The Fremont Troll in Seattle Washington. This public art sculpture is located under the north end of the George Washington Memorial Bridge on North 36th Street at Troll Avenue.

There's something odd at North Gower Street

makeyourdeduction pointed out an interesting facial expression of MF in this pic:

It looks as if this could be part of some sort of promo shoot:

(pic by the-gentler-gamster)

But I am very confused by the set decoration!

This is what it looked like on Friday evening, so before they started filming on Saturday:


Can you spot the difference?

There’s a lamp to cover the blue sign left to the door of 221.

And the lamp was still in place when they started filming/rehearsing on Saturday:


And it’s still there in the evening and even lit:


So why the hell did they take the lamp down in the middle of shooting?

And, no, before you get exited (I would though ;-) ), it’s not a clue for a modern-victorian mix. Because the modern “Baker Street” uses a modern lamp to cover the sign.


(And this lamp seems to be set up for the Special as well: you can spot it in the beginning and at the end of the video and in this pic from Sunday)