north of the 48

So it’s predicted to reach 40°C (that’s 104°F) today and 41°C tomorrow (which is actually cooler than most of the state) and they just announced that we might be getting rolling power blackouts so that the entire electricity system doesn’t fail. Yikes.

Also, there’s competing demand for electricity because four states are battling near 40°C temps. Also, it’s predicted that the far north and west of my state will be 47-48°C.

And, there’s a total fire ban (not unusual for summer here) because they’re worried the high temps will create massive bushfires across the region so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #straya

I have so much cold beer and fruit and my friends are seriously considering a ute pool. PLS SEND ICE.

Bonne Anniversaire, Monsieur Foucault!

Today is the birthday of Jean Foucault, born in 1821 to a publisher in Paris.  In addition to defining and inventing the Foucault pendulum, Foucault is credited with naming the gyroscope.  But first, the pendulum.  Since the time of Galileo who defined the laws governing the motion of pendulums, but Foucault was the first to use the pendulum to show the rotation of the earth independent of celestial observation.  Before he was thirty he devised an experiment to measure the speed of light.  Today he is known more for the pendulum that bears his name than any of his other achievements.  The word pendulum is a New Latin neuter of the noun pendulus meaning hanging down from the verb pendere meaning to hang.

Animation of a Foucault pendulum at the Pantheon in Paris (48°52’ North), with the Earth’s rotation rate greatly exaggerated. The green trace shows the path of the pendulum bob over the ground (a rotating reference frame), while the blue trace shows the path in a frame of reference rotating with the plane of the pendulum.

GIF of the motion of a Foucault pendulum relative to the motion of the earth courtesy Nbrouard, used with permission under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.

Latest Polls for President: Southern States

Latest Ipsos Polls:

  • Virginia:  Clinton 50%, Trump 37%
  • North Carolina:  Clinton 49%, Trump 44%
  • South Carolina:  Clinton 45%, Trump 48%
  • Georgia: Clinton 41%, Trump 47%
  • Florida:  Clinton 48%, Trump 45%
  • Alabama: Clinton 39%, Trump 52%
  • Mississippi: Clinton 30%, Trump 59%
  • Arkansas:  Clinton 42%, Trump 48%
  • Tennessee: Clinton 31%, Trump 49%
  • Kentucky:  Clinton 42%, Trump 46%
  • West Virginia:  Clinton 38%, Trump 55%
  • Missouri: Clinton 35%, Trump 51%
  • Louisiana:  Clinton 37%, Trump 57%
  • Texas: Clinton 32%, Trump 49%

In addition to traditional swing states, Hillary Clinton now appears to be in close races with Donald Trump in South Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas and Kentucky.


This day in history- September 15, 1942 - A Japanese submarine torpedo attack near the Solomon Islands results in the sinking of the Carrier WASP, Destroyer O'BRIEN and damage to the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA.

 A spread of six Type 95 torpedoeswere fired at Wasp at about 14:44 from the tubes of the B1 Type submarine I-19. Wasp put over her rudder hard to starboard to avoid the salvo, but it was too late. Three torpedoes struck in quick succession about 14:45; one actually broached, left the water, and struck the ship slightly above the waterline. All hit in the vicinity of the ship’s gasoline tanks and magazines. Two of the spread of torpedoes passed ahead of Wasp and were observed passing astern of Helena before O'Brien was hit by one at 14:51 while maneuvering to avoid the other. The sixth torpedo passed either astern or under Wasp, narrowly missed Lansdowne in Wasp‍ '​s screen about 14:48, was seen by Mustin in North Carolina‍ '​s screen about 14:50, and struck North Carolina about 14:52.

 Another Japanese submarine, I-15, duly observed and reported the sinking of the Wasp, as other US destroyers kept I-19 busy, avoiding 80 depth charges. Eventually however, I-19 escaped safely.

 Revenge would come for her however. On November 25, 1943, at 20:49, 50 nautical miles (93 km) west of Makin Island, destroyer USS Radford detected I-19 on the surface with radar. After I-19 submerged, Radford  attacked her with depth charges. I-19 was lost with all hands in this attack.


Some of you know that I’m currently deployed to South Korea. So here is what is happening, all of which can be found from mainstream news sources.

•The North fired shells across the border and we retaliated.
•The North has declared a semi-state of war with their military ready to attack at any moment.
•Our forces are also ready. We are at a heightened state of alert. OPSEC is paramount.

All of this is happening for a few reasons
-Annual joint force training
-Two soldiers were maimed by North landmines last week
-The South began playing anti-Pyongyang propaganda from loudspeakers along the DMZ

The North fired the shell at a loudspeaker and has given a 48 hour warning to stop all anti-Pyongyang propaganda otherwise they will strike agin.

Although this is a continual threat from the North there are new elements in effect this time.

Read RESPONSIBLE news sources and stay up to date.