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Sitting by the warmth of the fire, the sleeping bags in the cozy tent waiting for you to snuggle into them, warm food in your belly, mountain ranges surrounding you from all sides, and the expanse of the universe above your head; couldn’t have asked for more! It was really cold and windy on the night this was taken and I had to warm up my hands in between shooting to keep them going!

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil ( tumblr | instagram

Remodeling Columbine after the massacre

This photo shows the athletics department office of Columbine getting repaired. You can see a bullethole still scarring the right side of the window frame.

Before and after the blood-soaked carpet of the stairs was ripped up to replace the whole floor with tile. 

Before and after, Columbine High’s upstairs hallway with the floor removed for re-tiling.

The science room where Coach Sanders died was completely gutted and remodeled.

The remodelling of the cafeteria with a new 2-story atrium that houses the cafeteria. The old library was removed to make way for the atrium. The ceiling is a mural of the Colorado forest canopy of aspens and evergreens, painted by North Carolina artist Virginia Wright-Frierson. The mural is actually 20 different paintings, consisting of four large central canvasses and 16 other paintings that float on “clouds” suspended from the ceiling. The Atrium was designed by architect J.D. Nelson of Davis Partnership and built by an outstanding team of contractors led by Turner Construction. The Art Conservation Center at the University of Denver installed the mural.



Hey guys, so…I’m going to start doing more comics this year, and I just wanted to warn that I may get into both personal and also controversial and sensitive subject matter. 

Additionally, some of my creative works may be more grotesque than others, so if gore, ludness, and things in between bother you, I totally understand it you can’t follow me anymore. 



Our alarms were set for 5:30am. It’s always a physical and mental challenge to drag your sore body out of your warm, cozy, and comfy sleeping bag inside the tent to face the freezing temperatures and battering wind outside. You do it anyway and you hike those strenuous miles in the dark and further up the mountain onto the next bald in order to catch the sunrise. As you reach the opening of the trail onto the treeless portion of the mountain, you see the appearance of color on the horizon and you just know that it was well worth it. You struggle up those last meters up the trail, taking as much breather breaks as it takes. Once you reach the top, you just collapse on the side of the mountain with the full view of everything before you and you wait for the sun to peek from behind those distant ridges. Once it happens, it never fails to make me smile and giggle and yell and run around like a happy dumbass.

Little Hump Mountain, North Carolina

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil ( tumblr | instagram )


Rahim Park POV - My First Song

Bambee: Hey Loves, we are currently still in Miami, Florida. My baby Rahim wanted to share something with ya’ll :)

Rahim: So far this summer, I have been working on my first single. My parents (Bambee and Johnathan) have been so supportive and helping me in the studio. My twin Kahim has been supportive as well, thank you for being my back vocals bro. Even Nahri cheered me on. I’m nervous but also excited to present my song “I Like It”. I hope you all enjoy and it is now on iTunes. 5% of the song sales well be donated to a children’s hospital in California and North Carolina :)

Artist: Rahim Park

Back-up Vocals: Kahim Park

Writer: Rahim Park and Johnathan Park

Producer: Bambee Park and Rahim Park

Company: Park Entertainment

Rahim Park - I Like It