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Yes, of course you’ll get back to Narnia again some day. Once a King in Narnia, always a King in Narnia. But don’t go trying to use the same route twice. Indeed, don’t try to get there at all. It’ll happen when you’re not looking for it. And don’t talk too much about it even among yourselves. And don’t mention it to anyone else unless you find that they’ve had adventures of the same sort themselves. What’s that? How will you know? Oh, you’ll know all right. Odd things they say- even their looks- will let the secret out. Keep your eyes open.

[Professor Kirke] C.S. Lewis, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

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I really respect your opinion and love your blog. I'm having a hard time understanding Sam's likes of MM's tweets and IG's when he never has before. Funnily enough Cait seems to be commenting more on HIS IG. The whole thing to me is v confusing. Is the liking of MM's tweets supposed to keep up some kind of narrative? The rugby pic clearly showed to me ppl love them together. Plus, I can't see a relationship with MM surviving after all things recently. V confused. Would ❤ yr thoughts. TY!

Thanks anon!
The liking of MM’s tweets actually fits very well with what we have been seeing recently from Sam and Cait. Ever since they left LA- even as soon as the Seattle fan con- they abruptly changed the narrative back to the self reported one of Sam and Cait as a couple. It’s the one that always seems most natural for them and predominates whenever they are not in LA. The fact that this narrative is self reported by both of them in their own words and actions on their own social media makes it a very hard one to discount. In fact the latest attempt to do so backfired rather badly when the press who reported on the rugby selfie of the two of them were saying on one hand how cuddly and happy they were together- which was really the only comment that could be made by anyone who saw that pic-and then awkwardly inserting what was obviously hand fed spin info about how Sam and some other girl called MM were “red carpet official”- which is not true at all as no red carpets were walked together at the cocktail party that both attended during Oscars week. Actually there is only an interior photo op that featured MM and Sam in a pic standing together, and then Sam included her in one of his photo ops with the party sponsors.
That someone is trying to make sketchy evidence from two pics taken from one party into a grand romance makes it all the more apparent that someone who is trying to support the Sam MM narrative doth protest this cuddly Sam Cait selfie overmuch, methinks! And that makes me trust what I, and almost 86 thousand other people, see in that selfie all the more!

So what do Sam’s latest likes of MM’s posts, or her likes of his, have to do with it?
If you look at what it is that Sam is liking, it is “keeping it professional” stuff that is being rewarded with likes. Her about to go running/arrow pointing north post got a like for a comment about “a step in the right direction” probably for her choice to post about exercise and encouraging other to do so. His other like was for a post that made it abundantly clear that she was traveling in the Pacific Northwest and was not inviting innuendo about her possibly being in SA by leaving her current location unknown.
In return MM has been liking Sam’s fitness and Barbour posts- both of which are professional topics.
It’s strictly business- and MM’s likes are mirroring Sam’s friend Amy Shiel’s likes which further support the “friends” scenario.

But Sam and Cait are definitely upping their “together” game in their recent interactions- probably in answer to the upping of the Sam and MM game during Oscars week in LA. In fact Sam and Cait started this even before they left LA with Sam’s making quite clear that he was spending his days and evenings with his old crowd of friends and with his friend Valbo who was also visiting LA at the time. By Sam’s own words there would not be much time left over for the romance that was being hinted at by the “official” narrative. Then they were very couply looking at the Seattle fan con and not a whiff of MM to be seen even though that is her “home turf”. Once they got to SA we have got pics of Sam and Cait at drinks and rugby and shopping together. They presented a united front with a retweet of an anti bullying message. And now Cait has taken to commenting on Sam’s posts, putting herself into the conversation between Sam and his fans that these posts represent. The same way a wife or partner would feel comfortable inserting themselves into a spouse’s conversation at a party.

So the way I see it the likes from Sam are actually in service of his and Cait’s “together” narrative. Those likes are in keeping with the sort of interaction that two friends or acquaintances might have. And these stand in contrast to what Sam and Cait are showing with their posts and comments on each other’s social media- a pattern that says they are more than friends to each other. A pattern that has been consistent with them for almost four years now.

Cardinal directions are one of the basic elements of cartography. I’ve had this scan for a while. It names all the 128 cardinal directions in the Icelandic language. The original belonged to my grandfather and hangs in the family summerhouse back in Iceland. It seems that finally I might have to digitize this and create a proper vector graphic version. Perhaps this will be my contribution to safeguard the Icelandic language maybe. But having 128 words to choose from when pointing at something is far from practical, but it’s cool right?


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Game Development Myths: Players Want Smart Artificial Intelligence

One day in the office, a few years back, I heard the creative director of the game I was working on escorting a group of students (or maybe they were gaming press… I wasn’t exactly sure) on a tour through the studio. While the lead AI programmer on the project was setting up a demo for our upcoming game, the creative director killed some time by talking up how smart that AI was. Our creative director was a great salesman. It’s how he got the other leads to sign off on his ideas. That day, he held the crowd’s attention by telling stories about how how smart the AI was, and how easily he’d get sniped for just peeking out even a little bit at the highest difficulty. He used body language to sell it, reeling back as if he had been physically shot in the face. Everybody laughed. A few minutes passed and the demo began in earnest. It’s funny, because that was the day that I witnessed a game developer perpetuate the myth that good artificial intelligence somehow equated to accurate attacking firsthand. It wasn’t until over a year later that I realized just how big a cognitive gap there was between truth and myth.

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Soul mate au 2 and 24

Jarvan looked at the palm of his hand again and shook his head.


He never fully understood it. It was clearly some form of magic or other, but he wasn’t actually born with it.

It appeared after some years of his life had passed; a compass had formed in the palm of his hand with the North arrow pointing towards a name.


And the name would move around the circumference of the compass with the arrow pointing towards it all the while.

He wondered what it really meant. He thought it to be a name of a person but in a time of magic he wasn’t entirely certain.

“Diana. Who are you anyways?”

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Let's enjoy the fluff of 1 and 24

Even as a ruler, Jarvan’s world always felt very…dreary. Days came and went. Coming and going with a certain monotony of his life.

It almost felt as if something was ‘missing’ but he could never quite put his finger on it.

Well, he sorta could to an extent.

He had been born with an interesting 'marking’ on his body to say the least. He had been born with what looked almost like a north arrow on his left inner forearm.

But it got stranger still.

The arrow would actually move its point depending on the direction Jarvan was facing. It was always pointing towards 'something’ but he could never truly surmise what it was. It stayed in place for the most part but on occasion would move in one direction or the other before inevitably returning.

He simply wasn’t sure what to make of it, and it was difficult to truly care with the blandness of his life.

He didn’t know precisely what he wanted.

What was a prince to do?

Take a Break

@madtomedgar obliged me with a fic prompt for my modern Hamilton AU, so here it is! Breakroom shenanigans featuring Hamilton, Burr, Laurens, Lafayette, Washington, and Angelica Schuyler. Yes, it’s a lazy title, but what else was I gonna name it? You can read and comment over on AO3 if you like, right here. Content warnings for brief discussion of racism, police brutality, gun violence, and death.

The story takes place about two months after The Kid on the R Train, which is not necessary reading. No one is in any kind of romantic relationship at this point (except maybe Burr, but who knows with him). P.S. take Burr’s narration with a grain of salt, he doesn’t paint Hamilton in a very flattering light.

Hamilton marches into the breakroom with the same unwarranted confidence he seems to constantly exude, his laptop balanced on one arm while he uses the other to type. Laurens and Lafayette trail after him, nodding enthusiastically at whatever bombastic, pretentious political argument their friend is making today—probably something about freedom of speech again, he’s been on that kick for nearly a month now. Burr does his best to ignore them and turns back to his stir-fry; maybe they’re just grabbing something from the fridge. But no, no such luck. Hamilton sits down at the counter and smiles almost maniacally at Burr.

“Well, if it isn’t everyone’s favorite intern. I didn’t realize you were in today.”

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Alpha, TR. 1970. Central San Francisco Bay. Menlo Park, CA:United States Geological Survey.

I’m really glad I found this map, the detail is amazing.  It’s an absolutely wonderful hand drawn map by Tau Rho Alpha who worked for USGS.  The USGS on their website dubbed Alpha “marine geology’s illustrator extraordinaire.”  My favorite pieces of this map are the Golden Gate and the location and design of the north arrow. Beautiful.