north's nesting doll



From the 9th to the 15th of July we are celebrating SweetTooth Week :D

The topic for this year are…onions… no wait…layers

Like the nesting doll North shows Jack, we’re going to dwelve on what makes sweettooth so darn special, the aspects that brought them together.

These are the topics for each day:

Day 1: Protective
Day 2: Flirty
Day 3: Stubborn
Day 4: Forgiving
Day 5: Hurt/Damaged
Day 6: Understanding
Day 7: Equals

All entries are welcome and we encourage you to participate. Let’s make this year’s week super special, we need your help to make this ship even better ;)

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Dear Rise of the Guardians fandom, Please read and reblog! <3

I’m moving out soon and thought I should find a new home for all the rotg things I’ve collected.

If you’re interested in buying, just send me a message here or mail me at! Tell me your country and I’ll let you know how much the postage will be. I accept Paypal.

Thank you so much I appreciate it! ^_^

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EDIT 18th March few items sold, there is still plenty!

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