(REPOSTING — I only got a few replies and the ones I talked to left so here I go again but this is going to be simpler)

Name: Ericka Nicole

Age: 15 (16 in January)

Location: USA

Languages: I speak English but I can understand Spanish a little but English is preferred.

Looking for: I’m NOT looking for snailmail, that seems kind of cool but not now. I’m just looking for a few friends I can come to for anything, someone who WONT judge and someone who can give me some advice when needed. I’m looking for people aged 15-17, male or female and preferably people who have some of the same interests but I’m always open to new things! I start with email first and then kik OR text, since I don’t want a whole bunch of people to block ya know? If you are against feminism, body modifications or the LGBTQ community, we wouldn’t get along well.

Info about me: I love art, I’m an artist myself. I love all different types of music (but country oops.) I also love reading even though I rarely do it haha. I play a little guitar too and I like to sing but I don’t think I’m that good ahah. Oh! And I love to cook, I just love food in general really. My favorite band at the moment is Twentyonepilots and I love many different bands but listing them would take TOO much time. I like all different types of TV shows, ranging from Doctor Who and Supernatural to kid shows like The Amazing World of Gumball and of course, old Cartoon Network shows aha. I like lots of different things and I’d be willing to explain it all to you because why not?

Contact: If you’re interested, you can contact me on my email erickaevans56@gmail.com
or my tumblr: estr-o

My name is Tahlía
I am 17
I live in the Arizona, United States

My interests include practicing Astanga Yoga, hiking, drawing and painting, farming/gardening, reading (please give me suggestions!), watching films, and learning about different cultures and seeing how we are all connected as humans. A few of my favorite musical artists are Ta-ku, Chance the rapper, Lana del Rey, FKA Twigs, OutKast, BANKS and Phony Ppl and I am always open to new sounds. I speak English fluently and am learning Spanish.

I am very kind and would be delighted to have a pen pal and make a new friend with someone from around the world!

I am comfortable with snail mail and email :-)
You can contact me here
email: segura_tahlia@yahoo.com
tumblr: mutherearth.tumblr.com
twitter: @tahliads

Toadstools, mushrooms, Fungi, edible and poisonous; one thousand American Fungi; how to select and cook the edible; how to distinguish and avoid the poisonous, with full botanic descriptions, by Charles McIlvaine … and Robert K. Macadam. on Flickr.

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