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Beatle fans turn out on Scarborough seafront to catch a glimpse of the Beatles at The Futurist Theatre on the foreshore road, Scarborough, North Yorkshire on 9th August 1964. 

I have a personal interest in these photos as Scarborough is my home town, and although he didn’t live here at the time, somewhere in these crowds on the foreshore is my dad, aged 19. The grey expanse at the top of the last photo is the sea. The crowds went right down to the tideline. 

Sunday, August 13, 1967

  • President Johnson has in the last few days authorized American air strikes against a new list of targets in North Vietnam, officials in Washington reported yesterday. They said that the raids against the Paul Doumer Bridge at Hanoi marked the beginning of the new wave of air raids. The intensification of the air war came as some Congressmen criticized the President for “handcuffing” the American bombing campaign by prohibiting strikes against appropriate military targets. 
  • In Hanoi the French news agency reporting on a Foreign Ministry announcement said that North Vietnam had appealed to all Socialist nations to act energetically to check the Americans’ “bloody hands.” Meanwhile, ground fighting in Vietnam was again said to be in a lull.
  • The Conference on the Status of Soviet Jews has charged that the Soviet Union, frustrated by Israel’s triumph over the Arabs, is intensifying its campaign against three million Soviet Jews. The accusation was made last week in a report published by the conference. 
  • New studies by several Federal bureaus have indicated that the migration of white and Negro poor from the country’s rural areas, mainly the South, which has saddled New York with a critical welfare burden, will continue into the mid-1970’s. 

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The Commander of the south Sixty-Ninth Fleet (not to be confused with the North Sixty Ninth fleet) has been feeling a strange tug in the direction of the ruins of Alus. Imagine his surprise upon meeting the dreaded warmachine of Orgastron, and the deceptively brutal, but strikingly tragic figure of Blanch, the black pilot of the cosmos and leader of the enemy of the empire. 

Can the Commander persuade the leader to lay down his arms and instead take up the lust for exploration? Will these two heads of their fleets finally see the stars themselves? 

                                    “Seeing Stars” 

The newest novella in the short story collection of B.L PÄÄ,