north carolina early voting

Early voting starts today in NORTH CAROLINA! I’ll give you one guess who I’m voting for.

You can cast a ballot EARLY from today through NOVEMBER 3rd!

Not registered? No problem! If you vote early, you can REGISTER & VOTE on the same day! You DO NOT need a photo ID, just a current social security card, and proof off address (utility bill, bank statement.)

Early voting locations are at your districts BOARD OF ELECTIONS. Some districts have other polling places open as well. Pro Tip: google “your county” early voting locations. Should be information on the first page of results!

Get out there and vote!


anonymous asked:

Yo, is this whole fucking country racist? The North Carolina GOP freely admits that it is suppressing early voting because it's too black, A court ruling said they couldn't do that, so they decided to do it ANYWAY, because nobody is going to do shit to them for doing it. Fuck!

I mean, the whole fucking country is definitely racist, but also, some people are more racist.