north doesn't get it


I’m happy to see them discussing a current event! Link seemed to be trying too hard to make things funny, though. I think he was worried about saying the wrong thing, so he clung to the plunger man story, so to speak. :P

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a prompt, if its not too late: North and Theta watch cartoons. Theta doesn't really get what's going on.

[i feel like this turned out a little meh. Sorry!]

“What’s that?” Theta said, and York glanced over to see the AI peer out from behind North’s head to point shyly at the TV screen. They were sitting together on the couch, all…four of them. 

“It’s a cartoon,” North said gently. “It’s…remember my comic books?”

“Captain America,” Theta said, nodding. York hid his laugh in a cough. It was better to just be quiet when the little guy was feeling brave enough to chat. 

“Right. This is like that, only…in motion." 

Theta tilted his head at the screen, watching as Simba the lion cub started to sing about being king or whatever. Wash loved this movie. Only this time he’d fallen asleep on the floor like five minutes in. (York had tossed a pillow at him to be sure.) He’d been hitting the training floor pretty hard lately. Ever since Connie. 

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Okay but utp North crushin on York when literally everybody can tell and it's so obvious but York is as oblivious as ever and Wash tries to help North out but York is York and South tries to constantly drop obvious hints around York, and gets frustrated York doesn't get it, and Maine and Wyoming just patting North on the back and sighing like "I'm sorry you're in love with such an dope" whenever they catch him staring. You've opened the floodgates of the utp

jesus christ

Okay but guys please don’t refund your tickets because kai isn’t going. Do you know how hard exo’s going to have to work without him? I mean sure he’s been sitting out of dancing lately but at least he was there to sing and participate in some of the things they do during the concert.

Exo needs the support and if we don’t show them how much them coming to North America means to us then they may never do something like this again