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Hatteras Sunset – Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Ocracoke Island, Outer Banks, North Carolina, October 2004

We are at war with life,

And can’t make up out minds

Whether we want to live it as it could be lived or not.

We settle too easily for less than life could be,

Which is just above death,

Just enough alive to not be declared dead,

And buried.

But fighting life–the life that could be lived–all the way.

We don’t exercise,

We don’t follow a healthy diet,

We smoke,

Drink too much alcohol,

Do drugs–prescription, over the counter, illegal.

And we fall into some easy enough routine

That allows us to pay the bills and get by.


We don’t pursue the gift.

Why not?

Why do we not live in the service of the gift?

Dead things float with the current.

Go with the flow.

It doesn’t matter to them where they end up.

Why do we forsake the gift?

We are burning daylight.

There is less time each day.

Why renounce and abandon the gift?