north nigerian

Can you all stop perpetuating the lie that ALL Africans are poor?






And that ALL Americans are rich/middle class?






Stop believing everything you see in the media. Some places in Africa are very poor, but some places are not poor at all. Just like there are some places in America that are very poor, but some places that are not poor at all. A few pictures and videos from the media about “how poor Africa is” should not determine how you view that entire continent because if that were the case, many would assume ALL Americans lived in poverty based on the few pictures I’ve shown you. Open your minds.

Head canons for Ascella Ryder
On Voeld
After the events on meridian in a week timeframe

- Ascella takes some ice skates and skates on voeld
some angara: wow what’s she doing?
Another angara: how can she move around on such thin metal and not fall down?
Ascella: *not a moment later falls flat on her bum*
Angara: nvm
- Ascella, Cora, and Liam get ice skates too and more after modifying them for other aliens. Spends days teaching angara and other Milky Way aliens to skate.
- Ascella takes turns skating with each of her crew mates
- gets yelled at by tann for taking to many days off for what he calls nonsense
- “ I just restored this fucking cluster, died 3 times I’m taking this fucking vaca” Ascella is having non of your shit
- the nexus council come to voeld to “investigate”

- drack teaches kesh how to skate
- Cora teaches the Asari pathfinder how to skate while either in intense fangirl mode or hard core commando teaching

-peebee avoiding Lexi
- peebee keeps falling down and Lexi keeps trying to see if she’s ok
- suvi is the most graceful skater
- suvi take peebees hand and helps teach her to skate
- peebee is fucking mesmerized and falls in love with suvi and her grace on the ice

- kallo and vetra both working together to keep balance on the ice
- “ put more weight on the left”
- they’re butts get really bruised by the end but I don’t think they want anymore ice on their butts

- vetra and ascella teach Sid how skate (sids loving being able to both get family time with her sister and skate with Ascella)
- Ascella and Scott are skating together, getting some of that much needed family time

- Liam and Gil are having a skating contest with some angara

- Ascella teaches jaal how to skate after he gets the hang of it they skate together.
- when she is in the motion of falling down, half the time jaal successfully catches her half the time he falls with her

- Tann stands in the snow with Addison as they’re both being cranky bums, Addison caves in and joins in on the skating, usually skates with Kesh
- Tann finally joins in too, Kandros and the salarian pathfinder help him how to skate after seeing him have troubles

- moshae sjefa and evfra are watching from the side lines
- jaal drags moshae on the ice and teaches her to skate
- after moshae gets the hang of it she drags evfra onto the ice
- moshae hands evfra to Ascella
-“stupid human alien activities”
-cranky kitty is still cranky kitty

- after all the pathfinders get use to ice skating try decide to have a race, no tech or biotics allowed and no SAM helping.
- Ascella wins, mostly because she was the pathfinder always on the field while the others did mostly stuff that required staying on their ship
- the pathfinders spend a day skating together

- at the end of the day all head to the nexus outpost and the humans and Asari have hot chocolate
-turians, krogans, and salarians have their version of hot chocolate, I don’t know how similar angara are to the other races so they have whatever their version of hot chocolate would be.
- the pathfinders are all sitting together
- the nexus council sit in close proximity of the pathfinders
- the nexus council once again are arguing, but they’re arguing about what was the best part of this vaca
- the tempest crew sits on the other side of all the pathfinders
- moshae sjefa and evfra sit with the pathfinders, they’d sit with the council but they don’t like the arguing
- they spend a good amount of time talking and watching the northern lights

-the tempest crew head back to the tempest and all settle down in the crew quarters
- peebees on a top bunk
-suvi on the other top bunk
- lexi is sitting on one of the desk chairs
- jaal is sitting on the other desk chair
- drack is sitting on the lounge chair
-Gil and Scott are sitting on the floor between the bunk beds leaning on them
- vetra, sid and Ascella are on the bottom bunk
- Liam and Cora are both on the other bottom bunk

- they’re all telling stories from their home planet/ story they grew up with
- Lexi is trying to tell an old story from thessia (even tho she grew up on omega)
- peebee keeps saying “nuh uh that’s not how it went” “ how would you know? You grew up on omega”
- “well my mom told me these stories duh peebee”
- vetra gets up and puts duck tape over mouth
- peebee pouts for the rest of the story but at the end she takes it off
- peebee tells another story from thessia
-everybody hesitatingly nods at the end because peebee kept skipping details so they don’t understand what the hell she was talking about
- drack tells stories from tuchanka and from the war with the turians
- vetra tells stories from her times as a smuggler when she was young
- Sid tells stories that her sister told her when she was young
- Cora tells stories from her time with the huntresses
-Liam tells stories of his time in crisis response
-Gil tells stories from his childhood
-Ascella tells stories from when she was peacekeeping on the prothean digs
- jaal tells stories from his childhood and from his time with the resistance
- Cora, Liam, Gil and Ascella all tell old earth folktales and history
- Cora tells stories from Nordic folklore and Japanese history
- Liam tells stories from North American and Nigerian folklore and history - Suvi tells stories of Celtic folklore and British history - Gil tells stories of European history and Chinese folklore
-Ascella tells Greek mythology and North American history
- vetra and Sid pip up when Ascella starts talking about the Greek goddess Nyx (the whole reason she wanted to talk about Greek mythology was to see their reaction)

- after a long story telling session they end up all sleeping in the crew quarters
- vetra and Sid sleep on the bottom bunk
- suvi and peebee both sleep on a top bunk
- Gil and kallo sleep on a bottom bunk
- Lexi and Cora sleep on the other bottom bunk
- jaal sleeps on the lounge chair and Ascella sleeps on him, using him as a pillow
- drack and Scott sleep leaning against on the floor (don’t worry they’re against a wall, Scott won’t be crushed)
- Ascella gets up to use the washroom, she sees everyone and gets Sam to take pictures
- but Sam has been taking pics of the whole vaca

- when everybody is up they all head to the galley for breakfast
- Vetra, Ascella and Drack make breakfast
- the galley is fucking crowded

- and so a new holiday is formed on voeld