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Anime North prep!  I’m redoing the cape for my Abyss Watcher!  PAX East last March was so windy and so absurdly cold that the weather literally blew most of the paint off my cape!  Not even joking.  Apparently puff paint gets brittle at low temperatures, and I did most of the shading with character powder (fake dirt), which has decent adhesion usually, except when it’s ridiculously windy XD

Anyway, here’s what it looks like now.  Approximately what it looked like before it got wrecked by mean old Mr. Winter.  But this time, I used more paint in addition to the fake dirt so hopefully there will be less fixing next time.  It also smells like hippies because I randomly threw in some incense ash because it’s free and the right color.

There are two aspects of this Lost Special conspiracy everyone needs to be aware of.

Claiming “BBC Sherlock is attempting to make television history by recreating Doyle’s social phenomenon that surrounded The Final Problem of 1893 on an international scale” isn’t that wild of a conspiracy theory. The evidence for this is overwhelming. You could have good, logical debates with skeptics over this exact concept. This is where I put most of my effort – I care more about predicting how the episode and marketing spectacle may go than I do anything else.


Claiming “Derren Brown wrote episodes of Sherlock in order to turn viewers gay”, “Apple Tree Yard isn’t a real show”, “Sherlock North is a fake perpetuated by the BBC”, and other bizarre theories we shuffle around on this site are what give people the ammunition they need to call us out as lunatics.

Rumors and misinformation spread like wildfire on this site. Metas I’ve written incorrectly that I believed to be true at the time blow up with thousands of notes but when I write later to correct the flawed logic, those posts get ignored.

People who point out that conspiracy theorists allow incorrect ideas to get out of hand are absolutely right. Everyone is responsible for the content they allow on their blog, and that goes for those who reblog others’ ideas, too.

Offended by people claiming conspiracy bloggers have a mob mentality toward illogical and chaotic ideas? Then stop doing it or own up to it. But to pretend we don’t do this is to turn a blind eye to everything that goes on here in this corner of the Fandom. We absolutely do have a mob mentality.

“Conspiracy” is not a holy word. Any conspiracy, whether true or not, requires that you believe fact is fiction, and therefore fiction is fact. This is true everywhere, for every conspiracy, ever. People who believe in a conspiracy and share their ideas means they attempt to persuade others to question their reality and sanity. This is gaslighting. It is what conspiracy theorists do. It is the nature of the beast. Do i do this? Yes. We all do. To pretend we don’t is, again, to not understand the definition of “conspiracy”.

I’ve been compared to a cult leader many times on this site. And you know what? It’s pretty accurate. That’s why i like to post wake-up calls like this. Educate yourselves. Watch what you reblog. Thick critically when others can’t.

I may be toxic, cruel, and overzealous in the eyes of some people on this site, but I am certainly not delusional.

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Haha you're right about us europoors, it's none of your business what happens here even though if someone as much as rips a fart in US our media will report on it and about 60% of the continent will have an opinion on it. I remember how shit like gamergate was reported in my country. Why? Seriously why? Gamergate was mostly a North American backlash against fake news in the video game industry, it had nothing to do with Europe and nothing to do with my country in particular.

I don’t know. Maybe the US is more important as a economy and political entity?

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I have a clear image of each season's story and how all the characters connected. But 6? We went from innocent Muslim story to Iran/North Korea story to fake news story, all with these minor characters spread out all over the place, except for Keane (Marvel is so overrated). Then Mandy raves about the finale (probably because he regains sole male lead). The casting the last 2 seasons has been sub-par. Thankfully Javadi & Astrid came back to provide some meat. Will anyone be remembered from S6?

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Is there any particular reason given for why Littlefinger is only Lord Protector of the Vale and not the lord in his own right, given that he was married to the ruling Lady of the Vale? I'd have guessed its because Lysa is a Tully and not an Arryn, but Bronn is also only Lord Protector of Stokeworth and he married a Stokeworth?

…because Littlefinger isn’t the heir to the Vale?

Jon Arryn was Lord of the Vale. His son Robert “Sweetrobin” Arryn is his heir and current Lord of the Vale. Lysa Tully Arryn was Jon Arryn’s wife and Robert’s mother. She acted as Robert’s regent and Lady of the Vale after Jon died, but she had no actual right to the seat in and of herself — her power derived through Robert only. And in AGOT you can see she has many suitors, all hoping to marry her. Not to become Lord of the Vale as that is Robert, but to become Robert’s co-guardian through her, which could also include stewardship of the Vale and the position of Lord Protector, basically ruling the Vale until Robert comes of age.

Note, if by chance Robert had died before Lysa did, then Harry Hardyng (Robert’s heir because he’s the son of Jon Arryn’s sister’s daughter and there are no living closer relatives) would have become Lord of the Vale, and Lysa would have been s.o.l. (Though as Harry is still underage, he too would have a regent, probably his guardian Anya Waynwood but possibly at least one other Vale lord as well.) Most likely Lysa would still have been charitably allowed to live in the Eyrie as Jon Arryn’s widow, but you can imagine there would have been greater murmurs of “she doesn’t belong here” and in time she might have gone back to Riverrun or who-knows-where.

But that did not happen — Petyr Baelish married Lysa, and when he killed her Lysa died, he declared himself Robert’s guardian and Lord Protector of the Vale. [edit: Some clarifcation — Lysa had indeed named him Lord Protector before she died, but the guardian issue is unclear.] As Littlefinger had no connection to Robert except through being married to Lord Jon Arryn’s widow (for only a few weeks!*), and also had a somewhat unsavory reputation / was an upjumped nobody, this caused much murmuring among the Vale lords, leading eventually to the Lords Declarant situation. Their letter spoke of “false friends and evil counselors” and a “misrule” that must be ended, and their intent was to remove Petyr from his position of Lord Protector by any means possible. Through trickery Littlefinger managed to convince them to give him a year as Robert’s guardian, and is confident he’ll be able to keep them manipulated and disorganized in the future.

*[As another what-if, if Petyr had been able to keep Lysa unjealous and alive for about 9 months or so and if she had borne his child, that child would have had no rights to the Vale whatsoever, but would have been heir to the Baelish keep on the Fingers, to Harrenhal, and distantly to Riverrun (after Edmure Tully, his unborn child, and then the Stark children). (Note Brynden Blackfish would have rights to Riverrun after that what-if child; also note this Riverrun succession list is somewhat faulty as it ignores the legal order from the Iron Throne that took Riverrun away from House Tully and gave it to Emmon Frey and Genna Lannister.)]

Re the other half of your question, Bronn is not Lord Protector of Stokeworth. (That title is not given to him anywhere in the books.) Lollys is Lady Stokeworth (since her mother and older sister are dead), and he is her husband. Bronn calls himself Lord Stokeworth, but legally he has no right to the title. (Though he does have a small army in the castle, who treat him as Lord Stokeworth, so he does have the right of occupation for as long as he can keep it.) However, Bronn is also guardian of Lollys’s bastard son Tyrion Tanner, and intends to have at least one legitimate child with her. That child would be heir to Stokeworth (surpassing the bastard T.T.), and as that child’s father, Bronn might be legally appointed Lord Protector of Stokeworth until he or she comes of age. Note, it’s possible that even before that happens, Bronn could make a legal claim to be Lord Protector of Stokeworth based on Lollys’s mental disability, but so far he seems satisfied with his, um, extra-legal claim.

So leaving Bronn aside, the actual situation closest to Petyr’s position of Lord Protector of the Vale was Tywin’s plans for Tyrion and Sansa. His intent was that Sansa would inherit Winterfell as the only known living Stark (as Theon had claimed to kill Bran and Rickon, Arya was missing-believed-dead**, and the Red Wedding was in the works so Robb was already written off), and Tyrion would quickly impregnate her. As the husband of the underage Lady Stark and the father of Ned Stark’s grandchild (slash probably the father of infant Lord/Lady Stark as the odds of Sansa dying in childbirth were quite high), Tyrion would be Lord Protector of Winterfell. Why Tywin just expected the Northmen to roll over and accept Tyrion as their leader is a question we don’t know the answer to, but probably they would have gone north with a very large army. Which does seem to have been part of the plans, considering the secondary plan that went into effect after Tyrion was arrested for Joffrey’s murder, Sansa disappeared, and the Boltons were granted Winterfell/the North and the faked Arya Stark. (**Interestingly, Roose Bolton speaks of the “found” Arya Stark even before the Red Wedding. Tywin was evidentially working on Plan B for some time, perhaps as a supplement to his plans for Tyrion and Sansa.)

Anyway, to sum up: in Westeros, Lord Protector is a title often given to a regent for a lord or lady who has not yet come of age. (As one more example, Ned Stark would have been Lord Protector of Westeros, acting as regent for Joffrey, if not for Cersei’s coup.) A Lord (or Lady) in their own right is the title given to the heir to a seat, once they take up their inheritance. And in cases where a woman is the heir and has inherited as ruling lady in her own right, her husband (if she has one) is her consort with no particular title unless she gives him one (e.g. Lady Rhea Royce and her husband Prince Daemon Targaryen); though he might become Lord Protector for her heir, especially if she dies before they come of age.

edit: some clarification on the exact definition of Lord Protector.

Horoscopes for Fall 2016

Aries: You will, at some point, drink a glass of water and realise too late that you forgot to run the tap for long enough for the water to be cold. Disgusting room temperature water will slide down your throat as shame rushes to your face.

Taurus: Be wary of Rami Malek. He has unfinished business. He has the resources, the time, and the motivation to hunt you down and take back what you took from him.

Gemini: The stars say “run”. Just “run”.

Cancer: Good news! Something will happen involving good news. Either you’ll get it, or somebody you know will get it, or somebody you don’t know will get it, or nobody will get it, or it doesn’t exist. It’s up for debate. But it COULD happen to you.

Leo: You will be vaguely annoyed by a mosquito.

Virgo: The compasses are lying to you. That’s not the real north. The real north is to the west. The stars say not to go there. Don’t even think about going there. Don’t go north. But they don’t specify whether they mean the real north or the fake one. Maybe just go southeast, to be safe.

Libra: Haha, your star sign has “bra” in it.

Scorpio: Papercuts. Lots of papercuts. A dangerous amount of papercuts.

Sagittarius: You will be soft to the touch. You will always be soft to the touch. You are the softest friend anybody has ever known. Congratulations on the softness, soft little buddy.

Capricorn: If you’re playing Smash Brothers make sure to play as yellow Kirby. Trust me. Seriously. No other character, not even any other colour of Kirby. It HAS to be yellow Kirby or something REALLY WEIRD WILL HAPPEN.

Aquarius: Change the locks.

Pisces: Don’t eat the pizza crust. Just eat the toppings and the cheese. If you can avoid eating the sauce, that’s good too, but not crucial.

Ophiuchus: You will have misconceptions about the concept of astrology based on a hoax that circles the internet every three to six months or so. Do some reading.