PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! Let there be a Rise of The Guardians 2… and 3…. maybe 4 as well, might as well add Rise of the Guardians 5. 


“It’s ok Pitch, keep it together. You’re going to be their boss someday!”


Tried to find if this had been done and didn’t see anything. I’m hereby naming this version Rise of the Delinquents ROTD if I do any other art of it.

Full Tonight

The moon is full tonight…so I went outside with my dog and greeted Manny cheerfully. I asked him how Jack, Jamie, and the others were…he didn’t answer. ^^ That’s okay though because he usually doesn’t so what’s new right? Too many mosquitoes are out or I would have stayed with Manny longer. But all the same it’s a full moon so I greeted Manny.

A Good Clear Look (gen)(2/10)|?

Original Prompt:

There are a LOT of MtF Jack fics out there but no one seems to be addressing the idea of FtM Jack (which is more plausible to me since he’s just so distinctly male in his body language, I can’t unsee it despite my best efforts).

So what I’d like is for Jack to still be the same Jack we know and love, except there’s the issue that his female body parts don’t exactly line up with the fact that he knows he should have male bits. He’s androgynous enough to physically pass as male, but at some point one of the Guardians finds out about Jack’s past as a human female and how those physical female traits unfortunately carried over into the next life.

It doesn’t need to have any romance (though I’m partial to Jack/Jamie and Bunny/Jack) but you can do what you’d like with pairings. If you choose to pair him off I want there to be serious discussion about Jack’s body and he needs to be very clear about the fact that he does not want to be seen as a woman, especially during sex.

Bonus: North is the awkward father figure trying to come to terms with Jack’s secret, and he does a great job at being supportive despite initial confusion.

Extra bonus: If there’s a serious discussion about binding, and how Jack learned the hard way that there is such a thing as binding too tight (and he has the scars to prove it).

Weirdly enough, I could have re-used a line from one of my recent fics in this fill, but it would have been extremely morbid so I steered the conversation in another direction.

The body Jack got after he died still has parts he doesn’t want. That’s not what anyone would have suspected.

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growing up alone in her room, Elsa found comfort in stories of a magical village in eastern Siberia, Santoff Clausen, where magic was an everyday occurrence.

Many Years later, not long after the battle of earth`s core, Pitch attacked arendelle, sensing elsa`s power and how her emotions affected it. Pitch cast the spell of enslavement over the entire castle, including anna, kristoff,  and Sven.  Elsa fled her kingdom and struggled in her journey. until she was rescued by a spectral boy. who took her to santoff Clausen. the village she`d dreamed of as a child. Elsa met everyone in the village, forming a close friendship with Katherine, whom reminded the snow queen of Anna. Elsa also bonded with north, and eventually fell in love with him. she confessed this to Katherine one day and the girl told her to tell north how she felt. As luck would have it, north felt the exact same way. Man in the Moon made elsa Immortal and chose her as the guardian of love.

A century and a half later, Elsa gave birth to a baby boy, he had whiteish hair like his mother and blue eyes like his father. they named him….. JACK (come on, please don’t tell me you didn’t see that coming)

Jack aged normally until he was seventeen, Jack was wild and carefree, but his powers were unstable as he hadn’t fully learned how to control them. this fact inadvertently led to the blizzard of `68 and north and bunny`s somewhat fractured friendship.

Once Jack had been around for three hundred years, he was chosen as a guardian upon pitch`s return. but, what had once been his biggest dream was now the thing the boy wanted least in the world due to some self-esteem issues (no doubt caused by bunny yelling at him all the time)

Once pitch was defeated, Jack finally took the oath. Elsa stood by north`s side as their son spoke with Jamie Bennett (do you stop believing in the moon when the sun comes up?)

while Jack hugs Jamie, Olaf sneaks up behind tooth and greets her, she`s surprised and kicks his head off, it lands straight in bunny`s arms. the pooka tosses it back to tooth and a game of freezing potato occurs. Elsa is surprised when she sees her former friend

(Elsa: Olaf?

Olaf: you built me? remember?

Elsa yes i remember, after all this time, you`re still alive?

Olaf: I think so)

Elsa then introduces Olaf to the guardians and her family, Olaf dubs jack his “Little brother"

The end.

North Headcanon

Headcanon that North is a horrible cook and once a year he invites all of the Guardians over for a special dinner he’s made and they all pretend to eat it and say it’s great. But Jack doesn’t know about it at first so when he comes he actually eats it and excuses himself and scrambles to the bathroom to save his poor stomach.

Ticklish (Pitch/Sandy)(2/1)|?

Original Prompt:

Jack finds out somehow that Pitch is *insanely* ticklish. When he finds out from MiM that it’s a way to possibly bring back Kozmotis Pitchiner, there’s only one thing to do: Anyone who comes across him must tickle the fuck out of him until he can’t move. And one by one, the shadows that possess Pitch disappear, and his memories return.

+ if bondage of any sort is used (because let’s face it, when you’re being tickled, you just want to get away. And we can’t have that with Pitch just yet o3o)

In this version of the story, it’s not actually definitive that Pitch was someone else before being the Boogeyman. The moon thinks so, but this is firmly movieverse (with a bit of Rufftoon’s comics). 

But this story is actually more about blacksand being a very poorly kept secret and everyone being kind of uncomfortable about it. (Except Sandy.)

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Chapter 23--She's Baaaaack

Ari’s POV

I heard Emma’s voice from downstairs, so maybe she came back willingly. Footsteps were heard very faintly from afar.

“Emma? I’m in here,” I called.

The footsteps quickened, and I saw a single vine slither in through the doorway. I was confused why a vine would be in here, but I was too late to react. The vine strapped me down, laying itself across my stomach and almost choking me. Another vine wrapped itself around my neck, and I frantically tried to free at least one arm so I could get the vine off, but another vine went across me and tied me down. Then came in Emma, who shut the door behind her and had a vine secure the knob as she locked the door.

“Emma! What are you doing?!”

“Uuuggghhh! Everyone asks the same question!” the red head complained. Then her eyes fell to my cast.

I was quick to figure a few things out. “You’re with Pitch?! How could you be so stupid!?”

“SSSHH!!” Emma walked calmly to me, and I bared my teeth as I struggled to free myself. Then she looked around. “It’s just us two, isn’t it?” Her tone carried some mischief.

“Unless Casper’s somehow in here then yes. It is.”

In thought, Emma placed a hand on her right hip as she leaned on her hip. With a flick of her wrist the vines slipped away, and I sat up and blasted her into one of the icy walls.

“I may be a little handicapped but that doesn’t mean I can’t fight.”

The leprechaun grumbled something under her breath as she picked herself up. “Look here, lassie, I’ve got something to—”

“AAAAAHHH!” I shot another wave at her only for her to roll away, a chair breaking instead of her.

“Muse, hear me right now!” Emma then thrust her left hand forward to send vines shooting towards me and tying me down.

With yells and grunts I yanked and pulled against the vines, my headphones slipping from my head. A few locks of hair went in my face but I blew them away.

“It’s me, lass! I’m not evil er anythin’.”

I stopped struggling. “What?”

“I never really turned. Ah was playin’ him the whole tyme.”

I lowered my head a bit and raised an eyebrow.

“All right not the whole time. Ah stopped sidin’ with him once the man locked Tooth up.”


“SSHHH! Pipe down!”

I huffed in annoyance.

“Yes, ah did.” Emma then gripped the hem of her skirt at the sides. “Ah dinna mean fer it to go this far. An’ fer that I apologize. Aye … also want to say ahm sorry fer pickin’ fight with ye. That was wrong.”

I blinked. “That’s all fine and dandy but could you free me here first?”

“Ah. Right.” Emma flicked her wrist and dismissed the vines a second time.

“I should really be  the one apologizing here.” I rubbed my right arm. “I’m the one who picked the fights. I’m sorry for everything I did to you. And I’m sorry for yelling at you.”

Emma smiled at me, and we both hugged.

“Ah also have a few surprised fer ya,” she said.

I let go. “Okaaaay, what?”

Emma pulled out the vial that was on her belt and uncorked it. She let two drops fall onto my knee, the first one seeping into my skin and the other traveling down my leg.

“Question—what was that?”

“It’s water from a river behind my house in Ireland. It has magical properties, but I’ve never tested them on human flesh before, so maybe give your leg and knee a couple of hours, a day at the most.”

I smiled a bit. “That’s pretty interesting.” My smile quickly faded. “My leg better not fall off.”

“It won’t.” Emma then put the vial back onto her belt.

“So uh, what’s the other thing?”

“Jack’s alive.”

Everything in the world seemed to stop when she said those two words.

“He … he’s what?” I said, barely audible.

“Ah don’t have time to explain. Pitch might be on to me at any moment.”

“But … but where is he? Is he okay?”

“He’s fine. I think.”

My mind exploded. “You think?

“Ah sent the lad to Antarctica still in his cage.”


“Ah told ye—”

“I meant where in that continent.”

“In a ditch.”

“Where’s his staff?”


“All right fine, calm down, but—”

I was cut off by squeaking heard from outside, and the both of us looked to see Baby Tooth pass through the window, a frantic expression on her face. When she saw Emma she immediately went for her hair and yanked at it.

“Baby Tooth it’s okay! She’s with us now,” I said quickly.

Angry squeaking was my only response.

“Uh, I have no idea what you said but whatever happened she’s sorry. Right?”

“Yes! Now can ye tell her to let go of my hair?!” Emma exclaimed.

“Uh you heard her. Let go.”

Reluctantly Baby Tooth let go.

“Ah think ah know why she’s here,” Emma said as she rubbed the back of her head.


“She’s come to warn us, mainly you, that Tooth’s been captured by the Monkey Army.”

I just started at the two of them, Baby Tooth violently gesturing to Emma. “Wait, so—”

“Again, dinna have tyme fer details! Now go save Jack!” Emma snapped her fingers to have the vine unlock the door and open it. “Baby Tooth, ye need ta warn the Sandman. He’s in the Globe Room.  And tell one of the yetis North’s locked in a room down the hall. Ah need to ‘report back’.”

Baby Tooth darted out the door as Emma turned to me.

“I, have a plan.”

I Have Big Eyes

This is a rare thing for me to post this many on a single day, but who cares? It’s my blog, I can do what I want…It’s my blog, I can say what I want…It’s my blog, I can..uhm…quote who I want? 

*cue Miley*

Oh yeah, I’m into gifs now. Lol.

Anyhoo, I was watching re-watching the trés adorable and too real, Rise of the Guardians when I remembered the several comments I’ve received from my friends about my eyes which are apparently “too big”. I want to thank North because now I know what to say when my dear friends throw shade at my eyes the next time we hang out. Let me quote him here:

Jack: You have big eyes…

North: Yes! Big eyes, very big, because they are full of wonder. That is my center. It is what I was born with, eyes that have only seen the wonder in everything! Eyes that see lights in the trees and magic in the air. This wonder is what I put into the world, and what I protect in children. It is what makes me a guardian. It is my center, what is yours?

That’s right, bitches. I have eyes that have only seen the wonder in everything! 👀

I still love you guys, don’t worry. Hugs.