north's sleigh

Rise of the Guardians: E. Aster Bunnymund [ISTJ]


Introverted Sensing (Si): Bunny loves to do things his way and is reluctant to try new ones. The best example is when he very much prefers to use his tunnels instead of North’s sleigh for traveling, no matter how much everyone loves it. He also takes rules and plans very seriously and at first isn’t willing to let Jack Frost, someone he knows does nothing to protect or help the kids, become a guardian, nor anyone else for that matter, he thinks they don’t need help to defeat Pitch, since they already did once just the four of them. He still remembers the last time he saw Jack in the blizzard of ‘68 and still is mad at him for that encounter. He’s also very attuned to nature.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Bunny has the whole Easter day planned, is very busy working on the many eggs he’s got to make for that day and of course initially very annoyed for North’s lack of consideration when he called them to go to the North Pole. He’s also very good at fast thinking, as showed in the tooth hunt scene and extremely dedicated to protecting children and working on his holiday.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Bunny doesn’t usually show his soft side and is initially very hostile to Jack (though as Jack says: “Awww, you do care”) but after they work on Easter together, he warms up to him. He also starts taking quite a liking to Sophie after Jack sparks that snowflake on him and seems to like to look after and spend time with her.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): It takes him a while to open up but he does when he sees new alternatives will be useful and trustworthy. Despite doubting Jack when he betrayed them on Easter Day by going to see Pitch and getting his memories, Jack rearns Bunny’s trust once he learns he made Jamie believe in him again. Also, he later admits the sleigh isn’t as bad and that everyone loves it indeed.

Note: I know I haven’t typed a character since Christmas (sorry for being a terrible co-mod, Charity), so I thought I’d do the same again for Easter as a tribute to both Bunny and the holidays. Happy Easter everyone!

Chapter 20

Ari’s POV

I soared out of the hole and surfed as fast I could to the Pole. As I did, the world seemed a bit dimmer (and not because it was night). I flew through the window and landed in front of the globe. A couple yetis looked up at me but Phil looked at me, continued his work, and then slowly turned his head to me. I looked around the workshop. Where is everyone?

“Um does anyone know where the Guardians are?” I asked.

“Ooh yarg ga na,” Phil said.

“I’m sorry what?” He rolled his eyes, pulled out a piece of paper and pencil, and started to write. After a few moments he handed the paper to me. It read:

They went to look for you. They thought Pitch had you.

“Well he kinda did.” Phil widened his eyes, and I got his message. “You don’t think …” He nodded. Someone whistled from behind me and I turned to see a yeti pointing at the globe. I surfed over to it and hovered above it. Very few lights were on the globe, and those lights were near each other in the Burgess area. Then there was only one light left. I had to find that kid before Pitch could get to them, but what about the others?

Motion to my right caused me to turn my head to see Phil waving a sign back and forth that said “Go find Jamie!”

“What about the others?” The sign still moved. I sighed. “All right.” I then took off to Burgess. As I traveled there I thought about how this happened months ago. Toothy had told me the same thing happened, but at the time I didn’t know or notice. I soon was at Burgess and found Jamie’s bedroom window. He was asleep, but he was having a nightmare. If Jamie wasn’t the last light, then who was?

Then something told me that I knew exactly who, and this wasn’t my logic talking—it was someone else’s. Following this unknown gut feeling, I surfed off and found myself at Pipa’s bedroom window. She was still awake, and she was just staring at the ceiling, half her blanket on the floor. I pushed open the window a crack as I heard her talking to herself.

“I can’t believe Jamie thought I was crazy when I suggested that we look for that muse girl earlier today. Usually he would’ve agreed right off the bat,” Pipa said. “Maybe something’s wrong with him. I mean, there was definitely something wrong with him when he said that the Easter Bunny and Sandman were myths. He clearly didn’t remember what happened months ago, and everyone else agreed with him.” I opened the window a bit more as Pipa sighed in frustration. She paused. “What if they’re right?”

No don’t think that, I thought. I scoffed to myself and started to think. I have to do something, but what? I then remembered what I did to protect her from Pitch. Maybe that could just make a difference.

I slipped into the room and concentrated on any sound waves around here. A couple blocks away I heard an adult listening to classical music to relax, so I focused on that as I formed soft-looking sound waves that had a teal and lilac hue. Pipa sat up, and her eyes lit up. The waves then produced the relaxing sound of waves crashing on the shore, and the music notes that were inside slipped out and floated around the room and around her. I smiled as she reached her hand out to touch one, and it shimmered on contact. As the notes faded away one floated right in front of her, and she looked surprised.

“The Muse,” Pipa muttered, and her eyes went on me. She gasped, and I blinked. 

“Can you see me?” I asked, just to make sure.

“Yeah …”

I moved to my right, and she watched me all bug-eyed. I started to smile. “Oh my … this is … wow. I can’t believe this is happening! You actually see me!”

“Wow … So you’re the Muse.”

“Yeah! Ahem, I mean, yeah. You can uh, call me Ari.”

Pipa smirked. “Can I ask you something?” All I did was smile like an idiot, a happy one. “Are they real?”

“Yes, yes they are! All of them are! Every one of them!”

Pipa’s smirk turned into a huge grin.“Hah, I knew it!” Then realization came across me, and she noticed my facial expression change. “What’s wrong?”

“The Guardians are in trouble.”


“Pitch has them.”


“I’ll explain later, but you have to come with me.” I held out my hand and she took it, and we surfed out the window.

“Doesn’t that mean we’re going to his …” She looked scared. I looked at her.

“You’ll be alright. You just … have to be brave.”

Pipa straightened up. “I’ll try.”

We landed in front of Pitch’s bed, North’s sleigh there without the reindeer.

“You ready?” Pipa nodded. “No matter what happens, stay with me.” On that note we jumped down the hole. Pipa looked like a cross between disgusted and annoyed.

“This place is creepy, and a dump.”

“Yeah, no kidding.” I heard some movement in the cages, and I whipped around ready to punch someone when I saw that it was just Sandy. “Sandy!” 

He had his wrists tied behind him and he looked a little duller than usual. He pointed at Pipa with his foot and formed a globe and a light bulb above his head slowly. I nodded. “Where are the others?” Sandy shrugged. Then a whole bunch of signs went up, but they slowed down. “Easy there, I’ll answer questions later. Pipa, keep watch while I free Sandy.”

I hovered up to Sandy’s cage and tried to cut the lock with a little sound wave knife. Sandy spelled out Pipa’s name, formed an eye, and then formed the letter “U.” I nodded, and he smiled as if to congratulate me. I tried to cut faster and harder, feeling a dark presence all around. “It’s not cutting.”

“Uhh, Ari?” Pipa warned. I turned around to see Pitch there, a gasp escaping my lips. In one quick movement I snatched Pipa away from his grasp and behind me.

“A very interesting escape you performed, Muse, and it was rather stupid of you to bring the last light down here,” Pitch said, his eyes completely gold. Pipa held my arm a bit as I heard Sandy try to break out from behind me.

“Where are they?” I demanded.

“Far from you.” Then, I had a crazy idea.