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Collage House in London

Transformation of a 19th Century steel fabricator’s workshop in North London into a family home by Jonathan Tuckey Design. From the street a protruding box entrance gives no clue as to what lies beyond the narrow street frontage. But as you move through the house it unravels bit by bit to reveal a surprising variety of spaces arranged around a courtyard garden which was created by demolishing one of the original buildings on the site.

We used simple and everyday materials in order to rejuvenate the character of the building. We enjoyed discovering what was necessary to ‘domesticate’ an existing industrial building while keeping enough of what is original to ‘ground’ the new home in its context.

Ok. Lets look at how impressive this place is.

For one, North’s workshop is literally built into this giant glacier. It’s not just placed on top of it, most of it is underneath that ice and built in and around it. It must have been extremely difficult to build this place.

Look at that bridge. It weaves out of one giant cave and into another. How hard do you think that was to build? I mean, it just hangs over nothingness. It must have been very dangerous to put it all together.

Remember the tunnels that end in that ramp for the reindeer? Those tunnels are long and intricate, and were probably carved out more than they were to allow the sleigh to get through.

The workshop itself is huge, inside and outside. There are so many different parts of it, the most impressive obviously being the main dome where the globe is located inside. There’s even an opening cut out in the main done for The Man in the Moon to see the globe.

There are outposts built in the surrounding glaciers, probably connected to the main building by creating massive in-glacier tunnels to access it.

Now, I love how you can see the dull lights shining through the glacier near the bottom there. That’s the middle and bottom floors, where most of the work is done by the workers.

Who knows exactly how far down it goes; the glacier is hiding so much of this impressive structure.

This is one of my favorite locations, just because of how much work was obviously put into it.

Frozen Love (Jack Frost x Reader) Part IX

Immediately throwing her arms around her long time lover, (Y/N) felt tears quickly flood her vision as she clung on the frost spirit. Jack feeling relieved she accepted him, wrapped his arms around her figure, a bright smile on his face.

After all those years spent apart and not knowing, the feeling of her being in his arms was perfect. He didn’t want to let go anytime soon. Judging by the way she was hugging him, she felt the same.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Jack whispered soothingly into her ear, stroking her hair. “I’m here now. I’m not letting you disappear on me like that ever again, okay?”

“Okay…” was the muffled replied that came from his shoulder.

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Two weeks ago I taught a workshop with North Avenue Knowledge Exchange called Tarot For Healing. We had a powerful discussion about Tarot as a tool for personal and community healing. As a group we created this Tarot spread to rebuild and revive. I am sharing it here with permission. Give this spread a try by yourself or with a group. We pulled very meaningful cards which encouraged us to fight and get angry about injustice. If you would like to share your results I would love to see. Thanks to those who joined for this event.

Tarot For Healing Spread

a spread to shine light on the shadow trauma casts and to illuminate how to heal

read for yourself or as a group

3 Areas of Exploration: Personal, Community and Systemic

Personal: Guidance for you as an individual and your healing.

Card #1: Path To Unblock: How the individual can start the healing process. What stands in the way of healing. How to remove the blocks that block the healing path.

Card #2: Inner Resources: What resources the individual has within themselves to aid the healing process. The gifts, energies and strengths the individual innately possesses.  

Card #3: Energies To Bring In: What energies the individual can bring into their life in order to heal. Energies that are available in the current environment that will help in the journey towards healing.

Community: Insight for your community, your family, friends, and all the folks you interact with in your life. This is for your group, your city, your circle.

Card #4: Imprint On Others: How you affect your community. What imprint you make on your community. What imprint your community makes on the world as a whole. How trauma and the effort to heal changes your community.

Card #5: Cause: The cause of trauma in your community.

Card #6: Effect: The effect of trauma on your community.

Systemic: Illuminating how healing can be achieved within larger systems and how these systems perpetuate trauma.

Card #7: Identifying Trauma: What trauma is caused by the overall system, i.e. government, law, institutions, etc.

Card #8: How To Cope: How individuals and communities can cope with systemic trauma.

Card #9: Interventions: What actions can be taken to change the systems that cause trauma to bring healing, justice and peace.

Frozen Love (Jack Frost x Reader) Part I

“Snow day!” Jack cheered, soaring across the blue sky with the wind.

With a wave of his staff, snowflakes and frost were sent scattered around the city, leaving everything with his frosty tread mark. He grinned, seeing kids playing in the snow.

That was definitely his favourite part about being a guardian, seeing the kids enjoy his work.

Waving to the few who could see him, he took off again, ready to spread of more of his snowy talent. Flying across the horizon, the late night sky held a chilling air that barely affected the Guardian of Fun.

Creating a light snow fall across the busy city, he landed back onto a rooftop to admire his work.

“Perfect,” he said, nodding approvingly.

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Spotting the warning signs (video)

The Federal Government has announced funding for suicide prevention training on the North Coast.

Workshops will be held to help health professionals and members of the public learn to spot the warning signs.