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Fun Fact 161

Even though the two Korea’s signed an armistice agreement in 1953 to cease hostilities between the two countries, they have never signed a peace treaty and so are technically still at war.


Changbai Mountain caldera on the border between North Korea and China
Supreme Court Removes Travel Ban Cases From Its Calendar After Trump's New Revision
Parties in the two cases — Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project and Trump v. Hawaii — have until next Thursday, Oct. 5, to file new briefs over whether parts of the cases are now moot.

Over the weekend, the Trump administration issued a new update to its travel ban, which had been poised to expire.

While the initial executive orders had applied only to majority-Muslim countries, the new order also includes North Korea, Venezuela and Chad, bringing the number of countries under the ban to eight. The other six are Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia.
Trump Administration Revises Travel Ban To Expand Beyond Muslim-Majority Countries
New restrictions will apply to North Korea, Venezuela and Chad, starting on Oct. 18. Sudan has been dropped from the travel ban, which is before the Supreme Court next month.

The Trump administration is updating its travel ban, just hours before it was set to expire. In a proclamation signed by President Trump on Sunday, the travel restrictions now include eight countries, a couple of which are not majority-Muslim, as had been the case with all the nations in the original ban.

Five countries in the previous ban remain under restriction: Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Somalia. Chad, North Korea and Venezuela have been added. The latter two are the first nations included in a version of the travel ban that do not have majority-Muslim populations, which has been a key point in litigation challenging the ban as discriminatory based on religion.

Sudan has been dropped from the order. Restrictions for Somalia will be relaxed for non-immigrant visitors, and restrictions for Iran will be relaxed for students and other exchange visitors.

The new restrictions on Chad and North Korea are a broad ban on nationals from those countries entering the U.S. For Venezuela, restrictions apply to government officials and their immediate family.

These changes are set to take effect on Oct. 18, though the restrictions on Sudan will be lifted immediately, as a result of security baselines defined by the administration.

Fun Fact 57

The Trans-Siberian Railway connects Moscow to Vladivostok, a Russian town on the North Korean border. At 9 289 km (5 772 mi) long, it is the longest railway line in the world. It takes about 12 days to journey from end-to-end. 


South Korea: “No Trump. No War”

One widely distributed poster showed the U.S. president in a Nazi uniform and suggested he was preparing for an invasion of North Korea.

“We hate Trump,” went one song sang by the protesters. “We love peace. We love equality.”

“I want President Trump to know we do not want a war,” said Yoo Seung-hyun

“I hope that Americans citizens pay attention to what’s happening here. War brings tragedy.”,  Kim Hyun-a, 49, a teacher who was attending the protest with her students. “

Fun Fact 202

After the Korean War, six Americans defected to North Korea. Four of the former soldiers (Larry Allen Abshier, James Joseph Dresnok, Charles Robert Jenkins, and Jerry Wayne Parrish) went on to become actors in North Korea and starred in a propaganda film, Unsung Heroes, playing the evil Americans.