north of everything

what your soul has forgotten
  • North Node Aries/South Node Libra: you're so used to being there for others, giving of yourself in relationships to the point of losing yourself, that you've forgotten what it means to be an individual, to stand alone and to be your own person, to be assertive.
  • North Node Taurus/South Node Scorpio: you're so used to having control, being controlled and needing power that you've forgotten what it means to relax and to just be comfortable without needing control over everything.
  • North Node Gemini/South Node Sagittarius: you're so used to being anywhere but here and going off on adventures, you've forgotten what it means to actually talk and get to know the people right in front of you, in your neighbourhood.
  • North Node Cancer/South Node Capricorn: you're so used to being a workhorse and striving for success and to just be successful, you've forgotten what it means to stay at home and actually feel a part of something.
  • North Node Leo/South Node Aquarius: you're so used to being there for everyone else and for the group, you've forgotten what it means to be an individual and to actually shine as one too.
  • North Node Virgo/South Node Pisces: you're so used to chaos and escaping from reality, you've forgotten what it means to be a real, grounded, physical human being.
  • North Node Libra/South Node Aries: you're so used to having to do everything alone and be there for number one, you, that you've forgotten what it means to be there for someone else.
  • North Node Scorpio/South Node Taurus: you're so used to being comfortable and relaxed, you've forgotten what it means to actually be there for someone when they're going through hell.
  • North Node Sagittarius/South Node Gemini: you're so used to getting all the gossip and talking endlessly about nothing, you've forgotten what it means to actually know and talk about something that has real meaning.
  • North Node Capricorn/South Node Cancer: you're so used to being there for your family, the people you grew up with, and people being there for you, you've forgotten what it means to actually be someone in the world, to make a success of yourself on your own.
  • North Node Aquarius/South Node Leo: you're so used to being treated like royalty, having so much happiness and joy and readiness to take the world by storm, you've forgotten what it means to not be selfish, to be there for those who have nothing, to relate to people you don't know.
  • North Node Pisces/South Node Virgo: you're so used to being the one who works hard and does all the duties and being realistic, you've forgotten what it's like to dream and actually allow yourself to follow a dream.

“Hymn for Cain,” by o.g.k @nathanielorion

I saw this moth in my room, it was going towards the light bulb and it was buzzing around it and I wanted to know why they did that, so I looked it up. It’s because moths are looking for the moon, they’re looking for moonlight because they’re trying to fly north.

So this moth, everything in it is telling it to do exactly what it’s doing. It’s doing the right thing, but it’s just the wrong light.

—  Childish Gambino
Just Madison Things™ that Eric Bittle does

Because of these posts and my non-existant self control

  • the nearest real city is Athens and if you think Bitty isn’t there every weekend there’s football you’re wrong
  • should win the Slowest Walker award. its more an amble or a stroll
  • would never ever pass anyone on the street and even more so never on the stairs. it’s bad luck.
  • dirt roads mean washing his truck more than should be humanly possible, but also driving fast down a dirt road so you don’t feel every bump when it’s all washborded out
  • more on roads- what in the ever loving hell is a snowplow???
  • even more on roads- why the hell would you ever jaywalk? to where???? the garbage can so you can throw away some stranger’s litter? (Bless their sweet little darlin’ heart!)
  • is in denial that the Atlanta Thrashers ever left. They’re just on a long off season.
  • stops to talk to anyone at any time. Had a class together once freshman year before you dropped it three days in? Bitty is gonna ask about your momma and your dog because “Lord honey, that’s just how you do things”
  • going to Murder Stop n Shop means ‘going into town’ 
  • is frankly apalled at the lack of farm stands on the side of the road
  • Thank The Lord there aren’t half a dozen of those awful ‘southern charm’ boutiques on the square- probably because there’s no square
  • complains that there are no antebellum homes to decorate at Christmas and make the cold less awful
  • making friends with history nerds read: Jack Zimmermann and informing him that Madison was the only city spared on Sherman’s March to the Sea because it’s the only Georgia history he knows


This is my family. “Is smoll and broken, but still good.” (from left to front and top to bottom) Kimmy (@spideygirl) is from Utah and Gwen (@gwennspacey) is from Georgia and I (@emberbrekker) am from Colorado. We met through tumblr and our friendships blossomed to become what is our family of three transgirls madly in love.

When Kimmy and I first met I was living in my ex’s car working as a sex worker in trouble with the law, and Kimmy was getting kicked out of her dads living room. So she came to Colorado and we met. Things were still really rough with her and I being in love with each other and with my ex and I growing apart we decided to move to Colorado Springs.

Colorado Springs offered new obstacles. Being on our own with only our bags, I saw clients so we could have hotel rooms to stay in and food to eat. But then I met with my uncle who was not only non supportive but also dropped us off in Denver so we could get our lives together. And if the springs were the pot then Denver is the fire, comparatively. 

In Denver, I had the hardest time seeing clients. We walked around drowning in the size and speed of Denver living. We stopped off at a bar to get a drink because I needed to get tipsy to even handle the situation. But not even through our first drink some guy walks up and proceeds to attempt to drug us (we saw it dissolving in the liquid) So we left. Kimmy then has a major panic attack and we call an ambulance. We then end up in the ER for the first night of Denver. I didn’t sleep a bit. The next night Kimmy slept in the Bus Station while I stood watch. This being day 3, and at 2 am my ex came and picked us up and took us back up north. We then sold everything and had my ex drop us off in Colorado Springs.

 I saw a few clients when we got to the springs so we had places to stay and food to eat. One client bought us a car from auction. It was a wonderful gift that was given because I had impressed him so much and he was a nice guy.  So we at that point lived in the car. I did finish my court requirements and got my slate wiped clean. Then one day Kimmy introduces me to Gwen (who she met on tumblr) and we start talking. We hit it off and decided we were going to ask Gwen to move to Colorado with us. Everything lined up and Gwen had me fly out to drive her back to Colorado and back to Kimmy. The first few months were like cats getting use to each other. Quite funny in hindsight, but first had it is terrible. We got jobs and worked trying to take care of each other and doing anything we could with loans to get our life back and the van which had been impounded (we got it out and paid like $1300.00usd for it). But some good did come out of it, I was able to quit the Sex Working industry.

We were staying with a friend at the time who booted us out to live with her boyfriend. So we (K,E,G) moved into said boyfriends empty town house. Which was a big win for our family or so we thought. We settled in for a little bit got food, cleaned the place and planned for Yule. Not more than a week and a half later the “boyfriend” is back in his bed room dealing with issues involving the judicial system.  And this is where we have been. 

At this point “the boyfriend” is already crossing boundaries, being extremely disrespectful, and has now only given us 2 weeks from 02/24/17 to remove ourselves and items from the location. 

This is pretty much all we own. So we are going to get a storage unit and pay two months in advance in Denver, while we move there. 

This is our next hurdle. I have my Med Badge and Kimmy and Gwen are going to get theirs. But we are paying tons for healthcare and medication as we are all going off HRT. We do have appointments set up but its gonna be two months till the earliest appointment. We have pretty much no food, our accounts in total are -$350 usd. We have no idea how we are are feeling rather trapped and are worried about having to move cities. We know we are going to live in the car again, but we don’t know what to do about our stuff, or food, or even necessities like showers. We need a grand total of $950 to successfully move to Denver, and this does not include an apartment.

We aren’t asking for very much if anyone has even a dollar to spare or even $.50 every thing is going towards us moving and finding a safe place for us to live. 

Thank you for all your help so far and continuing to aid us in finding our place in the world! We are doing our best and just need a little help. Thank you and Blessed Be!

(PS paypal is


@appleskirts and @koolperson101 have saved me from missing my favourite old man’s special day, thank you both of you ♥ ; w ; as for my thought, for kiku, a good birthday would be spent with his adorable loved one(s).

merlin--loves--arthur  asked:

Do you have any tips on writing short stories? I have to write one for school but am having a ton of trouble condensing it down to 3,000 to 5,000 words.

Hi! So I was in the same boat you’re in for years. Every story I started ended up being a prologue to a trilogy that I never finished because I got caught up in world-building and dialogue and Big Plot!

Here are some suggestions on how to bring all that in to make a nice 3k to 5k story!

1) Skip the exposition. Take out the “Once upon a time” or history lesson or scene showing the main character doing a mundane task in an Unexpected Way. It’s going to take up a good 500 words of your story (at least) and has the nasty tendency of slowing down your pace! Instead, try feeding necessary information into the story when you need it and only then!  If you don’t need details to explain the actions happening in the story, leave them out! They’re background worldbuilding details and best saved for longer works.


Once upon a time there was a Kingdom named Kingdom. It had once been a peaceful and beautiful place, filled with open markets and friendly people, but the war had changed all of that. Now the markets were barren, trade routes disrupted by spilled blood, and the people stood anxiously watching the sun as they waited for family members to come home.

Sylvia hoped to be the one to save them from their eternal vigil.

She had in her bag a message from Country, the kingdom to the north that would change everything. Or, perhaps, restore it. Country was offering to reestablish trade with Kingdom.

She adjusted the straps of her bag and continued on, looking neither left or right as she passed by a town on the main road.

Instead, try:

Sylvia adjusted the straps of her pack and looked neither left nor right as she passed through yet another war-torn village. Her clothing, torn as it was, was better than that she saw on the villagers, but the message in her pack would change that.

…then later in the story introduce the trade idea as it’s presented to the King. Hope that makes sense!

2) Don’t condense–magnify! Your plot might be a Big Book idea and that’s okay! Short stories don’t have to span years or even days. They could span just one hour! A lot of short stories are just snap shots of main characters lives! They have rich histories and big futures, but for that one moment they’re slowed down enough for the reader!

So maybe Sylvia is from Kingdom, but moved to Country just before the war began. The conflict prevented her from coming back and she was forced to go years without contact with her parents. As a displaced child, she was put in an orphanage where she met the Prince of Country and became good friends with him. Then, when he became King, he decided he wanted to end this war and entrusted her, a Kingdom citizen and his friend, to carry this trade agreement to Kingdom.

So instead of starting there with her whole history, we start the story with her just coming into view of the Kingdom Capital and the story is how she sneaks in to get an audience with Kingdom’s King!

3) Resolve a smaller issue in the story: Part of what makes a story interesting is its layers. The Big Plot doesn’t have to be the only plot! Resolving a smaller issue–a character’s insecurity, collecting a necessary asset, etc– can make a really great short story!

Sylvia could, in a short story:

  • Go to meet her parents, see that they have another kid, and resolve to come back once the war is ended.
  • Find a Kingdom knight and convince him to take her to the King. Because how else is she going to get an audience with the King??
  • Find out that the Country’s King (her childhood BFF) is tailing her, yell at him, and march him back to the border before continuing on her way.

Hope this helps a bit! These are only a few ideas, there’s no right or wrong answer here :)  If anyone else has any advice, feel free to comment!

they say soulmates are two halves of the same soul, 
are two souls destined to be together. 

fuck destiny. 

i don’t need destiny to tell me
that we’ll be there for each other, 
that we’ll fight for each other, 
that you’ll be my guiding light,
and i’ll be your anchor. 

they say soulmate’s will find each other,
(destiny will draw them together)
no matter what.

—  who needs destiny when i already have you? | e.q.