north palm springs

Back in Illinois...

I’ve been back home in Illinois for a couple of weeks now. I literally ran away from the desert earlier than I had anticipated, driven away by the wind. Our desert house is in a part of the Coachella Valley (the north end of Palm Springs), which captures the strong winds that rush through the San Gorgonio Pass (or Banning Pass). Those winds power the wind turbines, but also can create havoc. And this year……OMG, it’s been a rough April and May. A wind storm that lasts an hour or so…….I don’t like it, but it ends. The winds this year would howl for three or four days. Then a one or two day break, and then here they come again. The wind anxiety was too much, so I ran away.

Not that the weather has been any picnic back here. Windy and extremely wet and chilly to cool. But I picked my poison.

I’ll be doing hiking and photography in the prairie habitats of Illinois and Indiana, and maybe Wisconsin this year. I hope to get some volunteer work at the Nachusa Grasslands in Franklin Grove, Illinois. I also hope to get to Nashville, my old haunts, for the eclipse, and from there maybe do a drive down the Natchez Parkway which I haven’t done for years.

So, some photos from the last couple of couple of years in the prairies. I promise better and more this year.

Hellooooooooo Everyone~! This is Red!! Where Miss Hatter was at NerdCon this weekend… I was a lil up north at Comic Con Palm Springs!!

I wasn’t able to have my armor on long enough at SDCC (20 Mins).. Nor CCPS (45mins) But I have seen what I need to redo, and adjust for the next attempt at armor.

Not bad for my first run at Worbla/armor right??

The Image was taken by the Lovely Team who manned Hero Wares n Supplies.

The armor is… well dead. The 104f weather while waiting in line outside and such warped the armor…