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A Thunderbird is an oversized large bird that has been reported for centuries. Native Americans knew of this creature and speak of it in legends. But as with most legends, there is truth behind it. A wingspan is typically estimated from 8-12 feet from witnesses, of which the first reports came in the late 1800’s. In 1890 it is said that two cowboys shot and killed a large bird that had no feathers, smooth skin and an “alligator head.” This report mostly resembled a Pterodactyl, could the species have survived past its mass extinction event?

On April 10, 1948 three people in Illinois claimed to have seen what they thought was a passenger plane until they noticed its wings were flapping. A few weeks later in Illinois two people saw a giant bird which projected a shadow the size of a plane’s shadow onto the ground. In 1977 in Illinois three boys were playing when a large bird came out of the sky and chased them. It picked one of the boys up and dropped him later after carrying him quite a distance. In 2002, a large bird which “looked like something out of Jurassic Park” was spotted in Anchorage, Alaska. Recently, reports of a giant bird have been seen in Texas.

What is the Thunderbird? Is it real or just a big hoax. Sightings of the creatures are rare, and only happen occasionally. Is it an oversized bird? Or a small family of Pterosaurs that has managed to survive until modern times? The answer lies in the skies, but we may never know.


Meet the faces of Standing Rock

For months, activists on the Standing Rock Sioux reservation have demanded that the government stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, which plans to stretch 1,172 miles from North Dakota to Illinois. Water protectors from all over the country have joined indigenous people who are fighting to protect their land and keep the Missouri River safe from the risk of the Dakota Access Pipeline potentially polluting the water and their sacred lands with oil.

Meet a few of the water protectors at Standing Rock.

Top 5 States For Bigfoot Sightings

1) Washington
The state of Washington has 622 sightings reported. It borders British Columbia which has the highest amount of sightings in Canada.

2) California
Home of the Patterson-Gimlin film that brought Sasquatch into public attention, California has 433 reported sightings. Most people look to California when they think of a place for Bigfoot to call home.

3) Florida
The Florida Skunk Ape calls this diverse state home. Florida is full of cities, beaches, and dense forest and swamps perfect to hide a large ape from the public’s eye. The state of Florida has 309 reported sightings.

4) Illinois
Probably the most surprising state to have Bigfoot sightings, most people don’t think much of Illinois outside of Chicago. Yet this state has 275 reported sightings.

5) Ohio
The Ohio Grassman calls this forested state home with 266 reported sightings. Salt Fork State Park is said to be a hotspot for Sasquatch activity, with a section of the park even called “Bigfoot Ridge.” It’s rumored that this area is a Sasquatch breeding ground.

The number of sightings are sightings that were recorded by the BFRO, the true number of sightings is most likely much larger than what was mentioned due to people keeping quiet, people not reporting their sightings to the BFRO or other media outlets, or simply the BFRO failing to record sightings.

So like, I’ve never understood those posts that are like “oh the midwest is nothing but cornfields” like,




















Chicago & Northwestern Station Chicago Ill 003 by John W. Barriger III National Railroad Library

(built 1911; demolished 1984 and replaced by Ogilvie Transportation Center)


P2097737 by Frederick Nachman
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