As of this week I have accepted a position in telemetry at Long Island Jewish Medical Center. It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been looking for a job since September - but it was worth the wait! The North Shore-LIJ healthcare system has a national reputation for their patient outcomes and satisfaction. 

I have to relocate for this job and my start date is in one week, so my life has gone from the slow pace of unemployment to super busy and complicated. I have decided to take a hiatus from this blog for a few weeks until things settle down. 

I wanted to thank all of my followers for their positive feedback - I have loved learning with you and when I come back I’ll have tons of fresh material and a different perspective to share. 

PS - If anyone works at LIJ or lives in the area, let me know! I could use some friends in my new town :)

This is going to shock y'all

but I had a GOOD insurance company experience today. I KNOW, right?

Ok, so, I had a few minutes and it was after 5pm and I was like, “I’m gonna call them and ask this question that’s SURE to give me a disappointing answer because quite honestly, I feel like being angry but I have no specific reason to.” Seriously, this was the thought process. I just felt like I needed a little roar, and I thought, “call insurance company after hours!”

So I call, and they pick up in no shit, under 5 minutes. And I say “hi there, I’m a customer, and I have approximately 1 million questions about my coverage, and I was wondering if you could help me.” See, the plan here is that the guy will just pass me around, put me on hold, 6 people will tell me 9 things and none will help me at all. So, he asks for my number and I give it to him and he says “oh, there you are, ok, let’s see what we can do for you.”

So I tell him the battery is dead on my nebulizer, but it’s from ago and another insurance company gave it to me. He says “ok, here’s a phone number, just have your doctor call this and fax them a prescription and we’ll send you a brand new nebulizer.”

Uh huh. And I’m seeing that doc tomorrow. So, oook. So then I say “ok, so, I started insurance in April, do you happen to know if I re-start from scratch in January, or if it’s April to April.?” Clearly, this guy is in durable goods and won’t know this. He says “Yes, it restarts every calendar year, and as long as you don’t want any changes made to your policy, which has no deductible, then you’ll just automatically renew for the year.”

Uh huh. Ok, ok. But NOW I got him. Ok, so I say “Ok, here’s a tough one. I have your insurance company, clearly, I’m talking to you, but I live all the way out on the East End of Long Island. There’s not a lot of providers out here. I’ve now seen three doctors in the past two weeks who insist that I HAVE to be seen by a psychiatrist and a therapist, so, how does that work? I mean, it’s an hour and a half each way if I have to go see a doc out in queens, and on a regular basis, that’s difficult, so, is there some kind of out of network coverage, do you do online therapy? What’s that about?”

“Well,” he says, “we don’t currently cover online therapy” and I’m READY FOR FURY! “but, what we have is something called a "single case agreement process.” Huh? “What that means is you find a doctor you like, and you have them call us and we sign a single case agreement process which means that because there’s no one in your area currently, we’ll pay them as though they were in network until we do get coverage in your area. You just find the doctor you want and have them call us to arrange it.”

Um, um. Uh.

Thank you?

“Is there anything else I can help you with, today?” says the ghost of awesome insurance future.

No, um, no. Thank you though. Thank you very much. You guys, um, rule?

“Well, we’re very glad to be of service!” he says.

And that’s how I started telling everyone ever that North Shore LIJ Care Connect IS THE SHIT WHEN IT COMES TO INSURANCE. Rock the fuck ON, bitches.

i seriously love my job so much. summer hours start on tuesday which means if i decide to take a half hour lunch instead of an hour, i can leave at 2 on fridays (instead of 4)

and i joined the “club” called Sunshine and its so cute. they go around doing nice things for other coworkers like throwing surprise baby showers and decorating your desk for your birthday and having ice cream parties when the floor meets goals and stuff and ugh. i just love it.

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Among the losing bidders was North Shore-LIJ Health System, which had partnered with a Colorado-based cannabis company to form Silverpeak … Colorado MMJ

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