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When Jon asked Melisandre to not resurrect him, because he would come back into a world, where Sansa is no longer alive, where she killed herself, because he failed her.

↳ “I am ordering you not to bring me back.“


Dany learning the truth about Jon’s past: A Thrilling Saga™

I saw this moth in my room, it was going towards the light bulb and it was buzzing around it and I wanted to know why they did that, so I looked it up. It’s because moths are looking for the moon, they’re looking for moonlight because they’re trying to fly north.

So this moth, everything in it is telling it to do exactly what it’s doing. It’s doing the right thing, but it’s just the wrong light.

—  Childish Gambino

“Hymn for Cain,” by o.g.k @nathanielorion

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Do you show your grandma your art?

Yep! Back when she still lived with me here in Florida, we’d work on our art together in the living room. Now that she’s moved up north, I send her everything I do via text! (Minus the comics– she never gets them! Hahahaha)

Sometimes I send my doodles to her as soon as I finish them… and she is Supportive but also Concerned about my questionable sleep schedule

She likes when I draw characters that look happy, so whenever I draw characters who are upset or hurt, I usually get a response like this

Sometimes my doodles provide a little learning experience

And if anyone’s curious who her favorite Chocobro is…


I’m just picturing Sansa, the Wardeness of the North, after the war for the dawn, meeting with some hostile lords or whatever to try to work something out and the whole time Arya is just casually kicked back in a chair off to the side idly juggling three razor-sharp daggers and a goddamn valeryan steel dagger. 

The noblemen note that some of the daggers look familiar. They realize, with a start, that their belt knives are all missing even though they all know that they were wearing them an hour ago. Lady Stark does not seem to notice anything particularly unusual about the situation, and if pressed will simply say. “You all know my sister, the Lady Arya. I know you were introduced, and she was even wearing her own face at the time.” and then go right back into trade negotiation without another word on the subject, while Arya grins like a wolf in the background, not even looking at the knives she’s tossing. 

They cave in minutes, offering the Wardeness of the North anything and everything she wants purely to get out of Winterfell and as far from the most terrifying sisters they’ve ever met as possible.