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Departures - North Korea

“This is unbelievable. Just watching some of the kids going through warm-up routines with these flashcards, these colour cards, and the whole other side of the stadium here are people holding cards. You know the pixels on your television right? Well imagine every pixel is a child.” [x]

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The Adventures of Jim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman

Kim Jong Un is back for a season 2, and this time he’s bringing with him his most trusty sidekick: basketball player Dennis Rodman.

North Korea: We slipped over the rim and into the volcano under the fog that filled the ChangBaiShan crater.  As we dropped down the steep volcano walls snow-skiing style on loose rock we entered the forbidden border zone between JiLin, China & North Korea  and this photo is looking across to North Korea.   When the fog lifted the Peoples Liberation Army soldiers on the volcano rim saw us swimming inside the forbidden crater lake and intercepted us back at the rim.  We had to pay a fine and I got to keep my camera.


Gorgeous places most Americans will never see

In an age of jet travel, open borders, and relative global stability, Americans are able to travel to more destinations than ever before.

Except for these.

You can’t travel to Cuba. You won’t be let into Iran. North Korea is a no-go. You’re not going to make it very far in Syria. Yemen just isn’t the place for you.

These are the places most Americans will never see (unless you’re in the CIA). Thankfully, we have Google, which has provided these gorgeous interactive panoramas for you to explore.

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