Northcoast Academy 2013 Defiance.



After two years of not being in competitive drumline, this show still sticks out in my mind.  Northcoast you give me a lady boner.  

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You want epic? Skipped to 4:22. You get 40+ seconds of quad feature, followed by sick beats, and crazy front ensemble features. 

And seriously…why haven’t other groups used Eminem before now? If they have, I haven’t heard it. But seriously…his music is underutilized. 

I feel like these guy went into their staff meeting at the beginning of the year saying, “What’s the craziest shit we can get away with. …Alright…now what’s crazier than THAT? Alright, 30 second mallet runs are good…but why not 30 second mallet SPLIT runs? Also, let’s flip cymbals over our heads and THEN send them catapulting off OTHER cymbals like missiles. OH…and dubstep. Don’t ask. Just do it. OH, and people jumping on other people, and into the arms of others. OH and don’t forget the one minute quad feature. OH, and split cymbal features too." 

Then they look over to the guy who’s writing it all down and just say, "Got all of that?" 

”…I got most of it. What did you say about Cymbal missiles?“ 

"We have to have them." 

"And what about the judges? You think they’re going to like all of this?" 

"Fuck them." 

"Don’t you wanna win?" 

"You wanna win, or you want people to actually like our show?" 

"Can’t you do both?" 

"Sure…if you don’t push the envelope Johnson." 


“But NOTHING JOHNSON! Now, can we do the cymbal missiles or not?" 

"We can.”

“Thank you Johnson. Also…I want to hang our pit from the ceiling so we have more room for the snare rollers." 

"Come on now sir…”

“You’re right Johnson. We’ll save that for next year." 

"Snare rollers? What the fu-”

“If you have to ask Johnson, then obviously you’re not prepared to hear the answer." 

"I hope Matrix has a design opening next year.”

“What was that Johnson?”

“Nothing. Sir. It was nothing." 

"OK, good. You think we could get a Wicker Man statue to put on the back corner of the mat? Then at the end of the show, we roll it out to the middle and light it on fire and blare ‘Lose Yourself’ while we dance around it, playing a plethora of notes?" 

”…I quit.“ 

Alright, that may have gone too far…but…it was worth it I think. 


Cymbal splits are so legit. Northcoast Academy 2010


ugh. SO BADASS. don’t even care that this was slightly dirty in a couple spots. besides, the closest snare’s faces are cracking me up.