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Guide to St. Patrick's Day activities throughout Kansas City metro area

Guide to St. Patrick’s Day activities throughout Kansas City metro area

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The number of Irishman increases in Kansas City as St. Patrick’s Day approaches. Celebrating the snake chasing saint is so popular throughout the Kansas City area, that the parties and parades take up the entire weekend and spill over into Tuesday. Here’s a roundup of Kansas City’s St. Patrick’s Day events.

Here is a list of the St. Patrick’s Day events in Kansas City:

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So I was repairing an old issue of North Western Druggist at the science library today when I saw this ad, and, because I am a mature adult, I photocopied it so I could show people and giggle about it.

It’s for Dean’s Peacocks Reservoir End Prophylactics. Unique Health Feature and Fine Quality Make Peacocks Profit-Building Leaders in any Drug Store.

And then there’s a picture of the package, which I believe was a tin, next to what appears to be one forest ranger (either because peacocks live in national parks or because all forest rangers are gay (kidding!)) telling another about how great these condoms are.

For more volume and profit, sell Peacocks packed in dozens
There’s a Peacock Prophylactic for every demand. Sold through Drug Stores ONLY

Dean’s Peacocks were (past-tense assumed) made by Dean Rubber MFG CO in North Kansas City, MO. 

So that was probably the highlight of my morning.

Front Office Assistant - North Kansas City Health Center

We are currently seeking a Full- Time Front office Assistant for our North Kansas City Health Center. The Clinic Assistant will participate in a team approach to patient care, working cooperatively with others to achieve productivity standards and exceptional customer service. 

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Casino Review: Harrah’s North Kansas City

Summary: A quaint property just north of Kansas City, Harrah’s features 1,500 slots, over 300 hotel rooms, four food outlets, and an impressive meeting room area. I seemed to be visiting at a bad time, as multiple areas were under construction, but was pleasantly greeted by almost everyone I walked past. Overall, Harrah’s North Kansas City, a Caesars Entertainment casino, has an adorable set up that is very appealing to senior citizens.

3 stars out of 5


In the interest of full disclosure I would like to mention that I am a former employee of Caesars Entertainment, having worked at their Horseshoe Hammond casino for the past two years. At the end of this road trip I hope to be rehired by them in Las Vegas. I like to think my experience has enhanced this review, as I was more able to appreciate that almost everyone greeted everyone, whereas I wasn’t really paying attention to that at the other casinos I’ve been too. I consider Caesars to be the standard when it comes to gambling, so I was interested in seeing if HNKC lived up to that ideal. 

Driving in you immediately see a well-kept grounds and a majestic clock tower. I parked in the casino parking lot and walked in through the second floor entrance, which was much less impressive than the alternate one for the hotel guests on the first floor (featured above. Click to see larger photos.)

There are only 1,500 slot machines on two floors, but the design and layout makes the space feel much larger. I was surprised when I learned the exact number as I had been estimating 2,000+ in my head. Their slot selection is neither new nor old; nothing stood out to me as unique or outdated. 

The table game selection was limited and located to strictly the first floor. I was surprised that they had a Poker room, but glancing inside it looked almost temporary, like a banquet room that happened to be housing poker tables at the moment. Still, having a poker room is better than not. As such, they lacked an Asian gaming area, though; I don’t think having one would make much of a difference. The Harrah’s brand strikes me more as a baby boomer gambling experience.

I was pleased to see both a VIP table and slot area, important amenities to include at any casino that seem to be forgotten by most. However, the Diamond Lounge (a VIP dining area) was closed an under construction for my visit. I hope they will be replacing the outdated Diamond Rewards logo. I was confused to see it there in the first place as the Total Rewards brand received a makeover about 2 years ago.

I was impressed by the Total Rewards counter design, though confused at its setup. There is a line dedicated to Diamond and Seven Stars players, but nowhere for other gamblers to line up. After talking to the Total Rewards representative a large group of people came up the counter and sort of mobbed her for her attention. It made me appreciate queues.

A quick walk through of the rest of the property showed me Harrah’s food options (a cute coffee shop and a buffet simply called ‘The Buffet’), the hotel area (small, but open), and a banquet area (that was hosting a merchandise convention). I was impressed by the set up.

Finally, throughout this entire visit I was consistently greeted by employees I walked past. A few employees were in their own little worlds, but almost all employees paused what they were doing to say hello. Two stands outs were Tiffany at the front desk, and Joy in the gift shop.

Overall, Harrah’s North Kansas City neither over nor underwhelmed me. It is a fitting experience for the area and the types of gamblers they attract. I find the Harrah’s brand to be less of a gambling focus and more of a vacation experience, and this location upheld that standard. 

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