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‘Directors Cut’ is an ongoing series of portraits by Matt Needle @needledesign part of a series of limited edition prints based upon the works of his favourite movie directors.

A3 (297 x 420 mm)
A2 (420 x 594 mm)
high quality digital Matte prints on 280gsm paper in limited editions of 50 (in each size) for £25 (A3) and £37 (A2) each.

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will u tell me a story

“You can’t just ride a bear,” she said.  “It’s not built for transportation.”

I looked at her cowardly face.  “That’s loser talk,” I said.

She was a bit offended but I didn’t care.  I was going to ride that grizzly bear and I was going to do it today.

“Give me the lasso out of the bag,” I ordered.

“No… please, don’t do this.”

“That’s loser talk,” I said as I ripped the backpack out of her hands. 

The rope was thick and the lasso was heavy, but I had spent every waking hour of my life preparing for this day.  A heavy rope wasn’t going to stop me.

“What if it bites you?” she protested. 

But I wouldn’t listen.  This was my destiny; this was my fate.  I slowly approached the grizzly, rope in hand, my fingers ready to strike. 

I knew it could sense I was coming.  It turned, sniffed the air, and rose up on its hind legs.  He was towering, about a foot taller than me, and had thick brown fur shielding him from the cold.  I only had my $240 North Face jacket.

“Let’s go.  You and me.  It’s game time, you dumb bear,” I taunted. 

He slowly turned to face me.  Our eyes met, and he had a twinkle in his eye that looked like a diamond.  It was kind of cute for a bear. 

I readied my lasso.  The time was right.  The wind was settled and the air was clear.  It was now or never. 

But I couldn’t do it.  It was something about the way he tilted his head and stared at me—a sort of innocence and fragility that I had scarcely seen before.  I just couldn’t bring myself to tame such a wild beast.

“I can’t do it…. I can’t fight you, bear,” I shouted in tears.

“That’s loser talk,” said the bear.

Just watched a lady pay with food stamps at the grocery store. She was wearing a very nice North Face coat that I can’t afford. Thanks again Obama.

Found this gem on facebook. I don’t think people understand, it was just Christmas and people get gifts. But no, if you’re poor, you’re not allowed to have a North Face jacket because it might make someone else jealous. There should be a law that if you get a good gift that might make someone jealous and you also receive food stamps, that gift should be revoked by the government immediately and then given to said jealous person because how dare youuuuuu.

And if you dare save up for something expensive you should be allowed to buy it but then you are only allowed to give it to the jealous person who doesn’t receive food stamps. 

But seriously, what is with people making automatic assumptions. “How dare you have your nails done if you’re poor!” “How dare you have a smart phone if you’re poor!” There is a certain standard that people have for those less fortunate. You must dress in squalor and if you dare dress nicely you’re feeding off the system and Obama should be ashamed. 

So I said, “I think in these types of situation it’s best not to assume something about a person you don’t know but instead be grateful that you don’t have to be one at the store in a North Face jacket given to you by your aunt or someone nice being judged because you don’t look poor enough.”

You don’t see poor people doing the opposite. “OMG she can’t even afford a North Face jacket yet she’s buying food. SMDH.”