

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Service at Old Winchester by Septembers_coda


Ship:  Sastiel

Rating:  Not Rated (I’d rate it Mature or Explicit)

Word Count:  17.5K +

Warnings:  Master/servant, angst, self hatred, dom/sub, light bdsm, porn with plot, fantasy, pining, medieval au, anal sex, anal fingering, blowjobs, rough sex

Summary:  Castiel had loved Lord Sam since he was thirteen years old. He had never heard of such a love, and wondered if there was something wrong with him on a soul-level, that the only touch he wanted, the only face that stirred him to desire, was a remote,impossible dream. But there was nothing else for him in a family that didn’t want him, a home that was no home.

The damaged, heroic, tragically beautiful younger Winchester brother had retreated to the remote, bleak, and haunted northerly fiefdom of Old Winchester after the terrible Demon War.

That made Old Winchester the only place Cas wanted to be.

Why I like it:  I can’t tell you why I like this tbh. Is it the slow burn? Is it the fact that Cas hero-worships Sam (instead of the other way around)? Is it the secret relationship or gay crises?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯