hi! i’m Caroline, i’m 15 y/o and I live in New York. I can speak English and i’m learning Spanish (that could be a good way for me to practice) and i’m a cancer.

likes: i love music and i’m always down for any new music suggestions, dogs, art, traveling, rainstorms (but not when i’m traveling), and photography. I also love watching films, cute cartoons, being by the sea, drinking tea and meeting new people.

my ideal pen pal is someone who is from 14-18 years old, someone who’s open minded and not biased and from any country, race, gender or sexuality. I can do either email or snail mail :-) feel free to send me a message!

My tumblr: attackoncarol
Ig: carolinegalderisi
Email: carolinegalderisi@gmail.com

Who Killed the Venus Flytrap?
In the public consciousness, the Venus flytrap is prolific. But in the wild, it's disappearing.

A good read on the sad state of the Venus Flytrap. Carnivorous plants native to the USA are increasingly close to becoming extinct, for absolutely no logical reason. All are easy to cultivate and readily available for under $10-$20. There is no need to poach whatsoever. Help save North American carnivores—we have more genera of carnivorous plant than ANY other continent, including the tropics.

Looking for A PenPal :)


My name’s Reagan and I’m from Richmond, Virginia. I had a penpal in elementary school, and ever since I’ve wanted another who I could relate to now that I’m older. I’m 16, turning 17 in March, and I only speak English. For the moment only interested in e-mailing, but I’m not opposed to snailmail when I get to know you better!

I love to read, especially fiction and personal essays. I spend a lot of time listening to music, but my taste varies, I love Taylor Swift, 5SOS, and Walk The Moon. I could probably listen to any type of music and find something I enjoy about it. I’m only a junior in high school, but I would like to work in PR or marketing, really anything in that realm is something I find really interesting. Also a huge history nerd, could seriously read histoy textbooks, watch documentaries or movies based on historical events for hours and not grow bored. I’m into fitness too, I love lifting, but struggle when it comes to typical forms of cardio, I love to dance too. 

I’ve drabbled long enough, moving on…I suppose my perfect penpal would be someone about my age, and (obviously) into the same things as I am. I don’t really care what gender you are, but I would appreciate it if that was specified if you want to contact me. 

That’s it really :)

Contact Info: reagancpeters@gmail.com, and my tumblr is somedaysunsets.tumblr.com


The tragedy of ELLs

In the USA,9.2% (4.4 million) students are “English Language Learners” (ELLs). Since these kids aren’t fluent in English, they have a graduation rate near 60% which is twenty points below the national average. As a result of language barriers, Mexican immigrants make on average,$12,000 less than their US-born counterparts and they are twice as likely to fall below the poverty line. 67% of Democrats believe that “undocumented immigrants work ethic fortifies the nation,” and demand that immigrants, legal or illegal, receive individualized public education. However most Republicans argue that educating illegals means assenting to future and further illegal immigration, which will take jobs from americans as well as waste taxpayer dollars. Both sides see failure as an opportunity and until these immigrants are given the proper education, it will continue to harm our youth.

check out The Young Post for more information and make sure to leave your comments about this post by using #Iamyoung or #theyoungpost.

Birds of Southern Florida

We saw so many great birds in southern Florida! Here are my favorite pictures.

Brown pelican (at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center)

Barn owl (at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center)

Blue jays (at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center)

Brown pelicans in flight (Florida Keys)

Egret (Everglades National Park)

Great blue heron (Everglades National Park)

Little blue heron (Everglades National Park)

Male anhinga (Everglades National Park)

Female anhinga - notice the brown plumage around her neck (Everglades National Park)

Flamingo - a very rare sighting in this part of Florida (Big Cypress National Preserve)

Female anhinga and egret (Big Cypress National Preserve)

Barred owl, spotted in a cypress dome (Everglades National Park)

Our glacier yawns across the fjord—the grandest of canyons choked full of ice.

To my left, in the distance, two nunataks (or rock islands) peek their bald spots above the ice, crevasses encircling them like the whorls of a frosted fingerprint.

To my right, as far as I can see, is melange—a flotilla of icebergs mashed together so tight they look walkable, climbable, passable. 

But the occasional sound of thunder—of iceberg squeezing past iceberg—belies the fact that all this melange is afloat on a cold polar sea below.  And a towering 30-story snow cliff touched with turquoise is what divides the fingerprint from the flotilla.  The scale is impossible.  Then I glance down next to where I’m sitting—a soft mossy patch of ground dusted with the tiniest of purple and white petaled flowers. Lichens sprawl easily across the rocks.  A single butterfly dances in the air just ahead. 

Nothing is impossible.

Image and caption by Ari Daniel. Greenland, 2015.

Ari Daniel is reporting on an upcoming project for the Pulitzer Center titled “Through An Icy Looking Glass.”

Read Ari’s AMA about his work on Reddit Science :)

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