Hi! my name is Heather Mae, I live in A small town in Alberta Canada, i’m 16 years old, I’m into rock climbing, i’m vegan and I love writing poetry and little tidbits. I have never had a penal before, but love letters and I think it would be super cool to get to know somebody and have a friend across the world. I collect tags off of clothing and I own this really old camera that I take photos with and I am literally obsessed with collecting journals. My email is heatherchapin@icloud.com if anybody wants to trade information and become my very first penpal!

Who Killed the Venus Flytrap?
In the public consciousness, the Venus flytrap is prolific. But in the wild, it's disappearing.

A good read on the sad state of the Venus Flytrap. Carnivorous plants native to the USA are increasingly close to becoming extinct, for absolutely no logical reason. All are easy to cultivate and readily available for under $10-$20. There is no need to poach whatsoever. Help save North American carnivores—we have more genera of carnivorous plant than ANY other continent, including the tropics.

Toadstools, mushrooms, Fungi, edible and poisonous; one thousand American Fungi; how to select and cook the edible; how to distinguish and avoid the poisonous, with full botanic descriptions, by Charles McIlvaine … and Robert K. Macadam. on Flickr.

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Pen pal??

Hi im awkward! Im 15 i love singing dancing skateboarding and the beach! I’m from The USA I am a lesbian I’m totally fine with any gender any sexuality anything like that I don’t really care because everybody’s perfect the way they are. My ideal penpal is someone I can send letters to and little presents to and they will send some back we can celebrate our birthdays and holidays together we video chat often we can hold a good conversation they crazy just like me and we can help each other with our problems. My Instagram is__a.j.s_ My kik is withlovefromamanda feel free to talk to me on there!


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A #nun #knitting in the historic downtown while selling homemade #Rompope which is an eggnog-like drink made with eggs, milk, and vanilla flavouring and cookies, according to locals both are very delicious. / Una #monja teje mientras vende rompope . o licor de huevo es una bebida preparada con yemas de huevo, vainilla, canela, almendra molida, leche, azúcar y licor. Es de color amarillo y consistencia espesa asi como galletas de nata en el centro historico, los de la zona dicen que ambos son deliciosos. #OnAssignment #Leon #Guanajuato #Mexico #EverydayMexico #LatinAmerica #EverydayLatinAmerica #iphoneography #Eye4photography #photojournalism #streetphotography #NorthAmerica #JuanCarlos #2015copyright

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