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What do you think of a Last Airbender AU. But the circumstances are a little different. Todoroki Enji is the Fire Lord. Inheriting the empire from his parents. He had two brothers that could have taken the throne, but to secure his position he arranges a marriage between him and a Northen Water Tribe princess. Showing his parents and the Fire Nation citizens that he not only is a powerful bender, but made an alliance with the water tribe he wins the throne.His parents pass and banishes his bros.

After succesfully obtaining the throne.Enji thinks that all the power is still not enough.He starts to conquer Earth Kingdom teritory as he already has the Northen Water Tribe under his thumb.The Avatar of this time is Yagi Toshinori,a fire bender,that was also a childhood friend of Enjis’. He tries to stop him, bit because of his kind nature Enji tricks him and kills him.As most of the nation knew they were childhood friends, he covers what he did saying Yagi is in the spirit world

being the asshole that he is,Enji threatens the monks of the Avatar temples(in the Fire Nation and the lands he conquered) to keep up the lie he told. After that he realises the next Avatar will be an airnomad.The Air Temples are one of the only"nations"to say that haven’t been in anyway touched by the Fire Nation.So he tells the monks to tell the world that the Avatar send a message from the spirits: the Air Nomads must die.So he attacks the temples and kills everyone, the children first

but one child survives. Izuku.Before the Fire Nation arrives at their temple, some Earth Kingdom people visited the place to do some trading. On that day a spirit warns Inko of the danger right when the soldiers arrived the temple. So before she goes to fight she puts Izuku and the only surviving children ( one of them Ochaco) in the food boxes in secret and sends them to the Eearth Kingdom to be safe. The soldiers don’t kill the Earth Kingdom people as it’s not in their orders.

Sorry I wrote so much but I have this ideea for some time now about an Avatar The Last Airbender. Obviously it includes Tododeku down the line. But I don’t know if I should write the story or not. So I thought I would show the prologue ideea to you since I love your fic and you are a very good writer and see what you think.

never apologize for writing so much–i love hearing about what you guys make up!!!

i vaguely know about atla, but i figure i don’t really need too much knowledge about it considering that this is clearly different from the atla verse^^ it seems really interesting, though i don’t recommend to start writing until you have some type of outline of the main events (beginning, rising action, climax, falling action, conclusion, etc), and another outline for the sub events (the stuff going on in-between). it’ll be a bit of a pain, especially when ideas don’t come to you, but it’ll be worth it in the long run^^

Really Odd Company

Water, the element of Change and Healing

Earth, the element of Strength and unyielding

Fire, the element of Power and unflinching willpower

Air, the element of Freedom and Peace

Long Ago the four Nations Lived in Harmony, Everything changed when a  Firebending King attacked this peace. He sent assassins to kill the other leaders as a way to gain power, and succeeded in destroying the Air Nation. Only one person could stop this slaughter, the Avatar, a bender who could use all four elements. But Thanks to the chaos and discord caused by this king, the Avatar was lost to the world. This greedy King had children of his own and died searching for the avatar, to ensure no one could oppose his dynasty. His son now Rules this world, Just as cold and hungry as his father before him. His wife beared two sons for him, one to rule the throne, the other to rule the armies that destroyed anything in their path. But this youngest son refused to kill, refused to follow his brother and their father. And for that he was punished, thought long to be dead. What had really happened was he was found by the side of a river by a girl traveling with her friend. They carried him back to their cave where they were hiding from Fire Nation soldiers, and saved his life with their bending. 

The first of these companions was a waterbender, she had ran from her comfy home in the northen water tribe to escape marrying a man who did not love her. She learned waterbending as she sailed the seas and made her way to a deserted island. Where she found the last of the air nomads. Who longed for adventure and to see the world. The waterbender was named after a flower her father brought to her mother the day they fell in love, all the way from his home in the earth kingdom. Lavender, who oddly enough always smelled like the bloom. Her companion was called ‘ Zenyatta’, he resembled the air nations last leader very closely. Together they planned to find a island to live their days out on. Away from all the war and discord that surrounded them when they found this fallen prince. Lav and Zenyatta worked hours to keep him alive, and almost a week to convince the broken man to come with them as they traveled. They’d been estatic when he said yes.

That was a month ago, and tonight they stay in a fishing village, dinning on soup Zenyatta made from a tiny pot. Lav comes into the tiny shack they’re staying in, sitting across from Genji as shes served ‘’ So, where should we go tomorrow? Earth kingdom?’’ @hxnzoshimxdx

Push and Pull - WIP.

My entry for the avatar contest so far. you basically have to draw yourself as a bender of some kind. I’ve always loved water so it was always going to be Waterbending. The idea is that i’m/he’s bending the water into the shape of koi (kinda obvious) rather than there actually being elephant koi there. The details like splashes of water coming off them will be the final touches :) I also figured i’d be a republic city waterbender, a few generations in, as i am far, far too pale to be a pureblood water tribe member, haha!

I’;m popping it up here unfinished because i need to go to bed soon and I’ve been looking at it for far too long. 

Critically, i think its quite good, it has a good theme and the structure is ok. the pose and stuff work too. However i’m getting a feeling that it doesn’t look quite unified yet? I’m also debating how to do the lighting on my clothes etc. do i want harsher green light on the back so that you don’t lose me in the water.

it’s all up for debate, but its quite raw and unfinished yet, so don’t pay me too much attention!

it does feel good to be painting properly again, though!