north miami, fl

I was tagged by the lovely @kingsandqueens to do the curious alphabet thing 💜 💜 💜

Age: 20

Birthplace: North Miami Beach, FL, U.S.

Current time: 4:31PM EST
Drink you had last: Water
Easiest person to talk to: My sister
Favorite song: I have like 50 but as of right now, Interlude (That’s Love) by Chance the Rapper
Grossest memory: The sitting area behind my old high school cafeteria always smelled like cat poop…
Horror, yes or no: As long as every light is on, yes
In love: With like 5 different people, moving on..
Jealous of people: To a certain extent. I use it to make myself better- the best way to use jealousy that helps me and doesn’t end up in murder
Killed someone: I can’t even kill a baby spider
Love at first sight or should i walk past again: Ya fine ass should walk past about 6 more times till I’ve made my decision ;)
Middle name: Giscard, like JIS-card (my dad named me after a Haitian president :/ My sister’s is so much prettier- Samuella)
Number of siblings: Two c:
One wish: Run into a Real Madrid player in Miami Beach
Person i called last: My mama
Question i’m always asked: M****l is your last name? (my last name is pronounced like a first name and confuses damn near everyone)
Reason to smile: So many reasons tbh, but for now, I’m gaining more confidence in my art and I’m finally developing my own art style
Time i woke up: I first woke up at around 8AM, then fully woke up at 11:15AM after a mid-morning nap
Underwear color: NUUUUUUUUUUUDE. (nude colored)
Vacation: Miami. Always Miami. I technically consider it going home.
Worst habit: Not always speaking up when I should. People can be enraging, but instead of saying something rude, mean or aggressive, I opt to keep my mouth shut and just keep my distance. Which sounds like the proper thing to do, but some people decide to follow you when you attempt to keep your distance from them, and again I say nothing to them.
X-rays: Only once when my back was killing me for no apparent reason
Your favourite food: Sweet fried plantains with brown rice&beans, and pikliz on the side ~~~
Zodiac: Aquarius

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