Whistler Train Wreck

As per usual, I discovered this spot through someone’s Instagram site and decided that I needed to check it out! I was really pleased with this hike, the trail was super easy and the views were amazing. The train wreck did not disappoint either, I thought it might just be one or two train cars but there were quite a few. It was definitely a neat spot to explore.

Hello! My name is Dylan. I am 15 years old and I live in the U.S. I am a part of the film department at an art school where I will be starting sophomore year at in the fall.

I am interested in fillmmaking and music. I will be working on a short film this summer and will also be interning at a radio station.

I am currently learning to speak Italian, but would prefer an English-speaking pen pal as that is the only language I am fluent in. I would also prefer to be pen pals with someone my own age, maybe 14 to 17 years old.

You can find me on tumblr

Please feel free to message if you’re interested. Thank you for reading.


Norvan Falls

One thing that I absolutely love doing, but don’t seem to do it enough, is to play around in nature’s refreshing pools when it’s really hot out. I went for a hike with my cousin will she was visiting from Germany, and we were able to have Norvan Falls to ourself for a brief moment and then when all the people arrived we found a quite pool along Lynn Creek.  

Name: Sarah

Age: 19

Where I Live: Canada


I’m a Canadian university student who caught the travel bug when I was sixteen. If I’m not day dreaming about my time abroad, I can usually be found with my nose in a book and a tea in my hand (it’s probably my fourth cup of the day). I adore the books lining my bedroom, indie music, fashion, the arts, and keeping busy. I’ve fallen in love with European culture and history, which is probably why I’m learning French and Danish on the side. My sketchbook can always be found in my bag, scribbles and my favourite quotes adorning its once fresh pages. I know way too much about Harry Potter and currently work at a book shop. I love hearing about other people and where they’re from, their favourite travel spot, favourite tea, etc. 

Perfect Pen Pal:

My perfect pen pal would be someone who loves the simple things in life and traveling. I’m a sucker for good music and someone who loves the little things in life. I’d love to have someone who likes to talk about random things, ranging from politics, to their favourite music groups, to art museums. I’d love to have someone who speaks another language (French or Danish maybe ??) as I’d love to learn about other cultures and I feel like the only way to properly do that id through language. 

You can find me at

Feel free to message me! I’d love to know where you’re from!

Languages I Speak: English (Native), French, and Danish. I can read a little Norwegian and Swedish too!