north mississippi blues


My favorite bluesman, R. L. Burnside - Live 1984
From “R. L. Burnside with Johnny Woods (Live 1984, 1986)” DVD

01. Poor Black Mattie
02. Rolling & Tumbling
03. Peach Tree Blues
04. Skinny Woman
05. Going Down South
06. I Believe My Time Ain’t Long
07. Bad Luck And Trouble
08. Jumper On The Line
09. Ramblin’ On My Mind
10. Gone So Long
11. Long Distance Call
12. 44 Blues
13. See What My Buddy Done
14. Poor Boy
15. Sneakers Jam

*R.L. from 1978


“Although today radios play in shacks and jukeboxes bellow in cafés, many black people in Mississippi still make their own music or search out friends who do. However, the number of people who make music is diminishing and many who formerly played have stopped. But the old songs have not yet died in Mississippi.” - Taken from a description of the Hill Country and its music written by Mitchell upon his return from Mississippi in 1967.