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New Richmond Genderqueer and Transgender Support Group starting at Fan Free Clinic

The Fan Free Clinic (1010 North Thompson Street, Richmond VA) is starting a weekly support group for people aged 18-30 who identify as transgender, genderqueer, or otherwise outside of the gender binary. The first meeting will be Wednesday, February 24th, from 7-9pm, and it will continue for a minimum of eight weeks.

The group is free, with no RSVP required to attend. Contact Afton Bradley at (804) 358-6343 x143,

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Full name: Jesse Lopez
Nickname: I don’t really have one
Starsign: Capricorn
Gender: Male
Height: 5′11 or something
Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
Favourite colour(s): Black, Red, Blue
Time right now: L8
Current location: The mean street of North Hollywood b
Siblings: I don’t know my whole family but i know i have a little sister and 3 older ones
Pets: can i count my little cousin who lives with us cuz he’s an animal… 
Average hours of sleep: Idk. like sometimes i stay up all night and other days i sleep all day
Lucky number: 5150
Last thing I googled: the last thing i googled was google itself
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1 
Favourite fictional character(s) Everyone from star wars is the best 
Favourite book(s): I can’t get into reading books
Favourite band(s)/artist(s): Feared, Death, Archspire, Nile, Bathory, I’m really digging Disentomb these days, and Circle of Violence cuz i’m in it
Dream job: Pro Musician, Audio Engineer, Music Teacher
What I’m wearing: My Spiritual Healing shirt 
Random fact about yourself: i’m the only the person in the house who has the last name, “Lopez”
Love or Lust: Lust is a sin
Lemonade or Ice Tea: Lemonade
Cats or Dogs: Pugz are the aryan race of dogs
Few Best Friends or Lots of Casual Friends: i barely have any friends right now
Coke or Pepsi: Rootbeer
Day or Night: Night for days
Text or Call: i always text unless if it’s certain people
Makeup or Natural: whatever floats your boat
Ever met a celebrity: I’ve met Alexi Laiho from Children of bodom and the dudes from Archspire and some of the guys from Fallujah
Spoons or Forks: Knife. I only eat with knives cuz i’m trve af b
Truth or Dare: You can’t handle the truth
Pronounce caramel like “Car-a-mel” or “Car-mel”: car-a-mel
Smile or Eyes: i mean both are nice. i don’t really have a preference i guess
Light or Dark Hair: yes
Shorter or Taller: shorter
Intelligence or Appearance: I like both
Chapstick or Lipstick: i mean no one likes having chapped lips
What Colour Shirt are You Wearing: black
Musical Instrument(s) do you Play?: i play bass and guitar in a band. I also play the upright bass. I used to play it in an orchestra. I can also play piano a little 
City or Country: L.A. is all i know
Last Song You Listened To: The Adversary- Thy Art Is Murder 
Last Book You Read: Shit, i don’t even remember
Favourite Old Song: Only TRVE ppl listen to Baroque music. It’s all bout Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor
Favourite TV Show(s): I don’t really watch tv but i watch a lot of stuff on Youtube. I’m all about that raw digital content 
Favourite Animal(s): Pugz 
Interests/Hobbies: Making them fresh hot mixtapes and music 
When did you create your blog?: 2014
Do you have any other blogs?: nah
When did your blog reach it’s peak?:I mean i’m almost at 666 follows. let’s make this happen guys 
Who is your most active follower: Jesus cuz he always be following everything i do. nah but fr tho idk about the most active follower of all time but @f-uchsteufelswild , @black-darkened-soul and @skallenknuse reblog from me a lot and we talk so yea. They the real MVP so thank you guys. ILY doe
What made you decide to get a tumblr? An old friend was like, “make it b” and she made it for me and i started to use it
Do you get asks on a daily basis?: nah
Why did you choose your url?: 2 edgy
Most underrated band/artist: FEARED cuz Ola Englund is brutal af. 
Do you find Death inspiring or de-motivational? I live to die
Is fate real? My fate is write the zestiest beats on the planet b
Which qualities do you admire in a person? Someone who doesn’t get overwhelmed by all the stuff they have to do. Someone who can keep it together you know? but i also like someone who’s entertaining. Like fun to be around and talk to. i also like passionate people
A language you’d like to be fluent in: i already kinda speak Spanish but i wanna be super legit at it. German, Swedish, and French are other languages i’d like to learn
Describe the perfect place to live: MURICA’ well if Bernie Sanders becomes president 
Something you like about the person who tagged you: i’ve never talk to her but she seems cool. I gotta start talking to people tho. Gotta make them friends man
First thing you do when you wake up: Check what time is it
What are your plans for the future? Do something music related for a living and be happy. Don’t have children. live life. Get a pug. Drop a hot mixtape
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years? Hopefully finished with my bachelor’s in Music Education. Maybe my band will go somewhere in the next years idk. Enjoying not having children 
Describe what qualities in look for in a possible relationship (romantic or friendly). i just like someone who i can laugh with. i just want to be able to be comfortable with others 
If you could travel back in time and witness just one event, what event would it be and why? Death’s last performance here at the Whiskey so i can rub it in people’s faces
Questions from @night-witch-of-the-butts:
What is your dream lineup for a festival? Death, Archspire, Feared, The Haunted, Nile, Ne O
Describe your favorite location. There is a bed
What do you do with your free time? I write songs and work on upping my audio production skills and i fuck around on the internet 
The top 5 locations you want to visit?
San Antonio to see @skallenknuse but i’d also like to go to Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Germany

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Public Forum on the Monroe Park Closure and situation of groups providing services to the homeless

Wednesday, February 11th, from 5:30-7:30pm, at the Altria Theater (formerly the Landmark, 6 North Laurel Street, Richmond VA), the City of Richmond is holding a forum. The focus of the forum is what is going to happen in regards to service provision (food and clothes distribution, etc) which usually happens in Monroe Park after the park is closed for renovations. 

Monroe Park is a major gathering place for people who don’t have anywhere else to go during the day, which includes a large contingent of the homeless population- it’s public, has seating, and has bathrooms (though the bathrooms close in the winter, thanks to a campaign from ASWAN and assistance from city council members Agelasto and Newbille, there are currently Port-a-John facilities available). The Monroe Park Conservancy, a private nonprofit which has taken on management of the park in order to do renovations, plans to close the park in its entirety while those improvements happen. A timeline for construction is not yet available, but it will likely take months, during which time the homeless and the organizations that provide services to them will have to find somewhere else to be. 

The position of ASWAN, Richmond’s homeless self-advocacy organization, is that a legal homeless camp should be established while the park is closed. This will give people somewhere relatively safe and central to go, and will also make it much easier to provide services. 


Gang of masked men terrorize refugees in Stockholm

A group of 100 masked men marched throughout central Stockholm on Friday, handing out leaflets saying “It’s enough now” and threatening “north African street children who are roaming around … [with] the punishment they deserve.” According to Reuters, witnesses saw the gang of men attack a number of individuals based on one factor.


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