North-Chinese Leopard by Marony Photography


Leopard by Cloudtail the Snow Leopard
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A picture from a leopard.

This is a North Chinese Leopard, the third rarest cat in the world. These leopards are found in China. It’s range extends from Sichaun in southern China, north to Beijing. Their fragmented population are found mostly in isolated mountain ranges. 

It is estimated there are approximately 2500 remaining in the wild, and there are fewer than 100 in captivity.

(Photograph by: Sue Demetriou)

North Chinese Leopard
Panthera pardus japonensis

The north chinese leopard is a subspecies of leopard native to Northern China. Like most Asian subspecies it is classed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Its prey base consists of deer and wild boar, but like any leopard it will eat almost anything it can catch including birds, rodents and even insects.

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