north cascades np

The fall colors are showing at Blue Lake in North Cascades National Park in Washington. Photographer Albert Yang described the scene he captured: “The lake was so still I almost felt like I had to hold my breath to embrace it. I was searching for fall colors and these larch trees were just gorgeous. It was my first time exploring this area and I know I will return many, many times in the future.” Photo courtesy of Albert Yang.

A fall visit to North Cascades National Park in Washington is a great chance to see the larches in their gorgeous fall colors. Photographer Meghan Young captured this beautiful scene. “We went on an overnight hike and woke to a fresh dusting of snow, the perfect complement to the fiery orange of the trees. We watched the clouds dance over the distant hills while taking in the views, dumbstruck by the beauty of the moment!” Photo courtesy of Meghan Young.