north cape yacht club

Sailing the High Seas of Lake Erie

A few weeks ago at our morning office standup a colleague/friend of mine raised his hand and asked if anyone would be interested in going sailing. Ummm yes please! My friend Brittany and I quickly raised our hands only to find that we were the only people who were interested in going. Fools! ;)

Years ago (when I lived in New Zealand) I took sailing lessons (it was part of their school curriculum!) and I have always loved the idea of sailing (I recently even looked into adult sailing lessons).  This all meant that when the following Wednesday rolled around, I was super excited to head down to the North Cape Yacht Club in LaSalle, Michigan.  

It was a gorgeous evening, and once we arrived my friend Ralph told us we were going to be in a sailing race! I’ve never quite understood the rules to sail boat racing, but I learned so much this evening and had so much fun!

I’ve already Googled “sailing lessons in Toronto,” for next summer and plan on making this activity a main one in my life. There is something so wonderfully calm peaceful and exciting about being on the water. 

And with this little adventure, I can officially say this summer I’ve dipped my toes in four of the five Great Lakes… one to go *eyes Lake Superior*