north cosplay

Anime North 2017
And so begin my cosplay escapades in full drag regalia 💃🏽✨
I was so happy I found the time to finish this cosplay!! It’s honestly my fave yet, now I just need some Judie’s to rock the other crystal Gems. Fan Expo best get ready 💜💎✨


Some pictures from the yoi photoshoot on sunday at Anime North!!!

(If you see yourself or see someone you know let me know!! I’d love to credit these amazing cosplayers!!)


“You could at least recognize me.”
“Girl, you know ion remember shit.”

Anime North 2017, Day 2: 
Me (Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier) and @thesteppinrazor (Natasha Romanoff / Black Widow.) 


Here are the photos of Voltron cosplayers that I took at AN this year! I had a blast running around as Haggar, and a huge thank you to @lore-alexian, @shakurai, and @thebomb-diggity for letting me basically tag along with them for most of the weekend. Also wanted to say hi the other awesome Voltron cosplayers I met at the con, @x-applefrost-x, @shiningbluemoon, @azdia, and @randomartbecausewhynot. After missing out on the official Voltron photoshoot, I was really happy that I was able to join in on an impromptu group meet up instead. It made my day, and I just gotta say y’all were awesome! Keep on shining, you crazy diamonds.

These are just the photos I took of Voltron cosplayers. If you’re interested, I also have the rest of the photos I took over HERE