north korean labor camps

i rly dont understand how any of you find anything about north korea funny like how is the torture, murder, forced labor, starvation, and manipulation of thousands of innocent citizens amusing to you? what actual part about a nation that lies to its citizens, uses propoganda to brainwash and manipulate its citizens to fear and hate foreign countries, raises its children to worship a dictator who has, along with his predecessors, done nothing but terrorize and harm the people of their country, is humorous? when you laugh at how ugly kim jong un is and reduce him and the things he has done and is doing to a mere meme factor you are successfully and effectively desentising the struggle north korean citizens face every day, not only in prison/labor camps but as normal people living in a society whose primary aim is to brainwash its citizens to thinking that a government who starves, kills, and lies to them is the greatest thing to ever occur. if the countless human rights violations still doesnt convince you then i ask you how does north korea as a part of the international community amuse you? they continuously refuse to cooperate in any international efforts to relieve their economic and humanitarian problems and arguably spend most their manpower ignoring any attempts of serious foreign relations or take them with again an angle of dishonesty. their nuclear threat to the global community, combined with their successful propoganda, also really isnt funny…

why do you think people are trying to escape north korea? is the trauma and pain these people face in their country as well as on their journey to recover from it, funny to you too?

what do you find funny about north korea?