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Happy Ten Year Anniversary to Hetalia! I’ve only been in the fandom for a short time, but already this series has affected me greatly. So, I made ten desktop wallpapers of some of my favorite characters! (I have a lot of favorites tho). 

transparents belong to @heta–transparents and @transparentalia!
art belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya!

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bonus moscow wallpaper:

just because i liked it a lot.

ACC has one team left in NCAA tournament

The reputed best conference in the country has some explaining to do.

The Atlantic Coast Conference, which sent nine teams to the NCAA tournament, has one left standing (North Carolina) after two rounds. That’s quite a slide from a year ago when the ACC put a record six teams in the Sweet 16 and two in the Final Four, a banner year that came with offseason bragging rights.

The bragging might be quieter this offseason.*

Surpassing expectations was the much-maligned Big Ten, slammed throughout the season and ignored completely in February when the selection committee offered a preview of its thinking: No Big Ten teams were among the top 16 seeds (none, the committee said, merited a 1, 2, 3 or 4).

Who’s laughing now? 

*Of course, if North Carolina wins it all, then never mind.


Forgotten Book Quotes: S t a n n i s  B a r a t h e o n  &  D a v o s  S e a w o r t h

Aerys? If you only knew … that was a hard choosing. My blood or my liege. My brother or my king … I chose Robert, did I not? When that hard day came. I chose blood over honor.

10 Songs, 10 Minutes
I got tagged by @redrobin-detective and we’ll see how this works, haha. My Spotify list is a weird mix of my stuff and my kids stuff and stuff I was trying but never bothered deleting.
Rules : You have to put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten , and tag ten mutual!

1. There’s No Home for You Here, by the White Stripes

2. Radio Silence by Shearwater

3. The Fallout by Fireflight

4. Before you Came by Autoheart

5. Everything by Passenger

6. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend

7. Fighting for You by Ten Avenue North

8. Awake and Alive by Skillet

9. Broken Anchor Blues by Broken Anchor

10. From the Very Start by Bellarive

I’ve actually listened to/like about half of these, haha.

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There was that day that Dean had picked a sunflower in North Dakota. Golden Valley, North Dakota, USA.

Ten feet tall and it towered over his big brother with his toothy grin, back when they weren’t so straight.

“Dare me, Sammy? I’ll do it for ya’.”

He nodded his head but wasn’t so sure Dad would like it if he found out. They were deep in the field while John had talked to the owner about a haunting.

“Alright, watch this.”

Dean ripped it from the ground in a move that had Sam wincing in sympathy for the flower. Uprooted and it’s stem gripped tight in his brother’s sweaty hand, he stared upward at the huge head of orange-brown seeds.

“Look at it, just for you so you’d stop mopin’ around,” Dean panted, wiping his brow with a soiled hand.

“Dad is gonna be mad.”

“Shut up, I did it for you.”

It was wrangled down to face level and twisted and choked till it was short enough for Sam to hold it.

“Here, lemme put–there.”

Petals tickled his face but he felt as pretty as the murdered sunflower with it tucked behind his ear.

“Dad can’t be mad when you look at him like that,” Dean nodded, poking his tongue between the gap of his front teeth.

That probably wasn’t the first time Dean had killed things for him.

“Did you know daisies represent beauty and innocence?”

The small bouquet in his hand, still warm from Dean holding them, seems to plead misery. Stolen from their home in the ground and clutched too tight from nerves on the way to their slaughterer’s rental home.

Dean’s head swivels to get an eyeful of him. Longer hair and chipped nail polish, white halter top, they play around with things like that. Sam tripped head over heels for the way Dean’s breath would speed up and his voice would drop like he was swallowing nails.

“Learn somethin’ new everyday,” loverboy smiles, teeth straight and pristine.

“You even found them in orange and white.”

Sam’s fingers are too long for his palms, delicately stroking the soft petals.

“Was walking home and you know I had to get flowers for my girl,” Dean says over his shoulder.

Sam stands straighter from the doorway of the kitchen, gasping softly, as his brother twists in his seat from the couch to make sure he’s alright.

“Come have the rest of my beer,” Dean swings the bottle from two of his fingers while he goes back to watching TV.

“Oh, you mean your backwash,” he laughs, padding over to sit.


He doesn’t do much to stop his brother from pouncing onto him, the flowers dropping down onto the rug below in his distraction.

Dean isn’t the sun but Sam still finds himself blooming underneath him.

“Sweeter than daisies, baby,”

Orchids are complicated and expensive flowers, high maintenance.

“Thanks–uh, Amanda? Yeah, sorry, but what kind of flowers are these, anyway?”

“Orchids. Sam let it slip that you had a thing for flowers last week,” she smiles in his face, too deeply.

“I usually give ‘em–”

“He also told me orchids represent rare and delicate beauty. Like you because no one around here has seen a face quite like yours and I–”

“Thanks again, Amy–”


“Yes, that, you. But we’ve gotta get going now,” Dean backs away from the tall girl and into the parking lot.

When Dean climbs inside the car, he hands Sam the bundle of orchids without a glance.

As they drive, Sam picks all the petals off, repeating he loves me he loves me he loves me like a motto because there’s no question of whether Dean loves him not.

The fuchsia of the orchids flies out of the window because neither of them is rare nor delicate.

Dandelions are Sam’s favorite. You don’t have to look far for them and they aren’t expensive. They’re free, wild, and slightly wicked. Yanked from their haven on a promise of a wish in abundance and no one thinks twice about it. If dandelions were like orchids, children’s hands would be slapped for even attempting to jerk it from the ground.

Sam is a dandelion.  Confused between a flower and a weed, between a wish and a burden.

“You’re supposed to make a wish with it.”

He relates to being plucked and jerked and yanked up by his neck, roots ripped and torn from their home, only to be blown at with the harsh winds of hope that come from the mouths of his father, brother, and things with eyes blacker than onyx.

“Maybe I just wanna leave it intact. You ever think that it hurts to be taken from the ground?” he responds, snappier than he means to at Dean.

Sam stays crouched and watching over the dandelion as some of it’s seeds are blow away by the softest of breezes but it’s stem stays strong.

The urge to uproot it is heavy, even for him, but he leaves it. So what if it’s a weed? Let it choke the life out of all the beautiful flowers around it, take away their privilege, and reign over something for once.

“C'mon, nerd, we can walk around the field some more.”

Sam watches Dean out of the corner of his eyes for a few seconds then tackles him down into the grass, laying on top of him.

“Jerk,” he grunts.

“Bitch,” Dean spits blades of grass out of his mouth.

He used to be the weed-flower his brother would stomp over to get to the others. Then in bloom into vibrant yellow, he was picked and kept. The flower his brother would keep in the nook behind his ear, between his teeth, pressed dry in the book made of Dean’s body and a bed.

Sam can see it now, where he’s laying back among his other siblings, Dean being careful not to trample over the dandelions still waiting to turn as yellow as the sun.

Waiting to be picked by the beautiful boy in an army green t-shirt, tip toeing across the field to pick flowers for his favorite weed.


Pearl Jam - Eddie Vedder, Mike McCready, Stone Gossard, Jeff Ament & Matt Cameron @ Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA, on Friday, April 29, 2016.

2016 North American Tour Setlist:

Master/Slave intro
Even Flow
Why Go

Main Set:
Who You Are
Let the Records Play
Spin the Black Circle
Do the Evolution

Bee Girl (Eddie Vedder & Jeff Ament)
Just Breathe (Eddie Vedder solo)
All or None
Comfortably Numb(Pink Floyd cover)
Mind Your Manners
Given to Fly
Daughter - WMA

Encore 2:
Last Kiss (Wayne Cochran cover)
Better Man
Throw Your Hatred Down(Neil Young cover)
Sonic Reducer (Dead Boys cover)
Baba O'Riley (The Who cover)
Yellow Ledbetter