September Fan Club of the Month

Congratulations to Heffron Drive Carolinas for being selected as the September Fan Club of the Month!

Every month we’ll be featuring a different fan club that’s been hard at work promotingHeffron Drive Kendall Schmidt and TOLbooth Records. Melly has put in a lot of hard work making flyers for her fan club but making sure other clubs have promo items as well! Keep up the great work and even if you don’t live in the Carolinas, still give their page a like because they also hold awesome contests!

More about HD Carolinas

> -Where are you from? Durham NC USA

> -What is your name? Melly

> -Favorite Heffron Drive Song? Passing Time (with or without Logan lol)

> -Favorite Heffron Drive moment? So many great moments, but I think being able to be in Atlanta for the first show od the Happy Mistakes Tour. Sound check was the first time they played Happy Mistakes for a crowd and it was very special.

> -Favorite ways to promote? Word of mouth. Getting to speak to someone for a few minutes about your love of the band and why you are passionate about the music can really spark interest. People get excited when you’re excited! Then I slip them a business card with all the band info so they can explore more on their own.

> -Advice you’d give to other fan clubs? Remember that it’s not about getting recognition FROM the band, it’s about getting recognition FOR the band.


Some of my “Sherlock tour” pictures!

10 Carlton House Terrace (The Diogenes Club)

Criterion Restaurant

Tapas Brindisa Soho Restaurant (Angelo’s)

BBC Broadcasting House

Speedy’s Cafe and 187 North Gower Street

Speedy’s Full English Breakfast (in the forefront), Full Monty and Apple Pie (delicious!)