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I'm from New Mexico, which has a high percentage of Mexicans/Hispanics, and it makes the absolute most sense that he's Mexican? Like, people are trying to say he's white? When? He's? Obviously? Not? And also, there's a pretty high percentage of Native Americans here too, so him being mixed isn't a stretch at all.


and like who does it hurt! if he’s not white!!!! it hurts 0 people!!!! why are there so many racists in this fandom!!!!!

Hey my lovelies! I know there’s going to be a lot of snow heading towards the Northeast, and I live in PA, so we’re supposed to get 5-8 inches, I think, but then again, I’ve heard up to 10 so I’m not quite sure. But I know that New England, NYC, and Philly are going to get hit really hard and are under blizzard warnings/watches. 

My message is simple: Please be safe. If you live in these areas/other places being hit by Stella, please be safe. Don’t go out if you don’t have to. Stay indoors. If you have to go to work, ask if you can be a little late or ask someone if you can stay with them instead of heading home. Let the people plowing the roads do their job. If you HAVE to go out, take it slow and be careful. If you have the day off from school, I hope you have a wonderful day off. My message is that I just want everyone to be safe. If you need someone to talk to or want advice on how to stay safe, my blog is always open. I love you guys/gals/gender noncomforming pals. 

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Hi! I grow and propagate succulents/cacti and have an ever-growing collection of 40+ individuals from a plethora of different genera. I currently keep them in a room with only a northeast-facing window. I live in SE Pennsylvania and unfortunately don't have access to better natural lighting like a south-facing window or a greenhouse, so I was wondering if you had any recommendations for a serious type of lighting and fixture for my plants. They are kept on a fairly wide, 4ft-long table. Thanks!

Hello, My recommendation for your plants would be a t5 fixture since the light from the fixture mimics natural sunlight and has the intensity to keep succulents thriving. The lamps I use are 2′x4′ and they were the best investment ive made. You can find them here.
The New Intolerance of Student Activism
A fight over Halloween costumes at Yale devolves into an effort to censor dissenting views.
By Conor Friedersdorf

I haven’t seen a more tone-policing, elitist, and invalidating reaction to the unrest at Yale than this disappointing article from The Atlantic.

It basically reads like:

“Raw anger and polemics concerning inequality are acceptable in Ferguson but you are Yalies *upper middle class liberal gasp*”

Photo of the Week: Rita, 14, fled violence in northeast Nigeria and now lives at a refugee camp in Chad. Here Rita has drawn all of her brothers and sisters - she misses them and doesn’t know whether some are alive or dead. Children like Rita are losing out on their childhoods - they’re among around 800,000 who’ve been forced to leave their homes as a result of the conflict. #BringBackOurChildhood