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#PrayForKorea 🇰🇷

As a Korean-American, I am proud of who I am and my heritage. Please keep in mind that not all North Korean citizens WANT to be in North Korea and be treated like dirt by its “government”. So don’t just pray for South Koreans, pray for both Koreas. I’m blessed to live in the U.S. and I send my heart out to those who are hurting from not just this war, but also the previous ones. Don’t just admire South Korea for its technology and K-pop idols. Admire it for its strength and determination to resolve this conflict and make sure their people are safe. Don’t judge all North Koreans as “evil nuclear scientists”. Think of them as people. I hope this will never be forgotten. 🇰🇷

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I normally do not post anything else than my work but this has to be viewed, shared and reblogged … it is so clever, so multi-layered, and at times quite disturbing … as only the truth can be. 

“During a trip to Seoul in April 2012, Sabine Chang, a freelance researcher based in Queensland, was given an educational DVD purportedly made for North Korea featuring a North Korean scientist, hundreds of TV excerpts and archival footage. She was asked to translate it and post the completed film on YouTube.

The film, Propaganda, is one of the most fascinating insights into the North Korean perception of the West and the ‘feeding frenzy of consumerism’ that it believes is going to bring the world down.

Propaganda is either a damning indictment of 21st Century culture or the best piece of propaganda in a generation.

At the World Premiere at International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, a hushed audience was shocked when it was revealed that the director was a Pakeha (Non-Maori) filmmaker from Christchurch, New Zealand wanting to make ”an antidote to the giant dose of bullshit we’re fed by PR”. There is one hitch in a real life twist with this clever thought out documentary, the Christchurch actor who played the scientist in the film is wanted for questioning by the South Korean authorities because they think he is a North Korean spy.” (Official website)