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I was having trouble following this game with all the satellite imagery and the rotating gifs, so I plotted everything on Google Maps. 

What the hell is going on here?

As Danny said, the line of scrimmage (I think that just means the place where they line up to start the play), was in this small town of Gresham, specifically at the intersection of Pine and Maud. Instead of trying to break through the line, she retreated west, and the booked it south down Highway 69. 

She continues south until she passes Lincoln Creek, which prevents the defenders from the North from getting in front of her as she goes east, as long as she can beat them past the 462nd bridge. 

Upon crossing the creek, she cuts diagonally across the field. She could have just followed the road, but Pythagoras is a dick so it would have taken 1.34 times as long. 

Once she goes as far east as she can, follows the creek southeast until she hits McKelvie road. 

She crosses the creek again at the Seward bridge. She’s pretty safe there. As Danny said, it’s hard to catch a lone ball carrier in an urban area. Her next problem is all these bare plains and Iowa is setting up a long wall of defenders on 154th street. 

This is where we first tuned in on chapter 2. 

She runs into the twister, which flings her all the way to a field just northeast of Garland. This is pretty far, but not far enough to skip over the line of defenders, so she cuts northwest across the Oak Glen State Wildlife Management Area

After leaving the park going west, she moves north-northwest through all these lakes, and concludes her run for the day by rushing west to the small town of Bee.

This was Nancy’s entire run for the date of July 2, 17776. 


Triumphal Arch of Orange


27 BC - 14 AD

19.21 m.

The Triumphal Arch of Orange is a triumphal arch located in the town of Orange, southeast France. It was built on the former via Agrippa to honor the veterans of the Gallic Wars and Legio II Augusta. It was later reconstructed by emperor Tiberius to celebrate the victories of Germanicus over the German tribes in Rhineland. The arch contains an inscription dedicated to emperor Tiberius in AD 27. The arch is decorated with various reliefs of military themes, including naval battles, spoils of war and Romans battling Germanics and Gauls. A Roman foot soldier carrying the shield of Legio II Augusta is seen on the north front battle relief.

WWII Relics of Libya

Libya was scene to a large amount of fighting between the Axis and the Allies during WWII as part of the North African Front, and featured some of the theater’s defining battles, such as the Siege of Tobruk, Operation Compass and Operation Caravan. Due to the hot, dry climate of Libya, metal survives longer in the open. Add to the fact that Libya is sparsely populated, you get an environment rich in well preserved WWII relics. It’s just a matter of getting to them.

M4 Sherman

M4 Sherman

M3A1 Stuart in Hawari

Turrets of Italian M13/40, M14/41 and M15/42

Daimler Mk. 1 armored car

Fiat 3000

Fiat 3000 hull and Lancia 1 truck

Hawker Fury

Heinkel He 111

anonymous asked:

Here's a prompt~ Robbie finds Sportacus crying one night after Sportacus gets into an argument with a few certain family members (who didn't come to Zeh wedding) who visited suddenly, and weren't very happy he married robbie and decided to talk to sport. (This has been in my head all day help

-rushes in three weeks late with sportscandy- Hopefully this get the idea out of your head if it hasn’t left alreadyyyy~

By the time Robbie went up to the surface to find his husband, it was almost noon. An airship Robbie had never seen before was speeding away from Lazytown. He watched it leave, perplexed, and let his eyes trail down to the town itself. Everyone was gathered in the square. Even the Mayor and Bessie. Something big must have happen.

And of course, Robbie had missed it.

Annoyed with himself, and at Sportacus a little for not waking him up for what looked like an emergency, Robbie stomped over to the small crowd. 

In the very center stood Sportacus. The elf was standing motionless with his back to Robbie, staring up at the retreating airship. His hands were curled into tight fists at his sides. Stephanie was standing nearby, looking unsure. The other kids were a few feet away.

“They can’t be your relatives, Sportacus!” Ziggy said, breaking the tense quiet Robbie had walked into, “Family doesn’t yell like that when you didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Don’t worry about those jerks, Sportacus!” Pixel agreed.

Stingy looked thoughtful. “Robbie’s really good at disguises though. Maybe if he dressed up as an Elf…” 

“That’s not the problem, Stingy! It shouldn’t matter that Robbie’s not an elf!”

“I was just trying to be helpful,” Stingy huffed with a glare at Trixie.

“Sportacus?” Stephanie tugged lightly at Sportacus’ shirt, “Sportacus, Robbie’s here.”

Finally, Sportacus turned around. Robbie, who had been feeling increasingly more worried the more the children spoke, felt his heart sink. Sportacus’ eyes were red, heavy with tears. A few had escaped down his cheeks. His mouth was set in a firm line. 

“Kids?” The Mayor was speaking but Robbie couldn’t take his eyes away from Sportacus’, “How about we go inside and get some lunch, hm? I think Ms. Busybody made her famous vanilla cake!” The kids all hurried away after the Mayor and Bessie. Stephanie reached up to pat Sportacus’ shoulder. Sportacus gave her a watery smile in return.

When they were alone, Robbie closed the distance between them and took Sportacus’ hand. “I don’t know what’s going on but I’m sure I can make an Elf disguise if you need me to.”

The corner of Sportacus’ mouth twitched but he shook his head. “They were cousins from my mother’s side. Apparently they don’t “approve” of heroes marrying non-elves,” Sportacus took up a mocking voice that barely sounded like his own, “And you didn’t even have the decency to marry a female! Don’t you know how heroes are made? How could you be so selfish?! Your poor mother-”

“I don’t remember anyone having a problem with us at the wedding,” Robbie interrupted, desperate to stop Sportacus repeating the insults. Clearly they were upsetting him all over again. He was squeezing Robbie’s hand tightly and the knuckles of his other hand were turning white. 

“They didn’t come. You wouldn’t have met them.”

“I’m sorry you had to deal with them alone.”

Sportacus took a few deep breaths and Robbie rubbed his thumb against Sportacus’ hand to help him calm down. After a few minutes, Sportacus no longer looked near tears. Instead, he was frowning fiercely. He looked back up at the sky, in the direction the airship had disappeared in. Obviously he had thought of something.

“What’s the plan?” Robbie asked. Sportacus looked back at Robbie and Robbie felt a surge of pride at the vindictiveness in his husband’s eyes.

“You love me, right Robbie?”

“I- Yes?? What kind of question—”

“Marry me again. In the North. In front of all my family this time.”

A grin spread across Robbie’s face, “You’re a genius.”

July 8, 1917 - Russian Kerensky Offensive Halted or Stalled along most of the Line

Pictured - German troops in Poland disarm captured Russian troops, July 1917.

For a few days the Kerensky Offensive, the big Russian push designed to prop up the Provisional Government, met with success. Then it was halted by both strong German resistance and the unwillingness of many Russian soldiers to fight.

The Russian Eleventh and Seventh armies had briefly pushed towards Lemberg, caving in Austrian forces, before German reserves rushed to meet the attack. The Germans counter-attacked hard and sent the Russians reeling. The commander of the Russian attack, General Brusilov, had coordinated his artillery well to support his men. But many of his soldiers simply would not fight. Soldiers council’s debated every order to attack or retreat.

In the north of the Eastern Front, six Russian divisions were scheduled to attack on July 8 and relieve pressure from the south. But only two of the divisions went over the top. In another division, the officers turned the artillery on their own men to try and get them out of the trenches.

The Kerensky Offensive offered the only opportunity for the famous Women’s Battalion of Death to prove its mettle. Going into action, the female soldiers succeeded in capturing several trenches and 2,000 Austrian prisoners, even though they lacked artillery support. But the male soldiers in their brigade refused to attack. Many of them were drunk and some even attacked their female comrades. The battalion’s commander, Maria Bochkareva, had to withdraw. The Russian Stavka, high command, decided to pull the Women’s Battalion out of the line.