north cascades national park

Just returned home from an incredible week long hiking trip hunting down autumn colors in the pacific northwest. Here’s one from North Cascades National Park in Washington. Many many many more to come.


Last week I finally made the trip up to the North Cascades National Park to embark on one of the wildest backpacking trips I’ve done. After mountain biking the first 8 miles, suffering through 24 hours of torrential rain that left us soaked and freezing, climbing glaciers with only 20 feet of visibility, and scrambling up sketchy rock faces, we were rewarded with a great night sleep in the fire lookout, new friends with whom we shared whiskey, stories, and laughter, and an unreal sunrise with views of fog and snowy peaks for miles around. 

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Huge shout out to lostinthewhiteroom for hosting me and being the ultimate homie. 

A hike through alder branches, thick vine maple stands, stinging nettle, devil’s club and a moss-covered gully is all worth it to reach this gem-colored lake. Bright and inviting, that first cold plunge into the icy lake re-invigorates like nothing else can. That’s what a trip to North Cascades National Park in Washington is all about. Photo from Trapper Lake courtesy of Crystal Brindle.