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Do you still remember Faberry?

Do I still remember Faberry?

Anon, I know you’re playing but this might be the most offensive thing anybody has ever sent me in a tumblr ask.

I remember Faberry.

I remember they weren’t friends.

I remember when Rachel first reached out to Quinn, encouraging her to come back to Glee, that she would need friends who could relate.

I remember the time Rachel organised the Glee Club to sing Keep Holding On for Quinn.

I remember when Rachel came to apologise to Quinn about telling Finn who the real father was, and Quinn not being mad.

I remember Quinn drawing a picture of Rachel in her notebook with a million hearts around it.

I remember Quinn was there when Rachel discovered that Shelby was her birth mother.

I remember that Quinn would later give up her daughter Beth to Shelby.

I remember when Quinn put herself out there in a rather humiliating way, which Quinn Fabray has never done ever, when she asked out Finn to check how true his feelings were for Rachel. 

I remember when they first held hands during Dog Days Are Over.

I remember Hey Girlfriend!

I remember how the story plays out and with tears in her eyes, Quinn telling Rachel she didn’t belong here and that she can’t hate her for helping to send her on her way.

I remember Quinn telling Rachel she couldn’t write a good song if she keeps looking for that happy ending, and that she is never gonna get it right.

I remember Get It Right being the song that wins them Regionals.

I remember Pretty/Unpretty being their duet. And how they only had one. And in some way they only ever needed one because it is the single best duet the show ever did.

I remember the light green ribbon wrapped around it to match her eyes.

I remember the slap.

I remember the immediate horror on Quinn’s face.

I remember Quinn opening up to Rachel and telling her her biggest fear.

I remember Rachel telling Quinn that she’s a very pretty girl, prettiest girl she’s ever met, but she’s a lot more than that.

I remember Quinn letting Rachel wipe away her tears.

I remember Quinn dyeing her hair pink and how Rachel told her she was sorry that she was so sad. That she missed seeing her in Glee club. That they’re a family and this is their year to get it right.

I remember that possessive hold during I Kissed A Girl.

I remember Quinn spilling her plan to get Shelby fired to Rachel. 

I remember Rachel chasing Quinn down the hallway.

I remember when Quinn thanked Rachel for stopping her from doing something she would have regretted her entire life. 

I remember kind of.

I remember Rachel telling Quinn that she is a lot better than she knows.

I remember Rachel going to Quinn for advice on Finn’s proposal.

I remember Quinn saying she can’t.

I remember Rachel being the first person Quinn tells about getting into Yale.

I remember their first hug.

I remember Quinn telling Rachel that she has an amazing life ahead of her and if she really wants to be happy she’s going to have to say goodbye to Finn.

I remember Quinn standing up in front of Glee Club, talking about how she was the only one standing in the way of herself, that you can’t change your past but you can let go and start your future. And that all of that was directly said to Rachel.

I remember Quinn holding Rachel’s hand like a lady while being serenaded on Valentine’s Day.

I remember the look on Quinn’s face when Rachel announces that her and Finn would be getting married after Regionals.

I remember when Quinn wasn’t going to stand around and watch Rachel ruin her life by marrying Finn Hudson.

I remember Quinn asking Rachel when she was singing that song, she was singing it to Finn and only Finn, right? With tears in her eyes.

I remember Quinn setting aside her own personal feelings about Rachel’s decision to get married and deciding to support her instead.

I remember their second hug.

I remember Rachel making a room full of her closest friends and family wait because she didn’t want to get married without Quinn.

I remember ON MY WAY.

I remember Rachel not being able to stop thinking about Quinn.

I remember Rachel breaking down in front of everyone else and interrupting to tell Quinn she was so sorry.

I remember their third hug.

I remember do you not understand what you mean to me?

I remember Quinn being everything that Rachel wanted to be.

I remember that Rachel sees the new Quinn, the still-beautiful, but humbled and inspiring Quinn.

I remember when Rachel looks back on her high school career the one thing, the one accomplishment that she’s going to be so proud of is that she found a way to be Quinn’s friend.

I remember that Quinn first started talking about being prom queen in episode 2 of Glee, and that it’s all she ever wanted.

I remember that Quinn won.

I remember that Quinn rigged the votes.

I remember that Quinn chose Rachel as prom queen.

I remember the smile on Quinn’s face when it was announced that Rachel won.

I remember Quinn talking about change being so good because if they hadn’t changed they would’ve never been friends.

I remember Quinn bought Rachel a Metro North Pass from New York to New Haven, and one for herself, so she could make sure they stay in touch.

I remember their fourth hug.

I remember Quinn’s smile as Rachel arrived at the station to leave for New York, being so proud that Rachel finally got it right.

I remember the hundreds of gifs I’ve made.

I remember the thousands of words I’ve written.

I remember Rachel and Quinn as being the love story of Glee. 

How A Few Crafty Harlemites Are Fighting Back Against Gentrification

After Harlem resident Pipi Birdwater had her lawsuit against the borough of Manhattan thrown out, many New Yorkers began to wonder how many shared her ire towards lifelong Harlem residents for “intentional cruelty,” as her suit stated.

Birdwater claims that New York residents purposely gave her wrong directions, led her towards areas of Harlem that didn’t exist, and feigned ignorance when she referenced areas of Harlem by their hip new colloquialisms. Borough president Gale Arnot Brewer called her claims that they cost her her $100,000 job (due to frequent tardiness) “farcical.” But after walking through Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park and talking to Harlemites, they have merit.

38-year-old Dominique Sampson recalls, “this cracker asked me the other day where RuPa is. I knew he was talking about Rucker Park, but we don’t call it no damn RuPa. Who ‘bout to be sayin, 'remember when Kobe and AI came in RuPa?’,” he says as family and friends double over in laughter in their beach chairs.

“So I said 'probably down in the village getting life.’ He comes back to me that night all red ready to fight sayin’ he wasted his day, I said 'I thought you meant Rupaul!”

Sampson says his neighbor was not amused. In his anger, he joins a growing group of new Harlem residents who feel they’re being deceived out of resentment.

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Looking at the confluence of the Hudson and Harlem Rivers from Spuyten Duyvil. the Bronx.

A northbound Metro-North train pulls into Wassaic station, last stop on the Harlem line.  To my surprise the engine bore a New Haven Railroad paint job.  At Wassaic the train changed direction to head south to Southeast station where I transferred to electrified service into Grand Central.  At Southeast I saw another New Haven setup (below).  Photos from June 26, 2017.

The red car on the far right is traveling on NY Route 22, btw.  I took the road from metro NYC up to its Canadian border terminus on my youthful first solo road trip a few centuries ago.  Since I too started in NYC & ended up near the Canadian border the road is a kind of metaphor for my life, hence the “route22ny” of this blog.

Looking up Park Avenue, Manhattan.


july 6

a post about your worst hangover ever, and the emotional kind totally count:

i rode my bike to new york city from new haven. i forget the exact route but it’s about 80 or 90 miles. i had done it two or three times before with a group of friends, but this was my first solo trip. i booked a room in a hostel with plans to check out a bunch of museums the next day, all bright eyed & bushy tailed twenty something year old me.

after showering & settling into my humble accommodations, i found a bar nearby with an excellent tap list full of beers that weren’t available in CT. & happy hour tater tots. & an extremely adorable barstool neighbor who was an admirable conversationalist. & a playlist that at the time sounded like it was tailored to my life specifically. i drank way, WAY too fast. & this was early in craft beer & this bar didn’t list the alcohol contents of their beers, & everything came in a pint. i was too enamored in the trying of new & exotic things that i didn’t even care. & after a long day of biking, eating to fuel my body but not necessarily ‘meals’, it was a wobbly walk back to the hostel.

i was pretty broke at the time, so we are talking like a room with like six bunk beds in a circle & various languages being shouted in the halls all through the night. when i woke up, to my surprise there were my basically undigested tater tots staring me in the face on the pillow & floor. i had never been so drunk before that i had no memory of throwing up, & thank fuckin jeebus i’m a side-sleeper. i still feel very bad for scurrying out of there without cleaning it up, but the shame was too strong.

the sun was like daggers into my eyes. my tongue was impossibly dry. i had never felt so disoriented & spinny, so far from home. i went to a convenience store & bought the darkest sunglasses i could find, a ginger ale, & alka-seltzer tabs, which i vaguely remember someone mentioning being a good hangover cure. i found the closest park bench & sat there until the spinning slowed, who knows how long. it felt really shitty to be surrounded by such activity, such energy, such opportunity to explore, & absolutely no desire to. just existing hurt. i had no capacity to take in anything, even art. 

i took the train home. thanks, metro north.