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North Carolina Gothic
  • The statues at the Capitol are in slightly different positions every time you see them, but no one else seems to notice. You must be imagining things, they say. You don’t imagine the statue with bared teeth, staring straight at you.
  • People joke about the football team rivalries, pretend it’s all friendly camaraderie. It wasn’t very friendly when two boys died while walking home from the big game last week. Make sure your children stick close.
  • Construction has been going on on the road by your house for years. Sometimes in the middle of the night you hear jackhammers. The road will never be completed. 
  • Every soda comes out tasting like Cheerwine. You don’t like Cheerwine. You drink it anyway.
  • Rich kids come every year from the north to go to school. It’s a test, to see if they can make it through the summer heat. None of them last. No one misses them.
  • The wind whistles through your hair at the Outer Banks and you shiver, looking down at the footprints in the sand. Nothing human is big enough to make those footprints. You hear a faint cry in the distance, but it is muffled by the waves crashing onto the shore. When you look down again, the footprints are gone.
  • Yellow fever, they call it, the pollen that invades every year, coating houses and cars and the inside of your lungs. You don’t remember what it’s like to be clean. You cover your mouth with a damp rag and stuff cloths under doorframes, but it’s never enough. You can taste it in your esophagus. 
  • The fields howl at night, when you were little your mama told you it was just the wind. You would sleep with your fingers pressed into your ears, telling yourself it was just the wind, and trying not to think about the bobcats surrounding your house.
Hayes Grier - The girl next door

Request:  Can you do one were you move to North Caroline and next door to Hayes and you to become best friends and when he becomes famous he ask you out??😊 Please and thank you💕🐢


A moving is definitely not something you look forward to when you finally have, like… friends. So when my parents told me we would move to North Carolina, I was devastated. I didn’t want to leave my friends, which 13 year-old girl want to leave her hometown when she finally have a squad and the most popular guy in the school may want to kiss her sometimes soon? Because I literally heard Jerry and Josh talk about how Daniel thinks I’m a real cutie and that he wants to ask me out to the movies. I was just about to get my first kiss ever! But my parents had to ruin this of course!

“Honey, you will have lots and lots of friends in North Carolina, I’m sure,” my mom said as we were on our way to the new house.

“Like it’s so easy to find cool people and then be one of them!” I groaned and just put on my ipod so I wouldn’t even hear those stupid things they were about to tell me.

The house was great, it was huge and I even had a balcony in my room, but a balcony won’t get me friends.

One week later my told me that the neighbors would come over for dinner. I hadn’t really seen them yet, I once saw a little girl playing in the backyard, but I didn’t see anyone else.

This was the day I met Hayes Grier. And of course his family minus Nash, who I got to know later.

It was this weird dinner where the parents expected us to bond right away because we were the same age. I have to admit Hayes was very attractive, and he was really nice, but things don’t happen this quickly.

We started to hang out, it turned out we were going to the same school, and we slowly started to spend a bunch of time together.

We always crushed at someone’s place, usually theirs, since Hayes didn’t like to be in my girly room, even though it wasn’t that bad, I just had posters and stuff on my wall, but he told me that those are “creepy”.

We became kind of best friends, but of course I made friends in the school too, but Hayes was definitely the most important person around me.

Then Nash became famous, and Hayes started to gain fame too. He went with Nash to different cities on the weekends and we started to see each other more and more rarely. It was hard, because I got used to him being next door all the time. I just had to text him and he was right in front of our house ready to do anything. But things changed and at first I only could see him in the weekdays, and then he told me he would do homeschooling, because he has a lot of things to do and he can’t be at school that much.

I was supporting him of course, I was really happy to see him do what he likes, but I just missed my best friend. Obviously we talked on the phone like every day, and Facetimed as often as we could, but this wasn’t the same.

I think you probably figured out by this time that I had a little crush on him. It happens when you find a boy that is so much alike you and you spend so much time with him. I never told him, and I wasn’t planning on telling him, because I thought it would ruin our friendship. So I was just waiting for him to maybe realize that I was the girl for him, and then maybe he would give me my first kiss.

Because I waited for him since I moved there. Daniel didn’t have the chance to kiss me, and after I got to know Hayes I didn’t want anyone else but Hayes to kiss me. Silly, right? But I don’t care.

Then one day, when he just got back from New York, things changed Drastically.

We agreed on meeting and spending the afternoon and the night together and I was just so excited to see him again. I put on my favorite dress, made my makeup and my hair nicely, and I was ready to have some fun.

He called me saying he was at the door. He never used that damn doorbell, but it was better, because I got to hear his voice before I could see him.

I rushed down and almost fell over at the stairs, but I managed to reach the door in one piece.

I opened the door, and there he was, standing at our doorway, looking hotter than ever, and… he had a huge bouquet of roses in his hands. What?

“Hey Hayes, what’s up?” I asked confused about what he wanted to do with the flowers.

“Hey, you don’t even want to hug your old buddy, Hayes?” he grinned at me. I laughed at him pulling him into a sweet hug, then letting him inside. My parents were out having their usual date night, so it was just the two of us.

“Whose flowers are those?” I asked putting on my jacket and getting my purse. I wasn’t really paying attention, but when he answered, I almost fainted.


I turned to him with wide eyes.

“Mine? For what?” I asked in disbelief. I had never got flowers from anyone, and I wasn’t expecting to get it from Hayes one day.

“I guess this is what guys do when they want to ask a girl out.”

I became completely numb. Did he just asked me out with a beautiful bouquet of roses? This was like a dream.

“Hayes, are you…” He didn’t let me finish.

“I have a confession for you.”

“Okay, go on,” I nodded.

“This past few months when I was away a lot made me realize how important you are in my life. You were the girl next door and I didn’t really realize how hard I fell for you until I couldn’t meet you whenever I wanted.” He took a deep breath and then stepped closer. “I don’t know much about dating, but my dad told me this would be a nice gesture, so I’m hoping you like roses,” he said giving me the flowers.

“I do love them, they are beautiful, thank you!” I said not being able to stop myself from smiling.

“And what would you say if this hanging out would be a date tonight?” he asked nervously.

“I would love that, Hayes,” I said putting down the roses onto the counter and hugging him to me.

“Oh God, I was afraid you would say no,” he breathed out as he put his arms around me.

“Silly, I would never turn you down. I have been waiting for this since we moved here,” I admitted looking at him shyly. He just smiled at me.

“Then I hope you wouldn’t mind this,” he said leaning closer and then he kissed me.

At first it was a bit strange, but then I felt butterflies in my stomach as I realized I just got my first kiss from Hayes. His lips were soft, and it was more like a peck on the lips, since I didn’t really know what to do, but it was just perfect. Because it was with him.

“Can we go?” he asked offering his arm to me when we pulled away.

“Sure,” I said smiling and we left for our very first date.

Wassabi Productions Ear Biscuit!

Today’s special guests on Ear Biscuits are the Wassabi Bros!

Roi Fabito and Alex Burriss, creators of the popular YouTube channel, Wassabi Productions, join Rhett & Link this week to discuss their experience growing up as Filipinos in North Carolina, the inspiration behind their most popular characters Richard and Rolanda, and how Roi recently decided they should move into separate places, but never actually explained to Alex why he wanted to do this… until now.

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okay so now we’ve explored York changing the lyrics to sing “Hey There Delilah” to Carolina

but just imagine back in the baby days of Project Freelancer

imagine York serenading Carolina all the time to get her to crack a smile every now and then

imagine York singing “Sweet Caroline” and North, Wash, and sometimes South sometimes CT sometimes Wyoming all singing the “bum bum bum” along with him

Welcome home, little turtles!

A rescued loggerhead yearling is released into the ocean after being cared for at Adventure Aquarium for the past year. Footage courtesy of Virginia Living Museum. 

Yesterday staffers from 10 aquariums across the country journeyed 25 miles off the shore of North Caroline to release 47 rescued sea turtles home to the Atlantic Ocean. The company included both loggerhead and green sea turtles ranging from hatchlings to a few years old. Here are some highlights:

Aquarist Alan Young preparing to release the young loggerhead turtle that’s been cared for at the Monterey Bay Aquarium since last year. All the turtles were fitted with satellite trackers so researchers can study their travel patterns and help save this endangered species. Photo courtesy of North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher.

The turtles were carefully lowered into the ocean for their first paddle in the wild.

A rescued loggerhead hatchling from the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores swims off into the Atlantic Ocean. Footage courtesy of Virginia Living Museum.

Bon voyage, little turtles!

Stay tuned! We’ve got a new Loggerhead hatchling flying back to the Monterey Bay Aquarium for a year of care and growing bigger!


So we’ve come to the end of the road…

Queen of the North - Finis 

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