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Name: Libby

Age:  17 in less than a month (even though I act like a 90 year old grandma)

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Language:  English

Likes: If you like The Outsiders we are automatically friends.  Besides that I love Harry Potter, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, 80s movies, writing, quirky fashion, Dan and Phil, art, poetry, FOOD, animals, parentheses, Supernatural, Sherlock, North Woods Law, Criminal Minds, warm drinks, TONS of music

Dislikes: small birds, spiders, the cold, disrespect, discrimination, Brussel sprouts

Ideal penpal:  I would like someone 15-19, and if you’re from the US that would be great (international postage can get kinda pricey) but it’s definitely not necessary.  I already have penpals in France, Ireland, Germany, and Taiwan. Religion, gender, sexuality, race, etc. doesn’t matter to me as long as you are nice.

Other:  Whether you are a girl, boy, goat, or tree, I will call you ‘dude’. 

Preferred Method of Contact: snail mail is ideal, but I’d be willing to try an internet bud.  If you want to be internet friends though, I can’t always reply immediately.  I like to make my letters cute (and really long) and put effort into them so I’d appreciate if you do the same. (✿◠‿◠)

Message me at:

Tumblr: @libbylu87

Instagram: @libbylu87713

E-mail: libbylu87 @ yahoo. com (without the spaces)

If you message me on Insta or email, let me know you saw this on tumblr please!  That way I know you aren’t spam or some creepy Criminal Minds dude.  (PS if my pic didn’t work my tumblr avi is me)

Who Killed the Venus Flytrap?
In the public consciousness, the Venus flytrap is prolific. But in the wild, it's disappearing.

A good read on the sad state of the Venus Flytrap. Carnivorous plants native to the USA are increasingly close to becoming extinct, for absolutely no logical reason. All are easy to cultivate and readily available for under $10-$20. There is no need to poach whatsoever. Help save North American carnivores—we have more genera of carnivorous plant than ANY other continent, including the tropics.

Hey everybody.

My name is Cooper

Im 16 (17 in October).

Wanted: Internet/snailmail. Both are great

Im not really sure what to say. I have had a few problems with people who acted like my friends and I realized how alone I actually was.

I would like to talk to someone aroundish my age (15-18) and gender doesn’t matter

INTERISTS: I play bass/guitar/sing for a hardcore/metal band. I am also a singer songwriter with an acoustic obsession. I love tattoos and piercings and I dream of being a tattoo artist one day. I love to push myself outside my comfort zone and explorer and go places and do things I shouldn’t. Im pretty easy going

WHAT IM NOT OKAY WITH: homophobia,transphobia, racism, BOTDF fans, sexualizing women, satan, drinking and hard drugs, people who get anything but thin mints and samoa’s from girlscouts.

tumblr: tattoo-me-pleasee
kik: cooper_hotstuff (don’t judge i was young back then)

Message me for Insta/my phone numer/more pictures.

Please don’t be scared to message me! Thanks :)

Toadstools, mushrooms, Fungi, edible and poisonous; one thousand American Fungi; how to select and cook the edible; how to distinguish and avoid the poisonous, with full botanic descriptions, by Charles McIlvaine … and Robert K. Macadam. on Flickr.

Publication info Indianapolis,The Bobbs-Merrill company[c1912]
Contributing Library:
University of California Libraries
BioDiv. Library

A #nun #knitting in the historic downtown while selling homemade #Rompope which is an eggnog-like drink made with eggs, milk, and vanilla flavouring and cookies, according to locals both are very delicious. / Una #monja teje mientras vende rompope . o licor de huevo es una bebida preparada con yemas de huevo, vainilla, canela, almendra molida, leche, azúcar y licor. Es de color amarillo y consistencia espesa asi como galletas de nata en el centro historico, los de la zona dicen que ambos son deliciosos. #OnAssignment #Leon #Guanajuato #Mexico #EverydayMexico #LatinAmerica #EverydayLatinAmerica #iphoneography #Eye4photography #photojournalism #streetphotography #NorthAmerica #JuanCarlos #2015copyright

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My name is Alejandro. I’m 15 and from the most totally non-problematic country in the world. The U.S!!! I’m looking for a friend on here to share stories with.

If you must know before we talk, some of my interests include: grave digging/robbing, salmon fishing, Sasquatch hunting, wearing a cowboy hat when hunting for sasquatches (yes I know, I know, “there aren’t any sasquatches in Texas”), reading YA novels and serial killer biographies (I’m your average teen girl), fitness stuff (like lifting really heavy Sasquatch traps), and I also watch a lot of YouTube (mostly fitness youtubers, but the occasional KickThePj and Christian Novelli)

Some of my favorite music/artists includes: turkey calls (those whistles “only turkeys” can hear or whatever), hardcore, punk (mostly that new stuff everyone 30+ would hate and call “fake punk”), and rap (like Macklemore and iggy azalea, you know, “real rap”)

Movies and films and…all the other stuff on t.v: Parks and Recreation, Dexter, Skins, Submarine, Palo Alto, Fight Club, We Need ago Talk About Kevin, Excision, Freaks n Geeks, American Psycho, and local news.

Other stuff (this stuff is unnecessary, I just love talking about myself):
Zodiac: Pisces
Moon: Taurus
Birthday: jucembertobuary 72rd
Things I like to be called: Pops, big poppa, snake food, cat feces, huge nose, ogre teeth, etc.
Favorite color: navy blue
Favorite dog: my dog
Things I don’t like: slang words, cheese, loud noises, roaches, pop culture, reminders that I’m ugly, reminders that it’s summer, etc.

Things I’m looking for in a friend: must be 68-74 (and no, 75 is not the new 74), or 13-16 (anyone older makes me feel inferior), must be able to write proper sentences (none of that slang talk), has to be able to bench press 500lbs, can’t be a jerk (my feelings are hurt very easily, the other day someone said “I look like I belong in a ‘dads only’ club), and I prefer a female friend simply because I don’t watch ESPN and can’t keep up with sports).

I don’t know if this actually uploaded my photo, but if it didn’t I basically have on the ugliest sweater ever, my hair is a mess, my eyes are brown and they are also round, and my skin is green.

I only do kik so… Yea txt me @ InternetGrandpa (On kik of course)


Saturday, May 30th Edmonton, AB

Friday, July 3rd Vancouver, BC

Saturday, July 4th Victoria, BC

Sunday, July 5th Seattle, Washington

Monday, July 6th Olympia, Washington

Tuesday, July 7th Portland, Oregon

Wednesday, July 8th OFF (camp?)

Thursday, July 9th SF/Oakland, California

Friday, July 10th LA, California

Saturday, July 11th San Diego, California / Tijuana MX

Sunday, July 12th Las Vegas, Nevada

Monday, July 13th Phoenix/Tucson Arizona

Tuesday, July 14th Albuquerque, NM / El Paso TX

Wednesday, July 15th Oklahoma City OK

Thursday, July 16th Denton / Ft Worth TX

Friday, July 17th Austin TX

Saturday, July 18th New Orleans, Louisiana

Sunday, July 19th OFF

Monday, July 20th Nashville TN

Tuesday, July 21st Atlanta, Georgia

Wednesday, July 22nd Orlando FL

Thursday, July 23rd Charleston, SC

Friday, July 24th Richmond VA

Saturday, July 25th Baltimore MD / Washington DC

Sunday, July 26th Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Monday, July 27th New York City, NY / NJ

Tuesday, July 28th OFF

Wednesday, July 29th Boston, Massachusettes

Thursday, July 30th Fredericton NB

Friday, July 31st Halifax, NS

Saturday, August 1st Moncton, NB

Sunday, August 2nd Quebec City, QC

Monday, August 3rd Montreal, QC

Tuesday, August 4th Ottawa, ON

Wednesday, August 5th OFF

Thursday, August 6th Toronto, ON

Friday, August 7th Buffalo, New York

Saturday, August 8th Columbus, Ohio

Sunday, August 9th Louisville, KY / St Louis MO

Monday, August 10th Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday, August 11th Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wednesday, August 12th Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thursday, August 13th Winnipeg, MB

Friday, August 14th Regina, SK