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Children interrupt BBC News interview - BBC News

This truly is one of the most hilarious things ever put on television.

The slide in from the wife genuinely had me in tears of laughter.

And the way she quickly closes the door.

“Nothing to see here, folks!”

Some little pearls in N&S Commentaries (ep.1)

You think you know your Armitage but then you find yourself listening to audio commentaries and hearing new or forgotten stuff, pretty little infos that add something to the story in itself at least for me.This is just another example of it.

Brian Percival (director): Poor Richard […] sat there most of the day. […] We cut to him last.

BP: Towards the end of the day I looked down at Richard’s plate in front of him and he’d been making little faces out of Stilton. He was a little bored at one point. (Kate Bartlett laughs)

(it’s not Stilton, I know, but I can figure Richard doing something similar)

Kate Bartlett (producer): It was quite amazing to see the transformation of Richard […] really becoming Thornton. […]

BP: The moment that it all completely fell together was when he arrived at the Mill, and it was his Mill. […] He became Thornton.

KB: He said he grew six inches. 

BP: There was one night, […] Richard and Daniela were walking ahead of us, […] they were chatting and we did comment that they did make a lovely couple.

KB: They did (laughs). They did get on very well and I think there was also a fantastic on-screen chemistry. We did read with a lot of actors and put a lot of combinations of Margarets and Thorntons together until we finally came up with the mix of Richard and Daniela, which I think was perfect.