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10 Songs For A Night Drive

This is a new video series I’m going to be doing on YouTube hopefully to help some people find some new music.


TORONTO: Group of Mercy’s 3rd Annual TTC campaign “Islam Taught me…”

The campaign highlights what Islam teaches Muslims in regards to their work, family and community. Ads were placed in the busy Toronto station at different platforms to help show people what Islam really means. There were 10 different posters of men and women in different fields with a quote about what Islam has taught them; each poster was potentially read by thousands of transit passengers, helping to spread the positivity of Islam Insha'Allah

They say?” Rhaegar Frey sported a silky beard and a sardonic smile. “His enemies say [this about Ramsay Snow], aye…but it was the Young Wolf who was the monster. More beast than boy, that one, puffed up with pride and bloodlust. And he was faithless, as my lord grandfather learned to his sorrow.” He spread his hands. “I do not fault White Harbor for supporting him. My grandsire made the same grievous mistake. In all the Young Wolf’s battles, White Harbor and the Twins fought side by side beneath his banners. Robb Stark betrayed us all. He abandoned the north to the cruel mercies of the ironmen to carve out a fairer kingdom for himself along the Trident. Then he abandoned the riverlords who had risked much and more for him, breaking his marriage pact with my grandfather to wed the first western wench who caught his eye. The Young Wolf? He was a vile dog and died like one.

Davos III, A Dance With Dragons

For some reason there are people out there who hate Robb Stark. To those anti-Robb fans out there, these are your compatriots. These are the men who stand beside you. Look at them and hear, really listen, to their words.

“But he broke his betrothal!” “He abandoned Sansa!” “He didn’t explain his plans to Edmure carefully enough!” “The Freys were justified!”

“He was a vile dog and died like one.”

Remember Robb Stark. Remember his bravery. Remember his age. Remember the king who stood up for his Northmen when they were faced with tyranny, who took in and protected his Rivermen when they were faced with destruction. And remember what they did to him for it.

Remember the good and true king because remembering is all we have left of him after the Freys cut off his head and sewed his direwolf’s onto his body.

“But the North’s cause was lost and Robb couldn’t see it. The Red Wedding ended the war.”

And it brought about peace. A peace built on the corpse of a 16 year old boy who did nothing but try and protect his people.


OKAY SO Deege (thecamarifiles) and I decided to start a proper story-style roleplay with some of the main North Mercy characters, and it’s a WHOLE LOTTA FUN. And we named it Terminology, which was Deege’s idea. 83

I’m making this post partly because SHAMELESS PROMOTION HURRRR and partly because I’m putting something here in case I forget. Because I’m good at forgetting things. >:1

I want to make art for Terminology - mostly settings and scenes - and I had this one idea for a “poster” or cover or something… there would be the word TERMINOLOGY going vertically down the middle, and then maybe either my characters on one side and Deege’s on the other (that way it could easily work as a collab between us), or the “good guys” (the hunters) on one side and the “baddies” (the supernaturals) on the other… something like that! And it would look awesooommeee. C8