north cosplay


During Anime North of 2016, a cosplayer propolsed to their significant other in cosplay in front of the Naruto photoshoot.

As I shouted out, “NaruSasu is canon.” As someone else shouted out, “now that is how you do a ship right.”

I was not able to get these two cosplayers’ names, let me tell you, everyone was cheering like no tomorrow.


My very favorit shooting from almost 2 years ago! We shooted the priest versions of the italy bros in Venice (thanks to Lewys dad xD) and man it was wonderfull

South Italy + Editor: @lewyko

North Italy: Me

[Art belongs to Hidekaz ofc]


Okai so this is mostly an update, I just got my contacts a couple days ago and I never wore any before. So I’m wondering how long do they usually last. I also made adjustments to the pink highlight in terms of length now that my hair is a bit longer. Just now waiting for the parts for my Stormflowers​ and the top for Volume 1-3 Lie Ren. Lemme know what you think!

(These picture are of me without fully fixing my hair… It was 1:20 am and I got lazy…)l


So I finally got my cosplay today for Lie Ren from RWBY. I didn’t have to sew it a bit for it to fit but nothing that really kills it. Though the shade of green is more vibrant than the show. Oh well I guess. I’m still waiting on the Stormflowers and when I can but put my contacts in butttt yeahhhhhh, how do I look??