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Mallow Castle, County Cork, Ireland

Mallow Castle is a 33-acre site composed of gardens and parkland on which three buildings sit: the remains of a 16th-century fortified house (pictured above), a 19th-century mansion to the north, and the ruins of a 13th-century castle to the east. The fortified house is a long rectangular three-storey building, with two polygonal towers on the north-west and south-west corners. It is early Jacobean in style, featuring high gables, stepped battlements, and mullioned windows. The wings of the house project from the center of the south and north walls, with the entrance in the north wing. The design of the house was to provide a field of fire around it entirely.

The 16th-century  fortified house is believed to have been built by Sir Thomas Norreys before his death in 1599. Following his death, his niece Elizabeth and her husband Sir John Jephson inherited the house, with their family remaining in Mallow for almost 400 years. It was placed under siege by Richard Butler, Lord Mountgarret, in 1642 during the Irish Confederate Wars and did not fall. It was captured in 1645 by James Tuchet, Lord Castlehaven. The house was badly damaged by fire during the Williamite War and subsequently abandoned by the Jephsons. The Jephsons built the new mansion house on the site of the older castle’s stable block.

All my OTHER wings of fire ocs! Payara is the only one not shown but w/e.

-Top left is North Star, an Ice/Night hybrid. She’s very Ice passing as u can see. Kinda just looks like a runt Icewing when her wings are folded. She does have the stars on her underside in a sunrise color. I may give her subtle nightwing abilities as well, since she can’t breathe ice or fire.
-Top right is Astralsight, a regular ol Nightwing gal and my first wof oc. She doesn’t have any mind abilities, but she’s pretty physically strong for her age.
-Bottom left is Mudcrab, regular Mudwing. I might make him an outcast from the rest of his clutch. He’s probably the former bigwings.
-And the last one is a normal Rainwing named Jacaranda. He’s an assassin for Payara and kills with disturbing stealth and apathy, but that’s all for a price. Payara pays him very well and he lives in luxury when he’s not on a job.

I’ll develop them all more in the future but these are just quick descriptions for now to go with the art

#2 Dylan Larkin

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i love your writing so much, your imagines are so good! could you possibly do a really cute dylan larkin imagine about him coming home after a road trip?

I haven’t really done a getting together one in a while tbh.

Song suggestion of the day: Suicide Saturday by Hippo campus (esp the acoustic version i’ve been listening to it a lot)

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‘Stop whining, I’ll be home tomorrow.’

You rolled your eyes at the text as it flashed up on your phone screen. God, he was insufferable even on the other side of the country. You’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss him, but there was no way you were going to tell him that. 

‘Are you at home still, don’t you have somewhere to be?’

Refraining from rolling your eyes again, you typed up your response. ‘I’m already out. What are you, my babysitter?’

‘Well it feels like it sometimes.’

‘Don’t be rude, you’re the one who wanted me to live with you.’ You scoffed

‘Yeah, to keep an eye on you.’

‘And because you don’t know how to do anything for yourself.’

He didn’t reply after that, making you smother your laughter with a cough. You were spending your afternoon at the local cafe with a coffee and one of the books you had as assigned reading. You were actually supposed to be going on a date at the same place but you decided to get there a little early to get some work done. You hadn’t really been on many dates recently. In fact, since moving to Detroit, you’d been on a grand total of 0, which was partially given the fact that you couldn’t be bothered, but mostly due to the way you were a little bit okay, a lot in love with Dylan. Funnily enough, it was Dylan who had actually convinced you to go on the date, who he knew from hockey or something. If you were honest, he seemed like a great guy but it always felt unfair to try to commit to someone when you had feelings for someone else. Still, Dylan had been pretty persistent and you’d agreed, just to shut him up. 

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Dig Diary, March 10, 2017:

It is very hot in Luxor right now, so the team often takes a break under the marquee that the Hopkins University team has loaned us (thank you, Betsy!). From left to right are Dr. Jacobus van Dijk of Groningen, who is studying the Sakhmet statues and their epithets with me; our senior Egyptian inspector, Mme Shemaa Mahmoud Ahmed; our second inspector, Mr. Yusuf Mohamed Ahmed; and me. Mary McKercher, of course, is behind the camera as usual.

While we’re not excavating this year (the season is too short), we are carrying out a few useful, small projects. First, at the request of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) we began on March 4 to cut back the reeds that have once again taken over the northern ends of the sacred lake, particularly on the east side. You can see how thick and tall they have grown in the past year.

Our second project is to clean off the dirt that has accumulated over the past 35 years or so on a Ramesses II doorjamb that we discovered lying on what’s left of the mud brick core of Temple A’s 2nd Pylon. We’ll build a small wall around it to prevent further encroachment. We decided to remove the large undecorated block standing beside it because it obscured a re-used relief in the pylon’s stone facing.

This was no easy task as the rock is not only heavy but awkwardly shaped. However, our workers were able to get it up and out fairly quickly; they do this kind of thing all the time. We admire both their strength and their skill.

To our surprise, we found that the bottom of the Ramesses II block, which we had never cleared, was also decorated! The way the block is lying, the “new” scene, probably from the east face of the 25th Dynasty pylon, is upside down. Seen right side up here, it consists of the crowns of 2 facing figures and several columns of text. The tall plumes on the right probably belong to Amun, and the plumes and sun disk are probably a king. Unfortunately no names are preserved.

You are looking southeast at Temple A’s 2nd Pylon, built in Dynasty 25. The blocks came almost entirely from earlier monuments, including the Ramesses III temple southwest of the sacred lake, which was no longer in use. The reliefs and sculptures were split apart when necessary and their rear surfaces smoothed to form the face of the pylon. This is most obvious in the pylon’s north wing (bottom of picture) where the decay of the mud brick core has made the blocks more visible. The south wing seems to have been built entirely of stone.

Here’s a more detailed view of the inner side of the east facing. The two torsos and upside down head came from the Ramesses III temple. Other reliefs date from earlier in the New Kingdom. The relief on the left, by the way, is the one that was partially hidden by the block we moved.

At the end of a long, hot day, we sit on our hotel balcony and watch the sun set. One evening recently, this enormous flock of ibises flew by heading north. There must have been hundreds altogether.

At the end of a long, hot day, we sit on our hotel balcony and watch the sun set over the Nile. It is a sight that never fails to awe and amaze us.

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North Wood!

I Wish George North Would Lose The Pants, When He Dons The Lycra. No Matter Though, The Folau Looter Can Don A Sack Cloth And Still Elicit Excitement From Me.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

#4 Dylan Larkin

Could you do a Dylan Larkin one when it’s just the reader sitting in his bed while he gets ready for a game? Y'know and it’s just fluff?

Warnings: short

okay my feature wall is blue bc i failed with the whole concept of feature wall so its like a light blue that blends in with the rest of the room smh i am a flawed individual

Song suggestion: Cape cod kwassa kwassa by vampire weekend

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“I told you that shirt looked good.” you stated, watching your boyfriend moving around the bedroom as he prepared to leave for the game tonight.

“Well seeing as you were the one who picked it, I would hope so.” he chuckled, doing up the last couple of buttons as he watched you walk over to trace a scratch on his cheekbone.

“You know I’m actually starting to warm up to it. Guess I won’t be too mad if it does scar after all.”

“Oh really now?” he mused with a smirk.

You hummed. “Adds character.” you informed him, placing a kiss to his lips before moving to flop down on the bed, making him laugh.

“Did I not have enough character before?” he questioned, raising an eyebrow.

You pouted at him, knowing his was teasing. “You know what I mean.”

“I’m sure I don’t.” he replied with a smirk, leaning down to kiss you gently. “Which tie?” he questioned, straightening up and grabbing an assortment of ties, holding each of them up to his shirt collar.

“Well, the blue one .” you retorted with a roll of your eyes.

He rolled his eyes as well. “Well, which blue one?” he replied, doing his best to imitate you. You shot him a glare and he laughed.

“You gotta colour coordinate, babe.” you explained.

“Can you not have a feature tie?” he replied, raising his eyebrow with a smirk.

You rolled your eyes again. “Not the stupid feature wall again.” you whined, standing up from the bed to pluck the tie from his hand. “No you cannot have a feature tie, that’s not a thing.”

You guys had been planning on repainting for a while now but Dylan totally did not get the whole feature wall concept. You swear you’d spent more time explaining than picking out colours.

You could feel Dylan watching you as you did up his tie for him. Finally looking up when you finished, and he lit up with a grin kissing you gently. “Thank you, my love.”

“Yeah, yeah.” you rolled your eyes with a slight blush tinting your cheeks, making him grin even wider as he wrapped his arms around your waist and leaned down to kiss you agin, still grinning happily.

“You’re gonna be late.” you told him in between kisses. He hummed un response but continued with what he was doing. “Dylan.” you protested, pulling away. He pouted at you.

“Can we finish this later?” he whined.

You smirked. “Depends on if you win, no?”

“Cheeky.” he told you, moving across the room to collect his suit jacket. 

“And you know it.” you replied. “I’ll see you after the game, okay?” you told him, cupping his face and kissing him quickly.

“Will I?” he mused. “or is that only after a win too?”

you rolled your eyes. “Get outta here, you.”


Cary Grant, born Archibald Alexander Leach

(January 18, 1904 – ∞)

I’ve often been accused by critics of being myself onscreen. But being oneself is more difficult than you’d suppose.

Robin/Batfamily Headcanons

1. Jason Todd absolutely SUCKS at running across the rooftops of Gotham. 

Dick, ever the circus boy, will be doing triple salchows and handsprings like it’s nobody’s business. 

Tim, the detective, will plot himself a route that nets him the most information on the crime. 

Damian, the pragmatic one, will take the most direct route and chide the others for being late. 

Meanwhile Jason, a street rat at heart, will have somehow lost his boot in a dumpster, smashed through a water tower, and somehow got shot as he arrives dead last.

2. The outside of the Watchtower somehow got graffitied with a Batman logo. Nobody knows how, but Steph and Jason are still under suspicion.

3. Before any of the family members debut with new costumes, they have to be approved by a panel of at least four other members. This was instituted after Dick’s first nightwing costume(with the v-neck and high collar) got him laughed out of Titans tower. Steph has had two costumes rejected, Barb five, and Bruce a whopping SEVENTEEN.

4. The most favoured place for hide and seek is the Batmobile armory, due to the sheer number of vehicles stored in there. Bruce once witness Jason kicking in the windshield of the Mustang(ironically the one he was once boosted tires off of) with the butt of a shotgun, insisting little Helena Wayne-Kyle was in the backseat.

5. Every single room(save for the kitchen and dining rooms) in the mansion is covered in carpet, due to how often people will pass out and snooze in the hallways. Tim and Bruce do this the most.

6. It doesn’t matter how prepared they are, Bruce and Selina’s “date night” will almost always be interrupted by the sight of a Batmobile(or two) loaded with his sidekicks screaming down the street. They’ve only made it to dessert ONCE.

7. When Cass was first adopted into the family, Bruce low-key strong armed everyone into taking sign language classes so that Cass would feel welcomed.

8. Alfred has bought over two hundred antique ming vases. Not a single one has lasted more than a week.

9. It doesn’t matter  if they do it by magic, cloaking technology, or when he’s out. Bruce KNOWS when one of his kids snuck in a significant other for the night.

10. The Bat-Family as a whole has been banned from all superhero trivia nights. Especially Bruce.

11. The last inter-batfamily prank resulted in the mansion’s north wing being filled with Jello. Nobody knows how it was done, but it took Damian two full days to eat his way out.

12. Bruce somehow has baby pictures of every member. He has them posted on a huge wall in the batcave, above their previous costumes. The verdict is still out as to how he got ones of Cass, Jason, and Damian.


and who are they to tell us what we can not do… (1/2)