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I saw this moth in my room, it was going towards the light bulb and it was buzzing around it and I wanted to know why they did that, so I looked it up. It’s because moths are looking for the moon, they’re looking for moonlight because they’re trying to fly north.

So this moth, everything in it is telling it to do exactly what it’s doing. It’s doing the right thing, but it’s just the wrong light.

—  Childish Gambino

Imagine Agent Florida dragging the other Freelancers on a camping trip
- Wyoming attempting to make tea over a tiny, really shitty camping stove, because he ran out of the stuff he was keeping in a flask within a few hours
- York’s failed attempts to get the disposable barbecue they brought to work
- Maine not fitting in any of the sleeping bags they brought, so he ends up just lying in the one-person tent with his feet sticking out the door
- Florida bringing a guitar and dragging everyone around a campfire to sing songs
- Wash finding a cat on the walk to the campsite and insisting on keeping it in his tent
- Carolina and Tex both attempting to sabotage the others’ tent by pulling out the pegs and cutting the ropes that hold them up. They both wake up to find their tents have collapsed on top of them
- North literally being the only one who knows properly how to put up a tent and he spends at least an hour walking around and trying to stop everyone from stabbing each other with the tent poles
- South and CT almost setting fire to everyone’s stuff when they thought it would be a good idea to pour the fuel for the camping stove onto the campfire

Bonus points if the ai are there too:

- Delta following York around while trying to inform him that no that is not how you turn on a barbecue Agent York please stop kicking it you need to use it
- Sigma having to remind Wash that he isn’t actually on fire, and that putting a stick with a marshmallow on it through him will not cause it to start toasting
- Everyone lying in their tents, and everything is quiet, until there’s a sudden statement of ‘knock knock’ from Gamma followed by a collective noise of anger from every single person’s tent
- Theta making a fireworks display by the campfire
- Omega threatening to fight every single bit of wildlife that they walk past

we’ll miss you

{ @starkmatriarch

“good morning,” ned greeted catelyn seeing her begin to stir. he had been awake for a while and when he had been unable to lay in bed any longer, he had gotten up only to see that robb was awake as well. the two of them had been sitting on the window sill bench for the past twenty minutes, robb falling asleep against his chest again. while robb pressed against his healing wound sometimes when he breathed too deeply, ned ignored it, instead focusing on the fact that he could sit peacefully for a little while before they would be needed for the coronation in a few hours. 

glancing down, ned gently rubbed robb’s back as he shifted his drawn up legs gently to get the blood flowing in them again. after the wedding last night and the amount of people, it was nice to sit alone for a little while before they were forced to be around people again. “did you sleep well. my lady?”

Once I was home, all I did was read. I inhaled books like other people breathe oxygen. I didn’t just read for knowledge or pleasure; I read to live. I had only $30 a month to spend, and after expenses, I would use everything I had left to buy books. Some were new; some came from a secondhand store. Even if I was hungry, books were more important than food. I didn’t know there were public libraries until much later. It seems hard to believe now, but we had so little information about life in South Korea when we first arrived.
I started with Korean translations of children’s books, then moved on to picture books about the countries of the world. I bought books about Roman mythology and world history. I read biographies of Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and Hillary Clinton. I was interested in America, and I particularly loved biographies because they were about people who had to overcome obstacles or prejudices to get ahead. They made me think I could make it when nobody else believed in me, when even I didn’t believe in myself.
I crammed twelve years of education into the next eighteen months of my life. I attended a few other special schools to help me get my general equivalency diplomas for middle school and high school. But even then, I studied best on my own. I vowed to myself to read one hundred books a year, and I did.
I read to fill my mind and to block out the bad memories. But I found that as I read more, my thoughts were getting deeper, my vision wider, and my emotions less shallow.
—  In Order to Live, Yeonmi Park.