Who Killed the Venus Flytrap?
In the public consciousness, the Venus flytrap is prolific. But in the wild, it's disappearing.

A good read on the sad state of the Venus Flytrap. Carnivorous plants native to the USA are increasingly close to becoming extinct, for absolutely no logical reason. All are easy to cultivate and readily available for under $10-$20. There is no need to poach whatsoever. Help save North American carnivores—we have more genera of carnivorous plant than ANY other continent, including the tropics.


2016 Sakura by Change Xia






I speak French, English, and Portuguese.

No age, religion, race, sexuality, etc matters. 

Netflix and tumblr are my life bc what else do 17 year olds do. Music is great and i usually listen to La Dispute, Brand New, Drake, G-Eazy, DeJ Loaf, Chris Webby, Brandon Beal, Blackbear, Front Porch Step, Twenty One Pilots, Man Overboard, The Story So Far, Beartooth, Of Mice And Men, Memphis May Fire, The 1975, Halsey, etc. I also listen to a lot of the classic rock like in the 70s-80s.

I love That 70s Show, OITNB, Raising Hope, Louie C.K, Breaking Bad, Wilfred, etc.

The tragedy of ELLs

In the USA,9.2% (4.4 million) students are “English Language Learners” (ELLs). Since these kids aren’t fluent in English, they have a graduation rate near 60% which is twenty points below the national average. As a result of language barriers, Mexican immigrants make on average,$12,000 less than their US-born counterparts and they are twice as likely to fall below the poverty line. 67% of Democrats believe that “undocumented immigrants work ethic fortifies the nation,” and demand that immigrants, legal or illegal, receive individualized public education. However most Republicans argue that educating illegals means assenting to future and further illegal immigration, which will take jobs from americans as well as waste taxpayer dollars. Both sides see failure as an opportunity and until these immigrants are given the proper education, it will continue to harm our youth.

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Incredible Man-Made #GoldPyramid In #NorthAmerica Reveals Evidence Of #Healing Effects. This incredible structure is the largest 24-karat gold-plated object in North America. What is astonishing about the man-made pyramid is that it has apparently revealed evidence of healing effects. People have observed that plants grew three times as fast in the pyramid than outside it. They also say that the water in affected by the pyramid’s power and therefore has unique properties that are good for all living-beings. The six-story-tall, 17,000-square-foot Gold Pyramid House was built in 1977 by Jim and Linda Onan as a private residence for his family in #Wadsworth, Illinois. Located on an island and surrounded by a giant moat, the Pyramid House has many remarkable features, including a 50-foot statue of King Tut, a metal palm tree and, a four car garage topped by three smaller pyramids. Jim Onan who always admired Egyptian culture was captivated by the theory that pyramids at Giza generate energy. According to #RussMichael, author of the book “#HealingPyramidEnergy”, “top scientists in Russia started more than two decades ago doing serious scientifically tested and documented pyramid research and development. They based their work on Dr. #PatrickFlanagan’s best selling book, Pyramid Power, which disclosed to the world how to use pyramids in the early 1970s. The Russian scientists did indeed unveil a host of astounding, powerful and naturally beneficial healing energies and fields within and around various heights and differently angled pyramid structures that serve new and already known major Earth-changing purposes. ”
#JimOnan’s interest in the theory of “pyramid power” led him to build small pyramids around his home and people realized that when they put their hands above this small pyramid they felt a weird sensation, a vortex of energy coming from the top of the Pyramid. Onan’s son who was a botanist suggested that they should grow plants inside the Pyramid and so they did. Their experiment revealed that plants grew 3 times faster inside the pyramid. #4biddenknowledge @AnnunakiHistory

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I’m reposting cuz I didn’t really find an internet friend that lasted very long last time

so here it goes

I’m Evan, I’m 14 years old, and I’m a transboy. I’m also panromantic and gay. I’m 100% closeted, but planning to come out to a close friend soon.

I love The Sims 3 and The Sims 4, and I watch lots of YouTube. More specifically, danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, and CrankThatFrank. I am most definitely Phan trash.

I love listening to music (and I’m almost always listening to music). I love Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco but my favourite band is My Chemical Romance (Gerard is my smol child okok).

I would very much like an internet friend who’s within one or two years of my age (which, again, is 14). I don’t really care about gender and sexuality and all that. I’d like it if you’re from North America so there’s not much time zone difference (oh did I mention I’m from western Canada?).

I’d like an internet friend who actually continues talking to me after one conversation, and if there’s not much of a time zone difference, I imagine it’d be easier. 

SO! If you are Phan trash and MCR trash and want to talk to this socially awkward internet child right here, I’d prefer talking through DMs on twitter. My twitter is @ Noodlehead72 (yes it’s the one that says Insert Name Here with the llama with the green/turquoise background).

I might not reply if you message me on Tumblr, because I’m often on my personal Tumblr and I’m submitting this on my second one since my friends follow me on my personal. And I’m closeted transgender. And I don’t want them finding this somehow and easily being able to know it’s me.

Hello! My name is Kiera, I’m 16 but about to turn 17, I live in the US. I’m really into art, exploring, space, adventures, politics, feminism, d/Deaf/HoH culture, and the LGBT community (I’m lesbian and have a wonderful girlfriend). Video games are really cool and I enjoy reading. I have a strong love for animals and my goal is to become a veterinarian. I know a little bit of Spanish and I’m almost fluent in ASL! I love to FaceTime and talk all the time, I love sending letters, pictures, bracelets, drawings, etc. I want a friendship that will last and might end up in us meeting! (Gender, religion, race, sexual preference doesn’t matter) 😊

Best ways of contact:
tumblr: @thatawkwardblondie
kik: kieraa.mariee


Also, to my fellow #Pokemon fans in #NorthAmerica, dont forget to claim your free Shiny #Xerneas via the mystery gift on #ORAS or #XY before the 17th! (I nearly forgot as well haha!) #shinypokemon

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Birds of Southern Florida

We saw so many great birds in southern Florida! Here are my favorite pictures.

Brown pelican (at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center)

Barn owl (at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center)

Blue jays (at the Florida Keys Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center)

Brown pelicans in flight (Florida Keys)

Egret (Everglades National Park)

Great blue heron (Everglades National Park)

Little blue heron (Everglades National Park)

Male anhinga (Everglades National Park)

Female anhinga - notice the brown plumage around her neck (Everglades National Park)

Flamingo - a very rare sighting in this part of Florida (Big Cypress National Preserve)

Female anhinga and egret (Big Cypress National Preserve)

Barred owl, spotted in a cypress dome (Everglades National Park)

so I’ve submitted one of these before, but i didn’t post picture before and so i’m gonna be more specific about myself. first off, my names is Alexandra but you can call me Alex or Alexa.i’m about to turn 14 ¾ months. but I’m pretty mature for my age. no I’m totally kidding I am very immature lol. I live in North America.i talk English and Spanish but I really wanna learn more so if you speak another language I’ll be willing to learn! I LOVE CATS. I can be very hyper at some points and I’ll send you random snapchats of me doing the weirdest things. but I can also be a very sad person so I’m sorry about that but it’s a medical condition, I have anxiety, and suffering from depression. I listen to a or of bands! such as, bring me the horizon, sleeping with sirens, pierce the veil, 21 pilots, nevershoutnever, 5sos, etc. I also listen to Jack and Jack,and Shawn Mendes. I love to draw, and love photography, also to longboard.i watch YouTubers, lots of TV shows and yeah. I would really like and Internetfriend boy or girl aye doesn’t,after unless your 19. We could send cute and ugly snaps lol. We can FaceTime or Skype one day. And later on maybe snail mail! I would really like someone I can relate to and I can talk to the 24/7 and call them at random times. I am bisexual so if that’s a problem do not think about messaging me (: there’s other things about me but I think that’s enough (: also I’ll call you dude a lot. Sorry not sorry lol. I ALSO LOVE COFFEE. Okay now, my social medias are,
Kik: aalexxa_20
Instagram; aalexxa_20
Snapchat; aalexxa_20 ((:
Please contact me so we can be the best of friends lol.

Spent the day helping the Friends of Langham Island restore habitat for the endangered endemic Kankakee mallow. Great way to combine pyromania and conservation :)

@sjohnson4888 #KankakeeRiver #kankakeeriverstatepark #illinois #nature #nativeplants #naturelovers #nature_obsession #conservation #restoration #habitat #endemic #endemicplants #northamerica #LanghamIsland #KankakeeMallow #endangeredspecies #rareplants #ecology #controledburn

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