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Do you still remember Faberry?

Do I still remember Faberry?

Anon, I know you’re playing but this might be the most offensive thing anybody has ever sent me in a tumblr ask.

I remember Faberry.

I remember they weren’t friends.

I remember when Rachel first reached out to Quinn, encouraging her to come back to Glee, that she would need friends who could relate.

I remember the time Rachel organised the Glee Club to sing Keep Holding On for Quinn.

I remember when Rachel came to apologise to Quinn about telling Finn who the real father was, and Quinn not being mad.

I remember Quinn drawing a picture of Rachel in her notebook with a million hearts around it.

I remember Quinn was there when Rachel discovered that Shelby was her birth mother.

I remember that Quinn would later give up her daughter Beth to Shelby.

I remember when Quinn put herself out there in a rather humiliating way, which Quinn Fabray has never done ever, when she asked out Finn to check how true his feelings were for Rachel. 

I remember when they first held hands during Dog Days Are Over.

I remember Hey Girlfriend!

I remember how the story plays out and with tears in her eyes, Quinn telling Rachel she didn’t belong here and that she can’t hate her for helping to send her on her way.

I remember Quinn telling Rachel she couldn’t write a good song if she keeps looking for that happy ending, and that she is never gonna get it right.

I remember Get It Right being the song that wins them Regionals.

I remember Pretty/Unpretty being their duet. And how they only had one. And in some way they only ever needed one because it is the single best duet the show ever did.

I remember the light green ribbon wrapped around it to match her eyes.

I remember the slap.

I remember the immediate horror on Quinn’s face.

I remember Quinn opening up to Rachel and telling her her biggest fear.

I remember Rachel telling Quinn that she’s a very pretty girl, prettiest girl she’s ever met, but she’s a lot more than that.

I remember Quinn letting Rachel wipe away her tears.

I remember Quinn dyeing her hair pink and how Rachel told her she was sorry that she was so sad. That she missed seeing her in Glee club. That they’re a family and this is their year to get it right.

I remember that possessive hold during I Kissed A Girl.

I remember Quinn spilling her plan to get Shelby fired to Rachel. 

I remember Rachel chasing Quinn down the hallway.

I remember when Quinn thanked Rachel for stopping her from doing something she would have regretted her entire life. 

I remember kind of.

I remember Rachel telling Quinn that she is a lot better than she knows.

I remember Rachel going to Quinn for advice on Finn’s proposal.

I remember Quinn saying she can’t.

I remember Rachel being the first person Quinn tells about getting into Yale.

I remember their first hug.

I remember Quinn telling Rachel that she has an amazing life ahead of her and if she really wants to be happy she’s going to have to say goodbye to Finn.

I remember Quinn standing up in front of Glee Club, talking about how she was the only one standing in the way of herself, that you can’t change your past but you can let go and start your future. And that all of that was directly said to Rachel.

I remember Quinn holding Rachel’s hand like a lady while being serenaded on Valentine’s Day.

I remember the look on Quinn’s face when Rachel announces that her and Finn would be getting married after Regionals.

I remember when Quinn wasn’t going to stand around and watch Rachel ruin her life by marrying Finn Hudson.

I remember Quinn asking Rachel when she was singing that song, she was singing it to Finn and only Finn, right? With tears in her eyes.

I remember Quinn setting aside her own personal feelings about Rachel’s decision to get married and deciding to support her instead.

I remember their second hug.

I remember Rachel making a room full of her closest friends and family wait because she didn’t want to get married without Quinn.

I remember ON MY WAY.

I remember Rachel not being able to stop thinking about Quinn.

I remember Rachel breaking down in front of everyone else and interrupting to tell Quinn she was so sorry.

I remember their third hug.

I remember do you not understand what you mean to me?

I remember Quinn being everything that Rachel wanted to be.

I remember that Rachel sees the new Quinn, the still-beautiful, but humbled and inspiring Quinn.

I remember when Rachel looks back on her high school career the one thing, the one accomplishment that she’s going to be so proud of is that she found a way to be Quinn’s friend.

I remember that Quinn first started talking about being prom queen in episode 2 of Glee, and that it’s all she ever wanted.

I remember that Quinn won.

I remember that Quinn rigged the votes.

I remember that Quinn chose Rachel as prom queen.

I remember the smile on Quinn’s face when it was announced that Rachel won.

I remember Quinn talking about change being so good because if they hadn’t changed they would’ve never been friends.

I remember Quinn bought Rachel a Metro North Pass from New York to New Haven, and one for herself, so she could make sure they stay in touch.

I remember their fourth hug.

I remember Quinn’s smile as Rachel arrived at the station to leave for New York, being so proud that Rachel finally got it right.

I remember the hundreds of gifs I’ve made.

I remember the thousands of words I’ve written.

I remember Rachel and Quinn as being the love story of Glee. 


So I’m very rarely in Metro North/Amtrak territory, so this was just really a huge treat and a half.

It only recently occurred to me that Metro North goes into Connecticut as much as it does mainland NY.

I just always had it so drilled into my head that Metro-North  =  Upstate’s LIRR that I never considered it also served Connecticut, and that some of the Metro North branded coaches are mingled freely with Connecticut Commuter Rail branded coaches.

The strangest part was seeing locomotive hauled single-decker coaches  up close in revenue service for basically the first time since the 90′s on the LIRR back when were lucky enough to still have the P72s and P75s.

The Shoreliners aren’t as gritty and rugged as the old P72s and P75s I remember from the 90′s, but boy do they have so much more character and charm than the intensely unremarkable C3 bi-level cars that dominate LIRR’s diesel hauled routes today.

But I wasn’t taking Metro North that day, I was taking Amtrak, for the second and so far last time in my life.


Along the Hudson River

Most of the text here is from a previous post, but I’ve inserted an additional photograph as well as some corrections—including the proper date.

This is simply a wonderful spot on the face of the earth—we’re north of Cold Spring, New York, along the Hudson River, at Breakneck Ridge. Metro North still stops here, mainly for the benefit of hikers who want to explore the rugged landscape in this area (known as the Hudson Highlands). The “station” stop is just south of where the first photograph was taken with a few trains making stops each way, each day on the weekend. The land mass visible behind the southbound train in the first image is called Pollepel Island, and the structure thereon is called Bannerman Castle.

The second photograph was taken the same afternoon at the same location—but looking south. It shows a Metro North commuter train headed north, most likely headed for Poughkeepsie. Also visible in the image, across the river, is the dramatic and massive form of Storm King Mountain.

The model of locomotive, seen in both photographs, is interesting as well—the EMD FL9 was a unit designed specifically to be used for New York’s Grand Central Terminal—the destination for these trains at the time. [I believe all Amtrak trains traveling the water-level route currently end up at Penn Station now.] This unique engine is diesel-electric but also has a pick-up “shoe” for the electrified third-rail. This way the diesel prime-mover could be shut off or at least idled when in the tunnels under Madison Avenue and in the bowels of the massive terminal itself.

Two images taken by Richard Koenig in August of 1988.

The 10 Best And Worst Cities For Job Growth

Forbes looked at the 200 largest metros by population for its annual feature on the Best Places for Business. While the fastest employment growth areas are concentrated in Florida, the slowest growth places are spread out across states. Metros from eight states rank among the 10 areas with the slowest projected job growth over the next three years. Every one of the 200 metro area is expected to add jobs with the exception of two Louisiana locales, Lafayette and New Orleans, where Moody’s forecasts annual declines of 0.2% and 0.5%.


Today i wasn’t as hot on steps as I wanted to be. We cleaned the shit out of my parent’s house, drove 2 hours back to Brooklyn, dropped off the cat and the laundry, and then returned to westchester county to turn in the car. Then a cab to white plains, metro north back to manhattan, subway back home, etc. It was a bitch of a day. We bickered all the way home, too, then had to file taxes together for the first time. Rough day. I went for a quick walk at 11pm because I neeeeeeeded to know more about serial season 1 (thank you @armsintheair for the hot tip on relegating your favorite podcasts to cardio and cardio alone) and now am chilling with some reality TV and some hot+strong plans to be hardcore keto and lowcal until Sunday. The image on the right began as a list of potential meals but all told is a pretty “perfect” day for me, calorie and carb-wise. Throw on my usual 6-10 mile daily run and a bitchin’ serial walk and I just might hit my weight goal by Sunday, as per the challenge @aaaappppccccddddeeee and I have boldly set for ourselves. Back!!!