northeast snow

if keith is from texas and lance and hunk are both from countries that are for the most part sunny, that means that they’ve all never seen snow before……………… wrow


People are loving this thundersnow!

The blizzard pounding parts of the Northeast United States is bringing out love for an evasive weather phenomenon: Thundersnow.

As the storm hit, people across the Northeast reported with glee, spottings of thundersnow — a thunderstorm with snow instead of rain.

What is thundersnow?

It seems odd to celebrate a storm that canceled flights and closed schools, but people are embracing the special feeling of hearing a loud thunder crash during a roaring blizzard. Plus, who could forget Weather Channel hypeman Jim Cantore’s epic thundersnow celebration from 2015?


Squire’s Castle - Winter 2016 by Jackie Oliverio

Northeast snow 2017

“Nature best portrays the meaning of season. There is a time to sow and a time to reap; as the sun rises, it also sets; after the period of rest comes a period of activity; after the cool winter nights comes the warmth of summer. Whatever season it is, everything in nature adapts; otherwise, they perish. It is the law and the law is implemented even if one complains of ignorance.” ~ George Kengott

It’s outside my realm of understanding, why anyone would voluntarily live where there are regularly occurring earthquakes and hurricanes. Is it because in the northeast we have snow?

Gentle reminder that during hurricane sandy, a tree crashed through my parents roof and into the room where I was sleeping. Another tree totaled my mom’s car. The insurance claim was through her landlord and he never gave her the money. It was terrible, but we were all OK. Hoping these little islands and coastal communities will be ok, too.