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AFTER — LIFE 2015 : RENEWAL by Nydia Lilian
Fine Art Prints:
Edition A. 38 x 25.4 cm | 10x15”
Edition B. 60 x 40 cm | 24x16"
Edition C. 100 x 66 cm | 40x26"
Edition D. 180 x 120 cm | 71x47.3"
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That’s it! Finally, it’s done! I did my best and even if it’s not perfect i really hope you’ll like it. Please, take the time to have a look ! :D


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An der #85 ziehen dichte Wolken über die Gipfeln vom Hermundarfell und Flautafell im Nordosten von Island.

At the #85, heavy clouds rise above the peaks of Hermundarfell and Flautafell in the north-east of Iceland.

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No, nobody’s asked for this before. Congrats, you’re the first. Also it seems Japan has a crush on a certain Baltic…and we all know America can’t keep a secret.

Yes I ship all of these shut up

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hey could you do a 2pitaice fluff? or 1p, whichever works! thanks and I love your work!

Luciano stares out the window while his government people chatter on and scream about whatever nonsensical issue they have come up with for the hour. He’s bored and not even yelling at them to shut up again will kill the urge inside him to do something.

He gets his way when a small bird lands on the window sill. It sure doesn’t look like a bird that should be down this far in Italy. It looks at him curiously then taps it’s beak to the window. He grimaces and stands to open the window to shoo the bird away. Instead of flying right away, it drops something to the floor and flutters just over to a tree not far away.

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